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Week of training Monday May 11th - Sunday the 17th

Hello again friends. I trust your all enjoying your running, the stanley cup playoffs, spring and everything else that brings a smile to your face and a jump to your step. This is going to sound cliché at this point haha but I had an awesome week. Not just in training but it was just a fun week in general. I got my runs in, smashed a couple workouts, signed a new account at work, cleaned and waxed my car and confirmed everything for my vacation after the Calgary half. My girlfriend and I are taking 3 weeks off to head down to Florida. Obviously it's not as good as going in say March or April but with her finishing up exams at that time and my schedule at work and training for spring races this just made more sense. We will stay at my families place down in Key West for a couple weeks and then spend a week in Miami doing some shopping and hanging out with people who are also in their 20's and not 75+ lol. Not that I don't enjoy just laying it out on the beach and going to bed at 7pm, but It'll be nice to hit some Miami hot spots after some R&R on the beach. I'll continue to train and I hope to get into a 5000m somewhere in Florida if I can find one and definitely a road race. And I'll be sure to keep the blog going with lots of pictures and what not. I'm pretty excited for the next 5 weeks but it's going to be a heck of a lot of travel. I leave for Ottawa on Thursday, and get home on Monday before a quick turn-around to head to Calgary that Friday. Speaking of Calgary, a huge shout out and thank you to the race directors and elite coordinators for flying me out and setting me up with an awesome family to stay with while I'm there, I look forward to meeting Olga Opotchanova and her family. they have two kids who are both into track and from what Olga has told me they are all participating in various races over the weekend. I'm super grateful for you guys taking me in! So thank you.

Anyway, I won't rant or break down any track meets this week. Even though we were treated to the Diamond League kicking off this past weekend and we got to see half of the Oxy/Hoka High Performance meet before it was called off due to the rain storm that hit right after the first heat of the men's 1500m. The coles notes are as follows.

1 - Farah got beat by Gebrhiwet and didn't look all that strong. I'm guessing it was the fact that it's early and he is coming off a training block that was more half marathon oriented as he ran 59:32 a little while ago and hasn't really been touching on a ton of faster stuff. Because that race wasn't super fast or anything close to his 8:03 indoor 2 mile performance (equates to 7:27). Hagos deserves full credit for the win, that kid is a beast. In 2012 at the famous Paris 5000m he ran the world jr. record of 12:47 so this kid has wheels for days! Great race.

2 - Justin Gatlin is redonkulous, he let up and ran a 9.74 at age 33.....I don't really know what else to say about it.

3 - Almaz Ayana is an absolute machine and solo'd the last half of her 5000m to run 14:14....I can't wait to see her and Genzebe Dibaba clash in a 5000m.

4 - The Canadian men looked great in the Steeple at oxy. Milne and Hughes were the class of the field and Winter closed well as did my boy Ryan Brockerville who ran a seasons best 8:37. Other then that race I wasn't really excited by anything I saw at Oxy.....you can tell it's just a class below what you see on the Diamond League circuit. Which isn't meant as a slight to any of these athletes. They are all super talented and heck, Manzano looked unreal closing the last 150 of his 1500m as did Wheating but once you've sat and watched truly Elite, top of the food chain track you just don't get all that excited to see people trying to hit standards in races pretty much set up for that purpose. However, this dynamic changes at Nationals when team spots are on the line. Then I do get a little more amped to watch. Shoutout to all the Canadian men and women who looked great at the meet!

My week in training


11 miles easy on the trails in 70:12 - AM


Workout - on the books was 5X1km off 60 seconds rest at 2:50/km followed by a 5 minute break then 4X400m in 63 seconds/quarter. This was pretty darn intimidating to start. I was looking for an excuse before I even started. I know when I have one or two intervals left in a set of 1km's I can normally rip out a couple sub 2:50's but it's always a death march and lactic acid flooding the legs the last 200m. But I got after it and did the best I could. I went 2:49, 2:50, 2:49 (Here I was so close to stopping, the 3rd one was pretty much all out or it felt that way off such a short break). 2:53, 2:54. If I had to even attempt to do a 6th it would have been over 3 minutes and a 7th would have been like 3:15. I told my coach after it was a bit over my head but at least I gave it a go. I hit the 400s pretty much dead on with the exception of the last one being 64.

5km warm up + workout + 6km cool down - AM


10 miles easy at 6:46/mile pace - AM
5 miles easy at 6:14/mile pace - PM


12 miles Steady State on the trails at 5:47/mile pace + 10X100m strides - AM


5.5 miles easy on the trails at 6:16/mile pace - AM


Workout - Another brutal one, just looking at it I knew it would be crazy hard. I had a 2 mile on the roads in 9:20 with a 5 minute standing break and then the goal was to run a 4:30 mile or faster if I had anything left. Now doing the math on that workout and thinking about having to split close on 8:45 on the roads for a 3km....yeah I wasn't super excited to try it but I felt that the workout was only 3 miles of total volume so I'd give er'. I went through the mile in 4:44 and realized I was a little off where I wanted to be so I just kept pushing and tried to finish the last 200 as fast as possible. I ended up with a 9:24 which I was ok with. I used every bit of the 5 minutes break and then set out for my mile. Now pacing a mile at that pace, on a road was brutal. On the track I could have gotten feedback each 200 on my splits but instead I went out and tried to hang on. My first 400 had to be close to 60 seconds because after I came through 800 in under 2:10 I was starting to not feel so hot haha, the last 400m was brutal, I got that feeling of seizing up in my arm and legs. I just muscled myself to the finish. When I checked the watch it was right on 4:30 and my garmin told me I had set a new mile PR for the fastest mile I've run in training. That did little to help how I was feeling. Anyway, I packed it in and shuffled a cool down knowing that was my last big workout before Ottawa. I touched some 10km pace today but from here on in it's just strides pretty much.

6km warm up + 3 miles of quality work + 4km cool down - AM


16 mile long run at 6:32/mile pace - AM

Well, that's all for this instalment of the blog. Before I go I want to give a shout out to my friend Tanya who I got a chance to run with this week at the track! She's such an inspiration and I'm so excited to see her race next. She's working with Matt Loiselle and is fitter then she even knows right now. When she get's her blog up and running I'll link it on my sidebar so you guys can check it out. Tanya is a full time mom, wife, runner, fitness instructor, you name it she does it! (I'll attach a pic of us below!). Awesome work as always Tanya. The other shoutout is to my boy Sheldon who's also a super busy dude but he's constantly hammering and making progress. Any time I lack motivation to get out the door I think about them getting their workouts in with much busier schedules then me and I immediately get myself going!

As always, thanks for reading, keep your sticks on the ice and run happy.

The man, the myth, the legend, Sheldon Marsh!

Tanya and myself after a good workout

Tanya and Sheldon post workout

Feeling positive post workout

I finally got time to clean my car this week. I was happy to take it out for a rip.

It hasn't looked this clean in a while, I was going to attach a video of me stretching the audi's legs on the highway but I don't want to incriminate myself as the car was deep into the redline in 4th ;)...save that for instagram!

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