Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week of training Monday May 4th to Sunday the 10th

What's up running friends? How's your guy's weather? Because this Newfoundland spring really leaves something to be desired let me tell ya.....we are expecting snow tonight....yeah, it's brutal. Anyway, I'll make this post as quick as possible. I've got a ton of stuff on the go right now at work so I'll try to get this done and punch out another couple hours before I call it a day.

Before I get into my training this week I want to chat about a few races really quick. Firstly the Canadian 10000m champs that were hosted by the London Runners on Sunday night. My boy Kelly Wiebe took it out hard and led from the gun. You could tell he was all business and running against the clock. From what I heard it was a pretty warm evening. Either way he was the class of the field and ran under 29 minutes which is not an easy task without any pacers or people to work with. Kelly, who also runs for Saucony Canada, is fresh off a crazy fast 29:08 on the roads at the TC10k from a couple weeks ago too. I'm excited to toe the line with him in Ottawa and Calgary for the 10km and 21km champs later this month. He's a big time talent and I hope he continues to have a great season and takes another crack at the Marathon this fall. (I'll be lucky if Kelly is still in sight through 5km, dudes fast as hell)

Now another Canadian who threw down over the weekend was one of my favourite runners/people on the Canadian road scene, super marathon mom, Catherine Watkins. Every time I see or talk to Catherine she's always in such an awesome mood. She makes you feel awesome just being in her presence. This lady is beyond humble but don't let her big smile fool you. When the gun goes off she can MOTOR!! As a masters (40+) runner Catherine is setting PB's across the board this season. Only 3 weeks ago during her marathon build up she ran 33:52 for 10km at the Vancouver sun run. And this past weekend she won the Eugene Marathon. She wanted to run around 2:35 but it was a hard day where she was running mostly alone the entire way and ended up running 2:42 to take first overall. Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on social media! She's a pretty rad lady! Great job Catherine, hope we get to grab some food when we cross paths at a race later this year. Perhaps some fettuccine? (Inside joke, Lanni, Dayna, Kate, Mark, Josh.... and a few others know what I'm talking about!! :p).

Lastly lets talk about the sheer awesomeness of the Grand Old Man, Bernie Lagat. Last weekend in Manchester Bernard made his 10km road debut and ran a blazing fast 27:48.....at age 40!!!! Not only is it a masters WR but it tied the American record as well. To put that in perspective the Canadian road 10km record is 28:17 held by my fellow Newfoundlander Paul McCloy. Bernard is ageless, he's run a 3:54 indoor mile and a 7:37 3km so far this season. Part of me would like to see him take a crack at a sub 27 10km on the track. It's hard to know if he could run that or not, I hear he is a low mileage guy. But you've got to think it's a possibility. He's clearly still capable of going sub 13 for 5000m. Anyway, we are privileged to witness such a decorated career as that of Bernard's. I hope he has another awesome season and that the 5000m final at the WC's in Beijing is a tactical one where he's in the mix at the bell. He may not have 3:26 1500m speed any more but he still has the wheels to hang with the best at the end of a 5km!

My week in training.


11 miles easy at 6:22/mile pace + 10 strides in the park near my house - AM


The workout was supposed to be a 6km tempo on the track in 18:30 followed by 4X500m in 1:20. I felt a little rough in the tempo and didn't ever really get into a good rhythm. It was more of me counting down the 15 laps, one by one and trying to just stay smooth clicking off 73's/74's. The wind on the track is brutal and I didn't end up hitting my splits right. I walked away with 18:41 and it felt like a way harder effort then that even but hey, you don't always feel great. After that I took 5 minutes and then ripped out the 500's as fast as possible. I got the last two down well under 1:20 and split a 59 second 400 on the last one so the workout ended up being pretty good by the end. But that tempo was a death march.

5km warm up + 6km tempo + 4X500m + 5km cool down - AM


10.2 miles easy at 6:44/mile pace - AM
5 miles with strides at 6:19/mile pace - PM


12 miles steady state on the trails at 5:40/mile pace + 10X100m strides - AM


11 miles easy in 69 minutes on the trails - AM


Workout - 5km all out time trial/workout. The wind on our outdoor track is killing my confidence and ability to hit splits. (It's built at the highest point in the city...go figure) It was actually a lot easier on the indoor track to be honest. But I just suffered this one out. I wanted to just run 70's as long as possible but I ended up falling off pace the last 2km and couldn't hold the 70's much past 3km. Just tried to muscle it home at the end of the session.

5km warm up + drills and strides + 5km TT + 7km cool down in Mt. Pearl - AM


Long Run day of 16 miles but hammered a 10km in there as I was pretty upset about the 5km TT. Anyways got a heck of a good run in there including that hard 10km.

16 miles - AM

So that's my week of training. The mileage stayed high this week but we are going to take it back a little this week, hit a couple of good workouts (I had an awesome one today with Joe and Jason) then come into Ottawa and then Calgary on fresh legs and let er' rip!

Speaking of Ottawa and Calgary. I'll be at both expos either at the Saucony or Entrix Sports (CEP) booths. As of right now I'm thinking it's going to be Friday. I talked with Kyle at CEP and nailed that down but I'll chat with the saucony crew and see what they have going on for the expos and let you guys know before the race weekends get under way. If any of you guys or girls are around the expo stop by and say hey! I love meeting other runners and chatting about pretty much anything and everything!

Alright see you lovely people next time,

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