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Week of training Monday February 16th - Sunday the 22ed + Race Recap

What's up everyone? How goes the grind? Things are rolling here lately for me. I jumped into a 5km here in town this Saturday for a little fitness check and to get that race environment feel once again. I managed a 15:17 on what can only be described as a ridiculously crazy day weather wise ha. 60km hour winds with blowing snow and minus 8 degrees (minus 19 with the wind chill factor). But I was warmed up by the amazing crew of the Paradise Running Club. I can't say enough good things about this organization. They not only put off a first class race but each and every member is SUPER friendly and always comes over for a little chat and to offer congrats on the race. Love that crew, I'll attach some pictures and talk a little more about it below but thanks so much Todd, Renee and the PRC for a great event! So I'll touch on a couple things that went down in the world of Pro Running this past weekend, talk quickly about my race and then recap my training. Here we go!

Mo Farah's 8:03 Two-Mile WR and the Tokio Marathon

Let's first chat about Mo's 2 mile race from this Saturday's meet in Birmingham. Let's back things up to Andy Vernon taking a couple digs at Farah for "ducking competition". While I will admit that in 2014 Mo didn't race much and chose to skip the CGs, I highly doubt he's ducking anybody. What Andy needs to understand is the business end of things for Mo. He's the reigning World and Olympic Champ, it does him no good to show up at 80% fitness and race a rust buster against some guys looking to make a name off beating him. I will say Mo shouldn't have even engaged with Vernon as he's not even in the same world as Mo in terms of class, I mean he's decent and makes teams where Great Britain isn't as deep as other countries in the 5/10km. Had this been a tweet sent by a Dejean Gebremeskel (12:46 athlete) then I could see it holding more weight. 

Regardless this was a good thing as it got Mo really fired up and he went after Kenny B's WR in the two mile. When all was said and done, Farah had taken a full second off the old mark. He looked really smooth as well, obviously he was working and you could see the strain in his face but to close in 27 point for his last 200 off that kind of pace....let's just say if I was an athlete looking for a medal at the world champs in Beijing this summer I'll be focusing on racing for second because nobody is going to touch him if he stays healthy. I worried that the Marathon he ran would dull some of that 3:28 1500m speed he has but it's certainly there in abundance after seeing that performance. I really hope that at some point outdoors he looks at going after the 5km/10km WR. I don't know that he can hit them as those marks are far more impressive then the 8:04 indoors two mile was but I mean he certainly has way more top end speed then Bekele or Haile ever had based on their 1500m times compared to Mo so it would be great to see him go after them. 

The world marathon majors kicked off on Sunday as well with the Tokio Marathon. It was a great race to watch. In the end it was Endeshaw Negesse of Ethiopia who took the tape first in 2:06 flat. He looked to have just been relaxing for as long as possible before making a strong move with about 7km to go. I was really happy to see defending world and Olympic marathon champ Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda fight his way to second. He struggled in 2014 after killing it in 2012 and 2013. He also faced a tremendous tragedy with the loss of his 19 month old child a few months ago so to see that spirit of a champion in him coming back from adversity and fighting until the line was very inspiring. 

Race Report

As I said I jumped into the Paradise Snow and Ice 5km race this past Saturday to check where I was at and get a race in. Talking with my coach beforehand we wanted to keep the training going right up to it but with my mileage not super high this week we thought on a good day weather wise I'd be able to run 14:45-14:50 on the roads. Unfortunately I didn't get the best of days with gnarly wind, poor visibility with snow and just a cold day in general. But I signed up so I was going to go out and give er' regardless. The course has a couple small hills but being an out and back any hill I went up I got to come back down so it evened out. I came through the mile in 4:54 but it felt like a 4:40 ha, I was scared to look at my splits as I was running as it felt like I was battling really hard but I didn't know if I was actually moving that well. Anyway I came through the second mile the same as the first in 4:54. There was a nice section after the turn around where I got a little reprieve from the wind for about 800 meters. After that it was back to sticking the head down and just grinding. I ended it off with a 4:56 and whatever I could muster for the last .1. Overall I was happy with the effort and my final time was 15:17. I don't want to speculate what the effort was as I feel like if you don't run it don't talk like you did. But I'm sure it was at least a little under 15 minutes effort wise. 

Anyway after the race I was looked after by the fine folks of the Paradise Running Club. I grabbed a snack and hot beverage, chatted with some of the runners and even got a sport check gift card for my efforts so thanks for that! JJ wanted me to get some 800's in after so I figured I'd head to the indoor track rather then battle the elements. I did 4X800 at a nice controlled effort all in 2:20 off 2 minutes rest just to feel good and make sure I got enough quality volume on the day in. I'll attach pictures below followed by my training recap. Again thanks PRC!! Check out their site here! -

My week in training


8 miles easy with some strides - AM


Workout - 5km tempo on the treadmill at 4:46/mile pace. Just feeling some turn over in the legs. At this point I thought I was racing an indoor 5000m on Saturday but that's pushed until March 7th at the Ottawa Dome. So this workout felt solid. Definitely feeling so much fitter then the beginning of this segment. I started doing tempos at 4:55 pace. I'll be trying one in two weeks at 4:43 pace so let's hope the progression continues.

3km warm up and strides + 5km tempo and 3.4km cool down - AM


5 miles at 6:18 pace with strides - AM
10 miles on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - PM


10 miles easy at 6:22 pace - AM
5 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - PM


12 miles at 5:45 pace steady with 10X100m strides - AM


Race/Workout combo - Paradise Snow and Ice 5km in 15:17 with a 2 mile warm up and cool down followed by driving to the field house to do 4X800m in 2:20/rep followed by 5km cool down on the treadmills upstairs.

2 mile warm up + 5km + 2 mile cool down + 4X800 and a 5km cool down - AM


14 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - AM

So that's it folks. Very solid week and I'm happy with where things are fitness wise. I've got a big spring and summer planned so I'll keep things going for a couple more weeks until I race an indoor 5000 then I'll take some scheduled down time then gear up for the Vancouver Sun Run. I'll clue this up as I'm rambling. 

Be well friends and keep grinding, spring is coming I promise,

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