Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Week of training Monday April 13th - Sunday the 19th

Hey everyone! This will be a quick update as I'm up to my eyes right now but I wanted to make sure I got something up about last weeks training and my race at Yonge Street. I must say, it's always an awesome time in T.O. Obviously I didn't run as fast as I wanted to. Coming through the 5km in 15:29 kind of dishartened me and it was tough to try to keep fighting as it was a slower split then last year. Obviously the wind had to do with this but regardless I had some fun, got to see lots of friends and hit up some places for some tasty treats and some beers of course.

Before I do a quick recap of last week in training I'd be remiss if I didn't quickly talk about Boston. That was pretty darn entertaining wasn't it? When I tune in to a Major I get so pumped up and start thinking how awesome it would be to race a marathon. But then, after the race is over and I ponder it some more.....I realize it's 26.2 miles, and that would hurt. Obviously I'll do one at some point but I really want to get my 5/10km times down to something I can be pleased with before getting into something like that. As it stands now my best distance performance wise might be the 5km so we will certainly need some more aerobic strength worth in the next few seasons before tackling a beast like the Thon'.

But enough about how I'm a big baby afraid of a marathon. Let's look at who did run one this weekend. Lelisa Desisa....oh man, this guy is a stud. I figured coming into this race he was the man to beat. Not because of times he's run as good as they are but because of last years NYC Marathon, he hung with the best Marathoner on earth in my mind, Wilson Kipsang, right up until about 400m to go when Wilson decided to use that extra bit of talent that has made him the best man over 26.2 the last few years. I didn't see anybody on the start list who could run with Desisa if he was ready to go on race day. I didn't like Chibet putting it out there that it was his race to win....I mean he's a world class Marathoner but what's his best performance? a 2:05:23 from Rotterdam in 2011? That's a fine run but your not hanging with Desisa, sorry.

Now I thought there was a few very notable performances during this race. Let's start with Ritz. His first marathon in 18 months. He ran with guts and smarts. It was a very good day for him and this should tell us baring injury or a poor performance at the trials he will be a lock for that US team. Meb, again had a great showing finishing in 2:12 and displaying the type of class that we just don't see in many sports. What a guy!!. Lastly I was happy to see Wesley Korir have a solid 5th place showing. He's such a great dude and if any of you haven't watched Transcend, I suggest you pick up a copy!

On the women's side, I was super impressed with Desi for making the race honest when it started to lag and to see her stick her nose in it with some very credentialled women was impressive. She's another athlete who is a great ambassador for the sport. Now she's not going to be able to go with those top of the food chain women when they change gears at the end of races, she has very modest PB's in the 5/10 and half but she held on pretty well and will certainly make the US team next year at the trials. The winner of the race, Caroline Rotich, now her I didn't predict winning. I had it between Dibaba and Deba with a slight edge to Deba for going sub 2:20 last year on the course but we were treated to a great race and I'm happy for Rotich getting the win.

Finally congrats to everyone else who ran. I've got tremendous respect for anyone who steps up to the marathon and runs the full distance. Great job and I hope you work at a job where your sitting down this week! :)

My week in training.


8 miles easy 6:14/mile pace - AM


Workout - 5km tempo on the treadmill at 4:43/mile pace on 0% incline. Just trying to teach the legs to run fast but controlled. Felt really good during this workout. I like seeing progression doing these where all the variables are controllable. I try to just shut off my mind and think about running relaxed, holding good form and visualize what races will be like.

4km warm up, 5km tempo and a 5km cool down - AM


7 miles easy at lunch at 6:09/mile pace - AM


6 miles easy at 6:12/mile pace followed by 10X100m strides on the track - AM


Travel - AM
5 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:20/mile pace + strides outside - PM


5 miles easy at 6:15/mile pace + strides - AM


Race - 2 mile warm up with Kevin, Joe and Driss (Former 2:11 marathoner and ran 33:09 at age 53!!!!). Then got after the race as best I could. Got depressed seeing 15:29 at the 5km split. We could still see the lead group and people were falling off that even as they had split 14:45 so I knew times were not going to be fast. We had a vicious head wind down Yonge. It's unfortunate because I feel super fit right now. I'll have many more shots at running fast over 10km. I just couldn't get excited to attack the back half after a split like that. I supposed we all have those types of days. I ended up with 31:22. I'm sure effort wise it was a far better race then last years even so as Eric was 40+ seconds slower then last year but I'm leaving dissatisfied but hungry. This will be remedied my next time out no doubt. No point in being negative as in all honesty I had a TON of fun and saw lots of the boys who I hadn't seen since STWM and some of them since last years 10km champs.

2 mile warm up + 10km race in 31:22 + 3 mile cool down (with Matt, Sami and Trev) - AM
OFF/Beers and the hockey game - PM

Well that's my week. I don't have a ton of time right now and I also don't want to ramble but a couple of shout outs have to be made. 

1 - Aaron - I wish we had a chance to chat after buddy, you killed it. 31:00 mid marathon build. No doubt in my mind you will run under 2:25. You looked smooth and like you were built to run 26.2

2 - Matt - Stoked your back man, within another month or two you'll be fighting right to the line for the win with whoever toes the line. Know that you've got a place to stay if you come back for the tely. (PS: the red wings warm up and cool down hat is glorious. Die hard fan. I love it!

3 - Garrett - Stay the course with working on that plantar. Your going to have a huge season man. Hopefully we get to work together in Ottawa and we both get a time we are happy with! Great run on Sunday bud.

4 - Rejean - How do you do it dude? Your like the face of T.O running haha, I'm amazed you even have time for your own training, enjoyed catching up and solid race there Sunday. Glad your working with Steve again and looking for a big Marathon!

5 - The man who makes it all possible, Alan Brookes. Love that guy man, thanks for taking care of me this weekend (That goes for Ian as well!). I don't know how you do so much in 24 hours. Safe travels to London! As I mentioned I'll be hitting up every race I can manage in the series this year so I'll be seeing you soon.

6 - Dan - Glad to finally chat in person dude! I'm excited for you to jump into a marathon in 2 weeks. Your a veteran at the distance and can take whatever it throws at you. Hopefully you come off it really well with a time your happy with and we can toe the line together in Ottawa as part of #TeamAwesome. 

(Guy's if you don't know Dan (Way) check out his blog on the side of my page. You know that cool Race Guide magazine from Canadian Running that was in our race kits? Yeah, that's his doing, so be sure to check it out and follow him on social media!)

Alright, I'll leave this with a few pictures and I wish you all happy training. I'll be taking a crack at another race this weekend so lets hope for a fast time or something reflective of the fitness/workouts that I've been hitting.

Thanks friends, stay frosty,

Finishing it up.

Race start

Headache at the airport I hit L instead of K when typing my last name...not smart

People watching on Yonge were calling out "Go Freake!!" some of the runners in our chase pack might have been offended, I assure you tho those chants were directed at me ha.

Lanni and Eric, always get it done. Clutch performances.

The legend that is Rejean! I don't know what kind of three quarter thumbs up I'm giving. It could be representative of the race ha. 

Resting the getaway sticks!

My boy Joe also all the way from Newfoundland! (Way to not open my eyes ha)

Getting in some liquid recovery with Joe at this rad sports bar that's by the big Cineplex, Sunday night beers and the Ottawa game!


  1. Thanks for the shout out and great race man! I had to switch out of my flats and into my dad shoes so no time for recovery beers. I'll be there to watch the 10K champs in Ottawa and after the race on Sunday many a celebratory beer will be had!

    1. No problem bud! And same goes for you, I'll be on the course Sunday morning in Ottawa cheering for ya, and you know I'm down for having a few celebratory beers on Sunday night! Keep training hard man, a big spring in coming!