Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Week of training Monday February 9th - Sunday the 15th

Hello once again friends. How are you all making out with your training? This is the time to grind, mid winter, the belly of the beast. I know the weather across this great country of ours is pretty redonkulous right now excluding BC, but keep at it. For those of you not running indoor track the spring road season will be here in a few short weeks so keep your eye on the prize, grind out those workouts, long runs and meet up with your friends for those easy days. I must say, I've been feeling the best I ever have. Clearly this can be attributed to putting my training into the hands of my coach Jeremiah, and just not running the 120+ mile weeks I was running the last couple years. I'm going into and coming out of workouts so much better. And the other thing that I'm enjoying is not being so slow and tired on easy days. It's nothing to head out for a 10-12 miler and before I know it be running 5:45 pace. I try to keep an eye on it and keep it at 6:30 as much as possible but I'm for sure enjoying having more pop in the long set of getaway sticks I've been graced with. Anyway, I will try to keep this post as on point as possible. I'll talk a little about last weekends incredible indoor meets and then recap my training. I'll save my Zealot review for my next post.

What a weekend indoors for track fans!

Where to begin, man, I love indoor track season. Last Friday and Saturday I had my Ipad, Laptop and home PC all streaming different events. The 3 I was really interested in watching were the BU Valentine Invite, The Husky Classic and the Millrose games. But there were tons of other awesome meets going down, case and point our own Ross Proudfoot throwing down a 7:53 at the Spire D1 Invite. He looked strong as hell man and won by over 4 seconds. I can't wait to see Ross and CPT throw down at the 3km in CIS, exciting stuff. 

Nick Symonds (World Silver Medalist 1:42/3:34 man) tried his hand at the 3km this past weekend and ran an 8:21 which I thought was actually very respectable for a guy with his frame. He's a pure 800m runner and to show that kind of strength is very solid. I know some people thought because he had run 3:34 that he should be under 8 and maybe under 7:50 but he's really most suited to the 800m.

At the Millrose games there were some interesting races for sure. I enjoyed the men's 1000m where we got to see a nice battle between Sowinsky and Andrews over the last 200m. The women's 3km was also a great race and I was happy to see Saly Kipyego showing good form in a shorter race as she gets ready for the 5/10km outdoors. The men's 5000m was kind of a letdown as nobody went with rabbit and it turned into a tactical, slow race where Lopez Lemong showed he still has that closing speed from his 800m days. That guy is so humble and such an inspiration. If you don't know his story google him. He was a "lost boy" of Sudan and eventually escaped and made the US his home at the age of 16. He's 29 and has already represented the US at two Olympics in the 800 and 5000m. Look for him to make another outdoor team in the 5km this summer. The last event of the night lived up the the hype. The Wanamaker mile. We knew the two runners with the most class in the field by a long shot were New Zealand's 1500m phenom Nick Willis (3:29/3:49 1500/mile PB's) and America's Matt Cetrowitz (3:31/3:50). (Note Bernard Lagat in his prime at the 1500 was WAY better then both these athletes and was in the field but at 40 is best suited to the 5km right now, but these two were the studs in this race). Anyway, this was a solid race, Centro went with the pace maker early as did Pat Cassey (I don't really know what he was thinking...) and Willis sat back and eventually closed the gap with 400 to go. Cetro proved he is an outstanding tactician/racer and made sure when Willis went out in lane two to pass on the turn that he threw in a surge to fight him off and hold the rail. The last 50 was a battle but it was Centro for the win. Great race and the cream rose to the top. Also in the same race Bernard ran a 3:54 at age 40. This guy is ageless. I really think he probably still has a 3:51/3:52 in him with even pacing and getting on the leaders. I'm sure he will have another great year in the 5000m and smash every Masters world record up to the Half Marathon in due time.

My week in training.


10 miles easy at 6;19 pace on the roads - AM
Off/Massage - PM


Workout - 6km tempo on the treadmill at 4:46/mile pace. I'm cutting down the volume as I get ready to race a 5000m indoors and then take a little break before gearing up for the meat and potatoes of the year starting this spring so that's why the tempos and mileage are a little lower right now. We feel like huge progress has been made this segment. Anyway the tempo went great I feel really snappy/springy right now on workout days. I did a 5km warm up, some strides and a couple 200's on the indoor track before going upstairs in the fieldhouse to do the tempo on one of the good treadmills they have there. Happy with this workout

5km warm up + strides and 6km tempo followed by a 6km cool down - AM/Lunch Time


10 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - AM


10 miles steady at 5:45 pace on the treadmill as we had a vicious snow storm - AM


8 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace then 10X100m strides on the track


Workout - 16X300m. This was to just feel fast and sharp as well as to check where the speed is. I rolled really well  for this one. I had 90 second recoveries which I jogged in my spikes at an easy pace, I'd say like 7:30ish or so. Anyway I was nailing 46's almost every rep. I had 3 in the 47 second range but other then that and the last one at 45.0 I was spot on 46's. Mostly trying to come through 200 in 30-31 feeling as relaxed as possible. One mistake I used to make and I see so many track runners doing is forcing the shorter intervals and just ripping them out and not staying relaxed. Look at all the best milers, they just float along so smoothly at quick paces. This ins't by fluke it's through years of relaxed fast running. Anyhow, this was a solid workout and makes me think I could run a huge 1500m PB if the chance presents itself this year to jump into a fast one.

5km warm up + 4800m of intervals and about 3000m jog recovery + 5km cool down - AM


10 miles easy on the roads as we finally got some better weather - PM

Well folks another week in the books. I'd just like to take the time to thank my coach once again. He's really helped me so much since we started working together this past November. I really feel that I've made such strides in my development and along the way I've been enjoying the process so much more. I remember last year around this time running doubles every day and hitting 120-140 mile weeks and just feeling so drained all the time. My easy runs were at a laughably slow pace and my workouts were suffering as I was going into them tired. But now I'm feeling great and not only have more energy for my workouts but I've got an extra hour or more each day haha. So things are going great, thanks JJ, I really appreciate it my friend. I'll do my best to post some fast PB's this year from the 5km-half. 

Anyway, as always I wish you all a great week of training. Get out there with your friends, have some fun, work hard and enjoy this wonderful sport that brings us all together.

Stay frosty,

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