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Week of training Monday January 26th - Sunday February 1st

Hey friends. How is winter treating you all? Man, here in Newfoundland......it's the most random conditions you could ever imagine. One day we have crazy snow, the next it's cold with 100km/h winds then we get a day when it's 8 degrees and I find myself rolling with Jon Lodge in a t-shirt. I mean I'll take what I can get but it's extremely unpredictable. I see my friends out in BC have it the best in terms of training weather, and with the BCEP crew they have a lot of the distance talent too so I love keeping an eye on how everyone is doing. Seems like Dayna is really coming back to the form she showed in 2011 when she won the 10km national champs and ran 33 flat for 10km and 1:11:45 for the half. Congrats goes out to her and Josh on their engagement. Two awesome people. Anyway, time to get on with this post/training update. I want to talk a little about 3 stand out performances from this weekend before I get into my training.

Top 3 performances of the week by Canadians

1 - Cam Levins doubling up in the mile and two mile at the Armory indoor meet. First he shows some very good closing speed in the mile running a 3:54.7 then coming back 30 minutes later and taking out some game opponents in the two mile most notably Galen Rupp and Ben Blankenship (Granted that's not Galen at his best as we know he ran an 8:07 last year soloing the last 4 laps.) But regardless Cam coming back with an 8:15 and closing in 27 point for the last two hundred of an honest pace is very good to see. It's not crazy to think that Cam can be in the medal hunt for the 10000m in Rio. We always knew he had great closing speed at the NCAA level but his first couple years pro and in London it looked as if he had the strength to make it to the bell with the worlds best but at that point he was already anaerobic and couldn't change gears and drop those 53-55 second final 400's off a hard pace that it takes to medal at major championships. But we are now seeing that he's making that transition to world beater. In my mind given the right races with honest paces or rabbits it's not out of the realm to think Cam could run 3:51/3:52 for the mile, 7:36-39 for 3km, 8:11-12 for the 2 mile and 13:09-13:15 for the 5000m. Obviously he's not going to get the chance to run all these events and who's to say he won't be in sit and kick races for the rest of the indoor season but he's made the jump to another level and we should all keep and eye out. Here is the link to watch his double - http://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/Articles/watch-levins-win-the-mile-and-2-mile-at-the-armory-track-invitational/13195/

2 -  Justyn Knight running at Penn State the Canadian Jr indoor mile record 3:59.51. This kid is just a freshmen and is someone to keep an eye on. I always figured he would be a Mo Ahmed type of guy with his strongest events on the track being the 5/10km but he's got some WHEELS. It helps athlete development so much racing in the NCAA system. I'll be keeping close tabs on this kid. Look for big things as his collegiate career continues. Here is the link to his race - http://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/TrackieTV/penn-state-national-meet-mens-junior-mile/5192/

3 - My boy CPT, Chuck was in Boston this weekend and literally ran away with his heat in the 3km running a new Quebec record of 7:53. This guy is a stud man, it's not just that he's super fit but it's that he's got the balls to go out hard and just take it to the field. He's without a doubt the next great Canadian miler in my mind. You get him in an outdoor 1500 this year in a rabbited race at Stanford or Oxy in the fast heat he's going way under his 3:38 PB. He looks to be in great form for a fast 800-5km but he's definitely a 1500m specialist as he eludes to in his post race interview which I'll link here http://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/TrackieTV/2015-boston-terrier-charles-philibert-thiboutot-after-winning-the-3k/5196/ 

The last thing I want to talk about before I recap my week in training. I get a lot of people locally who send me msgs on social media or just talk to me when they run into me about training and always ask me things like "What workout should I do to run a faster 5km" or "How should I train for a half". I mean listen, I'll certainly help any way I can and offer advice but people need to understand running isn't the type of thing where you just train for a couple months for a race then pack it in before you set your sights on another race. I don't care if your 15 or 75, you need a plan of attack if your serious about running to the best of your ability and want to do well. There needs to be sound training and goal setting in a seasonal, yearly fashion. I'm sure with the amount of traffic I get on my blog I could set up a little section for online coaching and get some athletes to pay me 100$ a month to give them a training plan but that's not something I'd want done to me so what I propose is if your serious about getting the most out of yourself then please seek out the guidance of an experienced coach. And not just someone who can spit a training plan out at you. Do your research. When my coach, Jeremiah has the time to take on more athletes I'll let you know here, but in the meantime I'd recommend someone like Steve Boyd. Check out his latest blog post about structuring training. After reading it you'll understand what a good coach can bring to the table - http://physi-kult.blogspot.ca/2015/02/form-and-substance-logic-and-style-of.html

One last thing, today is my coach's birthday so I'll take this time to wish him a great day. Thanks for all you do JJ. Beers/supper on me when I'm out in BC in April. Cheers pal. 

My week in training


11 miles 6:17/mile pace on the roads - AM


Workout - 7km tempo on the treadmill at 4:48 pace. Just getting that turnover working at that pace and focusing on feeling smooth and relaxed while I'm running at that pace. Aerobically I'm not suffering too bad. Outside on the roads I'd venture to say it's about the equivalent to just under 5 minute pace but it's good getting that even effort in and feeling that turnover. I got through this one and felt better then the last time I did it. This week I didn't have a tuesday tempo but next week I've got another one and we are attempting it at 4:46 pace so that will be a hard one for sure. Happy with this session tho.

5km warm up, strides then 7km tempo followed by a 5km cool down done at lunch - AM/Lunch


10 miles 6:24 pace outside - AM
5 miles 6:30 pace - PM


12 miles at 5:44 pace followed by 10X100m strides - AM


10 miles easy at 6:30 pace on the treadmill - PM


Workout - 16X400m spiked up on the indoor track off 60 seconds rest.......yeah sounds as fun as it was. 65's aren't easy man off that break. I'm not a miler, most of the boys on trackie would eat me alive in a 1500 ha but I tried my best and ended up averaging 65 seconds I had about 3 that were in the 66 second range and finished with a 63 and a 62.8, but the majority I was clicking off at 65 seconds. I mean, again, not my strongest energy system but I'd like to think I could dip under 4 minutes for a 15, not by much but I'll jump into a couple this summer on the outdoor track before or after a workout and see how far under I can get. Anyway, I scraped myself off the track after the last one and shuffled my cool down like an 80 year old ha. I was very happy when this bad boy was over with.

5km warm up + 4 miles worth of 400's and a 5km cool down - AM
OFF/Sleep - PM


Long run, just 16 miles nice and easy with Lodgy out to Fort Amherst and back at about 6:20ish pace or so. No fireworks.

16 miles - AM
OFF/Superbowl - PM

Well I should clue this up, I'll be on later this week to share my review of the Saucony Breakthru and the Saucony Zealot. Really enjoyed both of them and they are now available so have an eye at your local specialty shops. Last peice of housekeeping. Head on over to the Canadian Running Series site and register for a few of their awesome races http://www.canadarunningseries.com/crs/index.htm They are the premier road race organization in the country and the crew lead by Alan Brooks are amazing so be sure to run a few of their races I'll be at lots of them and hope to see some of you guys and girls.

Alright, I'm out, have a tremendous week, train hard and have some fun.
Stay frosty,

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