Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Week of training Monday March 16th - Sunday the 22ed

Hey friends, how was everyone's week/weekend? We are now officially into the spring season. With the first weekend of outdoor track in the NCAA last weekend and some spring road races underway in Canada this is an exciting time of the year. Shout outs to my Saucony teammate Kelly Wiebe on defending his Modo 8km tittle this weekend out in Vancouver for the first race of the CRS circuit. Lanni took the women's title in fine fashion so congrats to her as well! Sunday also saw the running of the Lisbon R&R half marathon. We were treated to an epic race by Mo Farah and Micah Kogo with Mo just edging him out for the win in a blistering 59:32. What's just nuts to me is the type of range Mo has, he runs 59:32 only four weeks after running an 8:03 indoor two mile. Someone on letsrun.com also talked about how he was the only person on the top 50 performances list for the 1500m and half marathon simultaneously. In my mind his best performance in his career thus far was that 3:28.81 1500m. Like if we really sit and think about that time for a minute.......that makes him the 7th fastest man in history and up until that point we thought of him as basically a 5k/10k guy. He can't be touched on the track this year for the 5 and 10km at worlds. I think anyone who follows track closely and understands the magnitude of an athlete with the speed of a 3:28 and the strength of a 59:32 would agree. What I hope to see is someone try to make the race fast on Mo and see just how quick he can run over the 5 and 10. My guess is he might have the ability to run 12:39-12:42 in the 5km with rabbits under perfect conditions and 26:20-26:25 for the 10km. I think the records are out of reach but it would be interesting to see what he can do in an all out effort.

Alright I'll end my rant/Mo fanboy ramblings ha. I'll keep this post really short and just recap my training from last week which went supremely. I'm really excited for the season. I've got full confidence I'll run 30 minutes for my first 10km baring an injury just based on workouts but it's going to be great to get away for some races and just jump in and mix it up with some of the best guys around. Obviously I can't compete with the very top guys and I'll be getting myself dusted by a few super fast dudes but I love just getting into a rhythm and chasing after people and running hard. That's what's so awesome about this sport. We all have our own goals and we can chase them together in the same races.

Lastly, before I get into my training recap I wanted to apologize for a comment I made last week in one of my points about training. With regards to the LSD style of long running. To begin with the founder of the Running Room, John Stanton didn't coin the term LSD running he simply uses the term in his training plans. It was wrong of me to mention him at all in a negative context surrounding running as he has done so much for the sport and community of running. So my apologies if I offended anyone who follows his approach. I actually volunteer and help out with events at our local shop here in St. John's and have helped pace some fun runs so I wanted to clarify that I have nothing but respect for the organization and it's founder. Writing is not my strongest skill as I'm sure many of you can pick up on. I'm a science guy so sometimes I write exactly how I talk. I'll be sure to be more careful about how I put my thoughts down. Please, leave me a comment below or send me an email if you guys have any issue with something I say! I'm not the type of person to take offence and I value the input/thoughts of everyone!!

On to the training.


11 miles easy at 6:26/mile - AM


Workout - This was my first session back after taking a week off to let the body rest after a fairly long training block. The workout was 20X1minute on/1minute off. I was going on feel but ripped the first one way to hard and ran a 60 second 400, I knew if I didn't dial it back I was not making it through the session. My coach wanted it at 70 second 400m pace so 4:40/mile effort so that's what I was trying to run. It's hard as we had a snow storm Monday and I was doing this on an indoor track but the workout went really well and I left it feeling good.

5km warm up + drills/strides, Workout + 6km cool down - Lunchtime


10 miles easy at 6:30/mile pace - AM
5 miles easy at 6:17/mile pace - PM


12 miles steady at 5:41/mile pace - AM


10 miles easy at 6:22/mile pace - AM


Workout - I was indoors again on the indoor track for this one. Hopefully the weather breaks soon so I can get after some outdoor workouts. Anyway it was 3X2miles off a 2 minute jog recovery. I felt super strong during this session. I started with a 9:42 then went 9:37 and 9:37. I wanted to let loose on the last one but coach gave me strict orders to hit 9:40. This workout was about 10km goal pace so I guess it was far better to feel good and end feeling like I could have done another rep or two if need be.

5km warm up + drills/strides, workouts + 5.5km cool down - AM


16 miles long run at 6:20/mile pace - AM

Well that's a wrap for this week. I hit 91 miles and felt really good in the process. I've got a few topics I want to talk about but I figured this would be a long enough post for today. I'll jump back on to talk about stuff like World XC, 2015 outdoor season and do a couple recaps when I get some time.

Anyway, thank you all so very much for stopping by, if you can send me some good weather so I can get out of this cold/snow that would be greatly appreciated and happy training to you all.

Keep your stick on the ice,

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