Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rest week before gearing up for April/May and some pro running talk.

What's up running friends. I never know how to start a blog entry as I always feel like I'm saying the same things haha. But I genuinely do hope you are all training hard and dialing in on your goal races with race pace specific work and things are coming along nicely for everyone.I'll keep this post brief as I'm taking a scheduled week off until Friday but after that it's right back to business. After my 5000 I just want to get the body back to 100% and feeling fresh before starting another cycle of training and adding more stimulus. I just got the rest of my training for March from JJ and things will be ramped right back up so I'm super excited to get things going. I've got all my travel and accommodations nailed down for Vancouver and Ottawa. A huge thanks to the Elite coordinators for looking after me. I'll be looking to run something in the 30's for my first 10km this spring and then see where the fitness is and how the training is going leading into the national 10km champs in Ottawa on May 23rd. If I can use a road qualifier I'd love to race our Track and Field Nationals in the 10000m but that's not something I've talked about with my coach yet, just something I'm pondering.

CIS/NCAA indoor championships.

This coming weekend is a huge one for track fans. I'm super stoked to watch both. For us up here in Canada be sure to tune into Trackie.ca for all the live coverage. I'm especially excited for the 1500/3000m. After the drama that went down in the 3km at OUA's it just makes it all the more interesting to watch but I've got to go with my boy Chuck. Ross is a BEAST no doubt but I just feel like this is going to be a low 8 minute race and off that kind of pace as long as chuck is at least feeling decent (I hear he's running 4 events) he can close faster then anybody. The 1500 will be a close one. In the 1500 anything can happen, I mean we see it all the time at global championships, if you make the final, have some decent wheels, your in the mix.

Then we have the NCAA D1 champs. Oh man, this is where I get like a kid in a candy store. The talent in the mile, 3k and 5k is just redonkulous. Oregon basically has a whole crew of distance guys who can run under 4, 7:50 and 13:40. I mean it's just silly. Eric Jenkins is in the shape of his life, and King Ches is just nails. I can't bet against that guy, but there are some schools out there with some guys who could upset the big dogs. Stanford has a good squad, Colorado too are stacked, they don't have guys with that crazy speed but lots of good 3k/5k runners and then you have the nomads like 3:55 man Soratos. I'm EXCITED.

Happenings on the road.

This weekend we also have the always tasty and satisfying United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. I love this race, first off because it's in one of the greatest cities in the world and we get a glimpse of the fitness that the big boys are bringing into their spring Marathons. Last year we saw some drama with Mo Farah going down and then Mutai seeing it happen dropped the hammer and just splintered the pack with only 26:52 man Stephen Sambu hanging on before eventually getting dropped and passed by Mo who was closing hard. I know I'm going to be tuning into this one. Shout out to my boy Dan McDonald who is going to be racing this one. Dan just moved back to town and has been training well as he builds for Boston. Dan ran a debut of 2:33 for the full and this time will be looking at going under 2:30 in Boston. I expect he should run 1:10-1:12 if all goes well in NYC for the half. Dan is more of an endurance based guy so he doesn't need to be running 1:09 to break 2:30. His speed is coming along well too. I helped him out with a 5km about a month ago and paced him to a 15:40 during a heavy training week. We also had a nice session where he was clicking off some 3:00 minute K's so good luck to Dan. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Stanley Biwott's 59:20 half marathon last weekend. Yup, that's blazing fast. But then again, Stan is a stud. He's been in the mix at Majors in previous years at NYC and London and will be returning to the Virgin Money London Marathon in April. I'd say to his competitors to be ready to race as this shows he is in fine form, but his competitors are Kimetto, Kipsang, Kipchoge, E. Mutai, Bekele.......yeah, they won't be shook seeing a 59:20, but it's a great sign for Stanley for sure.

I'll leave you with a clip of a guy setting the 95+ 200m record.

Anyway folks, I just wanted to check in and ramble a little. As I mentioned I'm taking the week off until friday then training is going to get really nasty in a hurry so stay locked, I'll also jump on a do a race recap with my next training post for my last race so there will be lots to talk about.

Until then, run hard and stay hungry,

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