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Week of training Monday March 30th - Sunday April 5th

Hey friends, a belated Happy Easter to you all. I hope you enjoyed some down time with loved ones and put away lots of chocolate, I know I did. Last weekend was a pretty big one in terms of racing with the Stanford invite and up here in Canada the Harry's Spring Run Off 8km. I'll keep this post as short as I can but before I recap my training I want to look at the best performances by Canadians down in the states last weekend, look at the run off 8km, and look forward to the Rotterdam Marathon. After that I'll recap my training which is going better then I'd have imagined. As long as I can stay healthy this is going to be a really great year for me. I really owe all my progress to my coach. Since starting to work with Jeremiah full time back in December, I feel like a completely different runner then last year. I'm going to do a low key 5km this weekend but I'll be training through it. The plan will be to just get a good effort in and then hit 4X1km about 10 minutes after the race to get a little more volume in. Then kick off the racing season with a bang on April 19th. I had a very good workout today on the roads where I did a 4 mile tempo in 19:58 (Splits 5:09, 5:02, 4:55, 4:52) then after a 5 minute break I hit 3X1km in 2:52, 2:52, 2:49. It was hard hitting this one on the roads where most of my sessions have been on the indoor track and all of my tempos have been on the treadmill but I felt really good about this session. So onward, here we go!

Top performances by Canadians on the track last weekend.

1 - Nicole Sifuentes in the women's 5000m. She went under the A standard in the 5000m in her first race of the season which she was using as a rust buster. This is a very good sign of things to come for Nicole. She is our top 1500m runner right now with a 4:04 PB. (I think she has the ability to get down to 4 flat). To see her have the strength to drop a sub 15:20 coming off the winter in what I'd assume was more of a base/strength phase means once she starts sharpening up and touching on more 1500m race pace she's going to be a girl to watch if she makes it to the final at worlds this summer. She has proven that in a major she can get it done. In 2013 at world indoors in Poland she took the bronze in a deep field so look for a BIG season from Nicole. Awesome job!

2 - Lanni Marchant in the women's 10000m. Lanni is such an awesome person. I can't say enough good things about her. I mean just watch her interview after the race. Obviously she wanted to dip under 32:00 but she was so humble and positive. It's so refreshing to see that. I'm sure Lanni wasn't super happy with her half in NYC. I mean she still ran great and a 1:11 is solid but she is for sure capable of threatening 70:00 on the right day. I'm glad to see her jumping on the track and mixing it up in the 10000m. Anyway, terrific job Lanni, great race and way to keep it classy. (She may have had the quote of the meet as well "I'm kind of a one pace wonder so when the bell lap came I just kept plugging along"). 

3 - Luc Bruchet debuting in the 10000m. Luc ran a very solid 28:36 for his debut at the distance. Now, I think he has plenty left to explore in the 1500/5000m. But being able to jump in a 10km and run 28 mid is a very good sign. I'd like to see him get his 1500m down into the 3:36 range and his 5000m into the low 13:20's which is very doable. He's run 3:39 flat, 3:57 indoors for the mile and 13:33 for 5000m. His future could very well be in the 10000. It's not out of the realm to think he could run under 28 minutes this time next year with some more work over the shorter stuff and keeping his strength up training with Dylan, Kelly and the crew. Lets wish Luc a great season and hope he sets himself up to hit a standard in the 5 or 10 next year looking towards Rio.

Now there were some other great performances last weekend at this meet by Canadians and I'm super stoked for everyone who threw down. This is just my opinion on the top 3 performances. Let's give a shout out to Hendrix on running under 29 minutes, Mo for running 13:32 in his opener, Rachel Cliff on her new 15:33 PB and Mike Tate running 3:46 for the 1500m. Just a few of the many great showings by our Canadian men and women, congrats to you all!! :)

Harry's Spring Run Off 8km

On Saturday the Canadian Running Series  put off their second event of the season. Originally, Paul Kimugul was supposed to be running but he and a few others decided to not race where it was only 6 days after ATB30km. But we were still treated to a great race. Eric took the win in a time that was 2 seconds faster then he ran last year. Like I mentioned on the trackie boards, this is a great sign for him. Last year was one of Eric's best as he won the 10km, half and full marathon national champs as well as running PB's in the half and full. Let's hope he has another great season. Matt Loiselle also had a solid performance on the comeback trail. Matt's such a nice guy and one of the toughest racers you'll ever come across. I'm super happy he's starting to get back into shape. I bet he will throw down a really fast 10km on the roads this spring and be ready to take a crack at a fast Marathon by the fall. Keep the comeback going buddy!! (And come back to St. John's for the Tely 10 this year if you can!!). Lastly let's give some shout outs to some of my boy's who were in the mix on that hilly course. Rejean, Garrett, Eric B and Runner Rob!! #CantWontStop. Love that dude! Check out his blog if you get a chance, there is a link to it on the right side of this page!

A look forward to the Rotterdam Marathon.

I'm really excited to watch this. Firstly because it's always an awesome race and we normally see a winning time in the 2:04-2:06 range and secondly because some of our top marathoners will be going after fast times in the hopes of going under the yet to be released standard (I'm guessing they assume it will be the same as 2012. So 2:29:55 for women and 2:11:29 for men). We have Reid and Krista coming back from injuries and looking to throw down. By the looks of their training and check point race at the Chili Half they are both right where they want to be. Good luck you guy's!! I'll be tracking and cheering for you! We also have Robert Winslow in the race who seems to be in fine form coming off a 1:06 half and a 2:20 PB last October. I'd say he will be looking at something in the 2:16 range. Next up is Tristan who will be making his debut. This guy has a ton of talent and could very well be a fantastic marathoner in the next few years. He's a 28 minute 10km guy so I'd say he will be looking to run something similar to Winslow in his debut. I'd venture to say anything between 2:15-2:18 will be a success for him on his first attempt. He's still super young and will be a force at 26.2 I'm sure. Last but not least a couple more river boys. The man, the myth, the legend, John Mason! That dude has got one epic beard going right now. He's run 1:07 for the half (in NYC last year if I'm not mistaken) so I hope he crushes it. From what I hear he's in tremendous shape and killed his last big workout of mile repeats and finished it off with a 4:33. Good luck dude! The other guy from the river is my boy Sunseri. Nick seems to be in very solid shape right now and he's ready to pop a fast one so look for a good one from him as well. So, to all of you guy's, I wish you good luck and good weather. Trust the training and go out there and execute the game plan!!

My week in training,


11 miles easy at 6:27/mile pace - AM


Workout - Originally coach had me down for a 5km on the treadmill in 15:10 then head downstairs to the indoor track and hit 3X1000m in 2:50-2:52 but there was something on down on the track and I couldn't get on it so I adjusted and did a 10km tempo on the treadmill in 30:00. I attached the picture to last weeks post. (0% grade on the tready so it was the equivalent of 31:30). This workout went really well. I left it feeling strong and like I could have kept it going.  

5km warm up + 10km workout + 5km warm down - Lunchtime


10 miles easy 6:17/mile pace - AM
5 miles easy 6:21/mile pace - PM


12 miles steady at 5:39/mile pace outside + 10X100m strides - AM


10 miles easy 6:11/mile pace - AM


Workout - 10X1km on the roads off 1 minute rest. I've been trying to get out on the roads for more workouts now just to get the body used to the pounding. I'm finding it much harder to hit the paces then I was on the indoor track. I don't know if it's being spiked up, getting feedback every lap and not having any wind or me just being a baby but it's hard man. Anyway I hit the first 4 in 2:57 and then started to hit 2:55/2:56 for the next couple. I told myself I'd rip out the last two or three but man, 1 minute rest creeps up on you. I basically just survived the last two and worked my ass off to hit 2:55. The average was 2:56 I think. Either way, this was a character builder. I was in the hurt locker. 

5km warm up with strides and drills + 10km worth of work + 6km cool down - AM


16 mile long run nice and easy at 6:18/mile pace - AM

So that was my week. Looking at it now, I'm pretty psyched about it. I hit 92.3 miles on the week with a couple good sessions. I'll keep my mileage around 90 this week with a couple good workouts and that race then it's go time!

Talking with my coach this week as he gave me the plan and goals for this month we are going to consider going to nationals for either the 5000 or 10000m. It's not that far to travel and I'd love to race a 10000m on the track. After my last two road races in May (Ottawa and Calgary the 24th and 31st) it would be nice to change the focus up for June and July and run some track so that's something we will talk more about and hopefully put a plan in place after my goal races in April and May.

Well, that's about it for me. I was hoping this post would be short but I've gone on and rambled again. I get the gears about blogging from my friend Jon Lodge. He finds it hilarious. I was even called out on FB this week by the guy. He had the nerve to insinuate I'm spending too much time blogging and not enough building fitness.....who knows ha. The dude is possibly the most funny guy to walk the earth. He's heading up to Ottawa race weekend with me so if you see a guy who's 6'5 next to me talking smack about "living the dream" and wearing a singlet that says "Legends Running Club" tell him he's a champ! (I know your reading this Lodgy!! All in good fun buddy, keep up the comeback! Your doing great dude!)

As I did last week, I'll leave you with a picture or two and I hope you all have a fantastic week. Stay frosty,

This is the Jon Lodge character of which I speak!

Destroyed some Easter cookies I helped make with my girl.

This legend Mike Scott is possibly the best Pound for Pound runner in the game 6'4 175ish and a 16 minute 5km guy, oh yeah he wears size 14 shoes #Beast (Sometimes I feel small around these dudes and I'm 6'1)

The problem with the flow after hammering a workout outside. It looks freaking ridiculous. Bandanna from here on out! 

It's much more under control normally!

Huge thanks to my sponsors. Saucony, Smith Optics and CEP Canada. I got a boat load of stuff from them all last week, like boxes. Here's a little sneak peak. Debuting the race kit this weekend.

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