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Week of training Monday March 23rd - March 29th

What's up everyone? Did most of you get after a race last weekend? Or at least watch some running? We are full on into the spring season and this kid is pretty pumped about it. On Sunday I went and got my long run in then got back home as fast as possible to check on Around the Bay 30km. After that was done I got Flotrack fired up to watch the races that went down Saturday night in the states and by that time Carlsbad 5000 was on. Holy crap, this is my favorite time of the year and things are just getting going. Wait until some of the big meets start going down. Mt. Sac, Stanford Invite, Oxy, Payton Jordan.....then the diamond leagues.....I should stop here as I don't want to start drooling on my keyboard as that's a very real possibility.

I won't ramble on too much but I'll touch on a couple things and then wrap up my training which is going great.

First, lets start with World XC. Love watching it, and I wish it was getting more coverage and having more emphasis put upon it. Anyway Kamworor's performance was incredible. This kid is a special talent man. He knew he had to make it honest and that he'd better drop Alimirew and Edris the fast 5000m men early or they would eat him alive in the last couple hundred meters so he took it to the field and made the pace spicy from the gun. What we can glean from this is that the 22 year old is still discovering what he is best suited for. He ran 58 high for his first half but hasn't been able to put a good marathon together. (Good is a relative term, he's run 2:06:17 but that's nothing for a 58 minute half guy). His agent said he would focus on Worlds for the 10000m. When asked what he would do against Mo's finishing speed his agent said he would turn it into a 26:40 race. Robert "ROJO" of letsrun.com then said "But Mo can run that pace and close hard". To that the agent responded by saying he will have to earn the win and be at 100% to do it then. This was music to my ears. I wish guys would try to take it to Mo. I'm really excited for this show down.

Now, Around the Bay 30km. Wow that was a deep field. I've never seen so many fast times on that course. I heard they took the big hill out (Correct me if I'm wrong folks, I've never actually ran the race), but even so there was some blazing fast times. Paul Kimugul is a beast man, for him to gap so many fast guys is pretty redonkulous. I plugged his time into a pace chart and it gave me a 63 half performance so it tells you the dude is fit. He ran 62 at a half in BC last year either BMO or Scotiabank so the dude is right where he was last season. And HUGE shout out to Dayna on taking the women's tittle. I'm so stoked for the season shes starting to put together. I think some people might be forgetting just how good Dayna is and how much talent she has. Back in 2011 not only was she beating everyone on the roads but she was the National 10km road champ and ran a 1:11 half. She's several years younger then our other top girls running fast at the half and full so don't sleep on her. Big season coming.

In the 5km we saw Olympian Alex Genest dust the field in 14 mid and Genevieve Lalonde took the women's tittle in 16 mid. Shout out to by boy Rob on running a solid 16:02. He's been in Kenya for the last 8 weeks. Look for him to be running mid 15's in no time.

My week in training


11 miles easy at 6:16/mile pace - AM


Workout - 20 minute tempo on the treadmill at 4:43/mile pace. Now full disclosure. I'm running these with 0% incline. The goal is to feel smooth running with fast turnover and still work the threshold. There is a conversion chart I use to figure out my actual efforts that can be found on hillrunner. My pace on the treadmill was 4:43 but the actual effort is worth 4:55. I felt really good about this session and I'm starting to run more relaxed at paces that I used to find frantic.

5km warm up + Drills and Strides, + workout + 6.5km cool down - AM


10 miles in 62:11 or 6:13/mile pace outside - AM
5 miles easy at 6:22/mile pace - PM


12 miles steady state 5:37/mile pace + 10X100m strides - AM


11 miles easy at 6:21/mile pace - AM


Workout - I finally got outside for this one and did it on my road loop. It was nice to actually get the feel of cruising some decent splits on the road again. The workout was a 2 mile, 2.5km, 1 mile and an 800m with 2 minutes recovery between everything. I went 9:42, 7:33, 4:43 and 2:15. I was pretty happy with the session. Coach wanted the first two intervals a little faster but I was finding my rhythm and wasn't off by that much and I progressed from there.

5km warm up + strides and drills + workout and 5km cool down - AM


Long Run - 16 miles easy at 6:19/mile pace - Lunchtime

Well folks that's one more in the books. I'm seriously excited to get the racing going. I just confirmed with Calgary for the Half Champs the weekend after the 10km Champs in Ottawa. I've never raced in Calgary so I'm excited to go out there and mix it up. A huge thank you to Donna the Elite Coordinator for bringing me out and putting me up, I'll do my best to run fast on May 31st! :).

So here we are, I'll be doing a 5km here in about 10 days and then it's go time for the races on the mainland. I'm feeling like the 10km is really where my fitness is best suited for right now. I had a great session today where I did a 10km treadmill tempo at 4:48/mile pace so basically 30:00 for 10km. Granted, again, it was on a 0% grade so it equates to about 31:30 but it felt super smooth and like I could have run for another 20 minutes if need be. Anyway I'll wrap this up and just leave you guys with a couple shall we say progress pics in the various disciplines of life in general.

Alright, that's all for me folks, I'm out. Have a tremendous week and stay hungry!

Today's 10km tempo (the extra 15 seconds was the treadmill getting up to speed)

Flow update, things are progressing nicely, Hilary doesn't seem to think it's working for me but I disagree...ha

Friendship update, I make sure to run with the biggest legends around town at least once or twice a week. So my friendship run game is on point as well. From left to right. Jamie "I got it on sale" West, Jon "Living the dream" Lodge, myself and Sheldon "Garnish" Marsh

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