Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Week of training Monday April 6th - Sunday the 12th

Oh hey there, what's up friends. How was your week? I bet mostly everyone reading this got after a race last weekend or will be getting after one this coming weekend. I hope your training is going well and your enjoying the process of training as much as the outcome that it breeds. I had one of my best weeks in terms of training and am now starting to drop back the volume as I prepare to hit a few races pretty hard. I plan on doing 5-6 races in April/May before I take a little holiday for 3 weeks when I get back from the half champs on June 1st. My lady friend and I are going to go down to Florida for a week where my family has a place and then do a little road trip Merica' style for a couple weeks. Should be fun. I'll need a little down time after my spring races and hopefully I'll be able to get into a fast track race or two during this time too. So yeah, that's the plan for the next couple months. I'll keep this post short, (I promise) and just talk quickly about Rotterdam and break down my week that was in training.

Rotterdam Marathon, where Canadian Marathoner dreams come true?

Well, Sunday was certainly a treat, I got up early and logged into Trackie.ca to get myself set up with a stream for the Rotterdam Marathon. I was obviously pumped to see how our Canadians would run but I mean it's also Rotterdam, it's a race like Dubai where guy's from East Africa come to run fast and make a name for themselves. The pace for the lead group went out REALLY HOT. I mean at one point on the broadcast they said the group was 20 seconds up on World Record Pace. I figured this might end badly for most of the runners as anything under 2:04:00 pace early takes it toll on just about every runner in the world except for a handful and I didn't see the credentials to back up that kind of spicy pace but it was still exciting to watch. Eventually after passing the half in 62 low they started slowing down substantially and most blew up pretty bad but there was still some solid times. The race was won in 2:06 which is certainly no joke and there was some wind on the back half that slowed times for sure. 

Now for our Canadians it was a very good day for the most part. Reid ran a 2:11:23, which he talked about on his blog was the 3rd time he has run that exact time down to the second, crazy consistent. Reid seemed pleased with his race. After rolling his ankle he didn't know what to expect but he knew the fitness was built. I'm stoked he got under the 2012 Olympic Standard as I assume Athletics Canada will use that again this year. Reid is nails over 26.2 man. Someone showed his splits on facebook and he was just knocking out consistent 3:05-3:10's like non other. His final 7.2km I believe he said was the third fastest in the field. Krista also got under the 2:29:55 mark which was used in 2012 for women. What a comeback story. Just 12 months after a broken femur to running sub 2:30 at age 38, that's some inspiring stuff man. I was beyond excited and happy for her. Nobody deserves it more. Way to go Krista!! :). The other speed river guys seemed to have good showings as well. Winslow ran 2:18 which is over a minute PR for him, Mason came out with a 2:24 which is definitely a step in the right direction and Woodfine seemed to struggle a bit on the back half but the guy is 21, I've got no doubt he learned some valuable lessons from his first Marathon and you can be sure he's going to be running in the 2:15 range or close to it his next crack at it.

My Week in Training,


11 miles easy at 6:19/mile pace - AM


Workout - I had a 4 mile tempo on the books followed by 3X1km (I mentioned this one last week as I had just completed it when I published my last weeks post.) I went 19:58 for the tempo with the splits being 5:09, 5:02, 4:55, 4:52. After a 5 minute recovery I went 2:52, 2:52 and 2:49 off a 1 minute recovery. Hitting the 1km's after the tempo was pretty hard. My legs didn't want to go faster then 5 minute pace or about 3:05 pace so I had to really force the reps, but I got it done and it was on the roads which was good to get the legs used to what the roads feel like again.

5km warm up + workout + 5km cool down - AM


10 miles easy at 6:31/mile pace - AM
5 miles easy at 6:09/mile pace - PM


12 miles steady at 5:35/mile pace followed by 10X100m strides - AM


11 miles easy at 6:24/mile pace - AM


Long Run - 16 miles easy at 6:22/mile pace.


Race/Workout - As I mentioned last week I had a local 5km on the books. We decided to train through it as this was my last week to get in a good training stimulus. I was a little nervous doing a long run the day before but I mean you just have to roll the dice. I got on the start line and surprise, surprise it was freezing cold and wind gusts of 50km/hour. Yeah your reading that right. Just have a look back at our forecast or at the videos that were on twitter of the start it was INSANE. So I'm thinking to myself....."Great this is going to do wonders for my confidence, I plan on going away and hitting some fast 10k's with the hopes of running mid 30's and I might not even break 16 minutes with this wind today...." I'll go more into the race below but thanks to having some company in the form of Jordan Fewer I was able to actually run a respectable mid 15 even in ridiculous conditions which I was super happy about. The course isn't super fast as it is. In 2013 I ran it on a windy, cold day and only managed 16:27 but ran 32:08 a couple weeks later under good conditions for a 10km so I'm feeling pretty good about it. After the race was over I did 4X1km off 1 minute rest on Snow's Lane which is just off the course. I went 3:01, 3:02 (into the crazy wind) and 2:49, 2:47 with the wind at my back and they felt easier then the first two. All things considered, great day.

2 mile warm up + race + 4X1km + 5km cool down - AM

So that was my week. I'm thrilled with where things are right now. I've started to drop the mileage but have kept the intensity jacked so I'll see where the chips fall now this weekend when I get into a fast race.

The 5km went really well. I knew Jordan was in really great shape. His Uncle, Colin Fewer is one of the best runners to come out of Newfoundland, he's made National teams and represented Canada at World Cross. He's been working hard with Jordan so I was grateful to have him to run with. He took the pace out ridiculously fast for the conditions and split 2:55 for the first K. After I saw the split I sat off the pace and let him go as I knew we weren't running 14:35 on that course, especially with those winds. By the 2km he had a good 7-8 seconds on me and didn't seem to be coming back so I made a big surge to catch back up from 2-3km right into a headwind while climbing the hill by Boston Pizza. When we hit the 3km we were both working pretty hard but we shared some encouragement and just kept it going stride for stride. At this point we had well over a minute on the rest of the field so we just tried to keep it going. With about 400 to go Jordan made a move that I tried to cover as we were dodging lapped runners (2 loop course). And he managed to get a step on me and held it through the finish line. I was super happy with the run. It was a lot of fun and the race was very well put off. Huge thanks the ANE and the NLAA.

Well that's it for me friends, I'll jump on mid week and talk about the upcoming Boston Marathon and some of the track races we can look forward to. 

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice,
About 2km in

Putting in a big surge to catch up

Around 3.5km just working together to get the race done.

Chaos trying to get around lapped runners,

I couldn't close it down the last couple feet, Congrats to Jordan on a great race. Dude is ready to run very fast this year.


  1. I don't understand how you can tempo sub 15 min 5ks but then only run 15:xx in a race. I know it was after a long run and in bad conditions but you would think you would be able to at least replicate a tempo effort. Jordan Fewer is okay but really nothing special in terms of his finishes within the CIS. You're getting beat by a below average CIS athlete but you are hammering workouts that few in the entire country could throw down. I guess I'm just wondering if you're working out too hard. You clearly have a lot of natural ability and it would be a shame to see you lose it to burn out or injury!

    1. Firstly, thanks for the comment and feedback!

      I'll start by saying I've never officially broken 15 minutes in a road 5km. And I've never ran a sub 15 tempo that hasn't been on a treadmill. I do think I have the ability to run sub 15 on the roads right now and about 14:35 or so on a track.

      As for Jordan this is really the first time he has trained hard for an extended period of time. I know him really well and even though he runs for the MUN XC team the first time he ran a step last year was September so the times he was running last fall are no reflection of the athlete he is right now. Most seasons he would stop running all together until the following cross country season. Right now he wouldn't be able to run with a guy like Matt McNiel in AUS but he would give everyone else a run and finish much higher then he did this fall in CIS. I don't want to speculate as to how fit he is but I know he's running workouts that are comparable to what I'm doing over 1km's and such and I firmly believe he could run in the 31's for 10km.

      I don't really like to compare where I'm at based on someone else. I mean that's the first time Jordan has beaten me in a road race and I'm in the best shape that I have been thus far in my time training. If I had tapered or even taken a day off then I'm not sure what the result would have been.

      I will submit that I'm training much harder then I have been in previous years and attacking harder paces in workouts but I'm doing it on much lower volume. The first 3 years of my running career I was pretty much just going at it haphazardly. If you look back over some of my training from fall 2013 and 2014 I was running 140 miles a week thinking that would help but my quality workouts suffered.

      You may in fact be right however, I really don't know. I do feel like I'm ready to run fast and have some breakthroughs this season. I know I'll never be a professional runner or anything and I do this more to see how good I can get and for the challenge and love of the sport. (I work full time with a BioPharma company so running is sort of my outlet outside of work)