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Week of Training Monday February 2ed - Sunday the 8th + Breakthru Review

What's up running friends, how are things? This past week was really nice weather wise here in St. John's, definitely a little crisp but great weather for running. I see that it's pretty cold across the great white north in general but hey, we runners can grind through it right. So I won't get carried away with a super long blog entry as I tend to do from time to time but I definitely want to give a few shout outs and talk about a couple things. You know, if I didn't have this blog to write my thoughts on running and all that it entails I'm certain I'd have nobody left in town who would want to head out for a run with me. I'm always rambling on during runs about training and what's going on in the world of running. Today when out with a buddy of mine Mike, who's been away doing research for his PhD under many incredible people like Tim Noakes, blew my mind when he told me about getting a bite to eat with David Epsteen....yeah, crazy right. So I'm glad to have a few buddies who are as hardcore as myself and put up with my constant ramblings.

Some happenings in the world of running

First off let's give a huge shout out to Zane Robertson on his 59:47 half marathon debut. That's a heck of a time but I do think people should be giving some credit to the Kenyan who blew the doors off him the last 100. We get so amped up by seeing a non African born runner throwing down a fast time that we forget he didn't even win the race. So, great race Zane, good luck in the upcoming season I'm sure he will run a great 5 and 10km and do well at worlds but let's give credit to the man who actually won the race Paul Kuira

Let's give a shout out to Ross Proudfood for a great showing in the mile at the Notre Dame meet. He and Jeremy Rae were in the mix the whole race. I know Rae won this the past couple years. Keep an eye out for him moving forward into the outdoor season. I'm feeling a breakthrough year for him. Speaking of Rae, he and some of the speed river crew were featured in a Flotrack Workout Wednesday. It's great to see the group doing so well. They really do have a strong stable of athletes from the 800 to the Marathon now. I mean look at the 3 dudes they have running the steeple.....Milne, Winter and Genest. Canada is pretty darn deep in the steeple man. I mean Huges is a world beater and the 3 river boys can run too. I don't want anyone left off that Rio team but there are just three spots....should make for a fun trials provided they all hit the standard.


Lastly, a special shout out to my bud Sheldon Marsh, also referred to as Marshy. Now he may not be a household name on the distance scene but this guy is a local legend man. I've had the pleasure of getting to know him through my friend Jon Lodge (Lodgy). Sheldon is one of these guys with 2 million things to do in 1 million minutes. He's in his early 30's and picked up running a couple years ago. He has 2 young kids, is a science department head at a local high school and basically participates in anything with a sign up sheet yet the dude never misses a run. I'll attach two pictures he sent me via txt yesterday. How this guy runs 65 mile weeks with his schedule and hits his workouts is a true testament to dedication. One of the most random/funniest things is that this guy runs in traffic like non other, (You'd think he was playing frogger or something). We will be out for a jaunt after we both get off work and he tosses in a surge and the next thing I see he's in the middle of the road running in the median yelling out "I'm loosing gears here boys" (I don't know that he fully understands the term changing gears or going to another gear in running lingo but hearing him call that out when he's rolling in the middle of traffic with cars honking at him is a sight to behold man.....he get's the "Beauty of the Month/Local Legend" award if there was such a thing.

I've got him on the Saucony Bandwagon. 5 pairs of Kinvaras in his class.

Workout board at the fitness center in the High School, He will go sub 17 this season for 5km for sure.

My week in training


11 miles easy outside at 6:19/mile pace - AM


Workout on the indoor track - a 2 mile in 9:30 followed by a 3 minute recovery jog then 3X1km off 1 minute looking for 2:55 or so per 1km. I hit the 2 mile almost perfectly and felt decent doing it in 9:32 then I got after the 1km's and worked down going 2:55, 2:53, 2:53. I was pretty happy with this one. The two mile on the indoor track was kind of hard mentally but I just thought about it in terms of laps and focused on running evenly. 

5km warm up + 6200m worth of work and about 1km jog total between reps + 5km cool down - AM


10 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - AM
5 miles again on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - PM


12 miles at 5:42 pace + 10X100m strides - PM


10 miles easy at 6:14/mile pace outside on the roads - AM


Workout - The session was 5X1mile in 4:48 or quicker off 1 minute. I had a really good one and went 4:48, 4:48, 4:48 4:44, 4:40. I was pretty locked into the pace and on the last two was just running the last couple laps harder. Now after the workout I did something kind of dumb. (sorry coach, won't happen again). My buddy Dan McDonald had a 5km time trial on the books that his coach Dylan Wykes prescribed. Dan's a good dude and I'm stoked to have him living in town now so I said I'd jump in and pace him as I figured I'd be alright running 5 minute pace or a little over for 15ish minutes. Anyway I brought him through a 5km time trial in 15:40. super stoked for him. Look for this guy to go sub 2:30 at Boston. He ran 2:33 in his Marathon Debut and is very strong aerobically. 

5km warm up + 5X1mile + 5km + 2 mile cool down - AM


13 miles really easy at 6:30 pace on the treadmill to make sure I recovered from Saturday - AM

Saucony Breakthru Review

As I mentioned previously I'm testing/running in all the new saucony shoes for 2015 so in the coming posts look for reviews on other new shoes. Next time we will look at the Zealot the final shoe in the ISO line which is definitely a game changer. Anyway let's have a look at the breakthru.

The first thing that you notice is that this shoe is a looker. It really pops in the Yellow/ViZiOrange colorway. It's classified as a neutral daily trainer with an 8mm heel to toe offset. So it's not as low to the ground as the Kinvara and doesn't feel as soft during ground contact as it's light weight sibling. It weighs in at 8.6 oz for for a men's sample size 9 and 7.3 on the women's side. But to be honest on foot it feels lighter then that. To me it felt lighter then the 7.7oz Kinvara 5. But this could be due to the much more responsive and snappy ride.

When I got these bad boys out for a run for the first time I noticed immediately how responsive they were. I could feel the bounce and energy return coming with each stride and I caught myself moving much faster then I should have been for an easy day. The pop comes from the full length PowerGrip midsole and the iBR+ blown rubber outsole through the forefoot. This makes the shoe really spring off the ground and you can't help but want to motor along in it. The breakthru feels smoother the faster you run and rewards a nice midfoot strike. 

Personally I love the Kinvara for workout days and when I'm doing a steady state run or wanting to feel fast on a longer run but I tend to sheer the outside edge near the lateral side of the shoe pretty quick but with these I haven't had nearly as much of that so I can see this shoe being able to take many more miles then my kinvaras so I'll probably use this as my go to shoe for those steady state/longer fast runs and save my kinvaras for tempos and road intervals.

I think this shoe can accommodate a variety of runners depending on their goals, training and build. Some people could use this for racing a half or full marathon while others could use it as a daily training or a once a week shoe to feel quick on those fast days.

I really enjoyed it and it's going to be a staple from here on out in my rotation. 

Alright folks that's long enough of a post for you all to have to read so I'll clue things up. Thanks ever so much as always for stopping by and reading my ramblings. I wish you all a great week of training and stop back and say hey again next week. I'll leave you with a picture of my dog Popper relaxing as I type this......because who doesn't love a good dog picture.

Keep your sticks on the ice,

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