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Week of training Monday January 5th - January 11th + A look at 2015

Hey friends. How is everyone doing coming into this new year? I trust your all back on the horse as far as training goes. The 2015 season is looming, heck out in BC they just had their first big race of the season this past Sunday. The BC 8km champs. Last year that was one of the most entertaining races run. Watson took it out in 2:48 for the first 1km, but then Martinson slowly brought him back and opened up 22 seconds in the last 3km running a 23:38. I'd love to see Geoff get back on the track this year with all the strength he has gained running on the roads since 2012 and make a push for Rio in the 1500m. The A standard is something that with a year of specific work is definitely in his wheel house. Back in 2011 he ran a 3:37. He's a super nice dude and I'd love see him back on the track either in the 15 or 5000. Anyway, this year the race was won by Theo Hunt in 24:5X. Good results early for Theo. Natasha came back with a solid race herself in 26 mid so she seems to be coming back strong after last year. Shout outs to Jim and Odie on strong runs as well.

Happenings on the Pro circuit.

Well we are getting into the indoor season now and that means some good collegiate meets should be going down in the NCAA. The husky classic is always a great one to watch so have an eye for that. There is a lot of depth in the 3/5km right now so don't be surprised to see some guys running under 13:45 indoors within the next few weeks and some 7:50 3km's. Also we will have the millrose games coming up soon as well. This year there's going to be a 5000 that will feature Rupp and Levins. I haven't heard any announcement on weather or not Rupp will go after his 13:01 indoor record. Either way it will be good to watch. We saw Rupp run really well on the Diamon League circuit this year and finished no worse then 4th in his appearances in Europe (in the 5000). So with the right pacing we might see a sub 13 indoors. I remember back in the winter of 2011 when Farah made the move to Salazar and they ran a 13:11ish over in Europe. Then a few weeks later Isaiah Koetch goes out and runs 12:54 indoors as a Jr. That was a really great year for indoor track. (Also the same winter Gebremeskel outkicked Farah with 1 shoe.)

This week the Men's Elite field of the 2015 London Virgin Money Marathon was announced. I thought 2014 was the best field ever assembled. Well this year it's so deep that the 9th ranked runner in Bekele......yeah a 2:05:04 guy is ranked 9th. There are 8 guys who have run 2:04 or better and 3 guys who have run under 2:03:30. I can't bet against Kipsang even though Kimetto is faster. I think Wilson is capable of something in the 2:02:30 region at Berlin if he gets back there next fall. I'll attach the starting list below.

Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) 2:03:23
Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) 2:02:57
Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya) 2:03:13
Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:04:05
Ayele Abshero (Ethiopia) 2:04:23
Sammy Kitwara (Kenya) 2:04:28
Tsegaye Mekonnen (Ethiopia) 2:04:32
Stanley Biwott (Kenya) 2:04:55
Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) 2:05:04
Tilahun Regassa (Ethiopia) 2:05:27
Samuel Tsegay (Eritrea) 2:07:28
Serhiy Lebid (Ukraine) 2:08:32
Aleksey Reunkov (Russia) 2:09:54
Ghebrezgiabhier Kibrom (Eritrea) 2:10:00
Marcin Chabowski (Poland) 2:10:07
Koen Raymaekers (Netherlands) 2:10:35
Scott Overall (Great Britain & NI) 2:10:55
Michael Shelley (Australia) 2:11:15
Javier Guerra (Spain) 2:12:21
Steve Way (Great Britain & NI) 2:15:16
Christian Kreienb├╝hl (Germany) 2:15:35
Pedro Ribeiro (Portugal) Debut

My week in training

Monday (day off after slipping on ice Saturday)


Tuesday (same as above)



10 miles 6:16/mile pace - AM


10 miles steady state 5:45 pace on the treadmill then 10X100m strides on the track - AM


10 miles 6:30/mile pace on the treadmill - AM


Workout - I was itching to get after this one as I missed my Tuesday workout with that mild concussion I had. The session was 7X1km. We have gotten a fair amount of snow so I had to do this on the indoor track. I got a 5km warm up in on the treadmills upstairs then did a couple strides and put my spikes on. I got a little jumpy on the first lap of the first rep and was 42 seconds for 250m but then I settled in and ran it in 2:53. I knew I couldn't finish the workout if I kept them that fast so I tried to run relaxed the next 5 and was hitting 2:55's, working but still feeling somewhat in controlled. 60 seconds rest really creeps up on you after about 5 reps and it's like someone jumps on your back when your 500m into reps. Anyway, I ran myself silly on the last one and managed a 2:52. The average for the workout was 2:54 and I was thrilled with it as I was hoping for 2:55. Progress is being made. But part of me also thinks it may be due to having a few days off and feeling super fresh. This is a down week as is, so my mileage is really low. I was only supposed to hit 70 on the week.

5km warm up, 7X1km + 5km warm down - AM


13 miles at 6:30 pace, just a medium long run as it's a down week, some of this was done with Sheldon and Lodgy - AM

So that was my week. I'm a little upset I missed those two days and last Sunday but I mean I couldn't have run. It hurt my head to watch TV haha. Anyways, I will keep things going and keep you all up to date on the progression. I want to wish everyone who is getting into their racing seasons, either indoors or on the roads, all the best. Race hard and have fun.

One last thing I wanted to do is send a huge shout out to Andrew McMillin and Smith Optics for re-signing me to the Smith team for the 2015 season. I know Andrew and the crew are up to their eyes with the winter athlete team but I really appreciate the continued support and amazing products.  

Until next time folks, stay frosty,

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