Monday, 29 June 2015

24:07 8km PB, USA's, Week in training and off to Miami.

Hey ladies and gents. How goes it? I'm sure your all bombing around the roads, trails and track and loving every minute of it. I wanted to get this post up tonight as I'm flying out tomorrow morning to Miami which has been a long time coming ha. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, originally we booked the trip for a few days after the Calgary half but my office has been really short staffed as of late with a ton of the my colleagues taking vacation around the same time. And with most of them being a good bit older then I am, and with families I didn't mind pushing my plans a few weeks to help out and keep the place running smoothly. I actually started managing some accounts for the first time and took on some new responsibilities so it was actually good to learn some of the other stuff that we handle at our branch. Anyway, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. But I'll be keeping up to date with the blog over the next 3 weeks or so. It may not be as detailed though, and more reliant upon funny stories and pictures so if you don't mind sticking around for that then please do! :).

St. Mary's 8km

So as I mentioned last week, I had planned to race an 8km this past weekend. I felt like I could definitely run 4:55 pace comfortably for 5 miles as I've done 4 mile tempos on the roads at that pace but I was a little nervous as I felt like I haven't been duplicating my workout performances in races this season yet. I mean I had a couple races that I was certainly pleased with performance wise but my times have not been where I wanted them. Anyway, I wanted to go out in 4:55 for the first couple miles and if that felt easy then pick it up the last 3. 

That was NOT what happened. I noticed during my warm up I had a lot of spring in my legs and felt good but I wanted to stick with my plan. As soon as the race starts a guy takes off sprinting ahead of, looking at the field before the race I figured I should be able to take control and execute my game plan and run by myself . But there was some great runners on the line like Peter Power (53:02 10miler and 25:24 8km PB) Mark Hayward (54:10 10miler and 26:02 8km PB) along with many others. But sure enough a guy takes off like a bat out of hell. At that moment, my game plan was gone. I immediately started hammering too, now this guy obviously just misjudged himself because a minute in it sounded like he was after running an all out 400. I would imagine we had to be 68/69 for 400. Anyway, I soon found myself alone heading towards the 1k marker and passed by it in 2:55 feeling pretty good so I just kept motoring along until I saw my watch's 1mile split that showed 4:39, far too rich for my blood. That's 5000m race pace, at that point I figured I'd roll the dice for another little while. At the 2km I was 5:50 and breathing hard for that early in the race so I tried to take it back a little bit but I seemed to be locked in at that point. I came through 3km in 8:49 and tried to relax my body and run smoothly. I missed the 4km split but had 2 miles at 9:25 and then split 5km in 14:50 which was my fastest time on a road. But I was really starting to suffer and I knew there was no way I could cover the last 3km in 9 minutes, but I tried my best to battle. The 6th and 7th K's were around 3:03's and the last one which has a little uphill was 3:10. (Now the first 1km was downhill so I don't want to sound like the little rise at the end was anything to complain about, it was a great course with perfect running conditions!). But I swear that last 1km was the hardest one I've ever run.

I ended up running 24:07 basically on my own after the first 400m and was super thrilled to get a big breakthrough. I hadn't thought about it much before the race but the old course record was 24:12 and was held by a 30:24 10km/2:21 marathon guy. So I was really happy to hear I was inside the old mark.

This race gives me some big time motivation to keep training hard. I'm going to try to hammer the 5km I run this coming Saturday in Winter Park FL. I think if the temperatures aren't too ridiculous I've got a good chance at running 14:40 but again, I'll be happy with anything under 15 minutes just to get that on paper as a new road PB. We will see how things turn out, but I'll for sure keep you guys in the loop on how it goes.

Takeaways from USA's

1 - Gatlin is the man to beat this year in the 100/200. I can't see how he won't be the favorite. 19.59 not running through the line...that's bananas.

2 - Nick Symonds has a 1:42 PR and WC silver medal for a reason. Even running USA's mid training cycle looking to peak for world's he can take down everyone in the field. He's also a savvy entrepreneur. Notice how he had Run Gum sponsoring athletes without contracts? And each interview he puts in a quick "Well, like I talk about in my book, Inside the Oval Office...". The man is very smart and still as dominant as ever in the two lap.  

3 - Centro is soooo much better then every other miler in the US, it's just silly. He looks the same running 65 second quarters as he does running 51's. He closed his last 800m in 1:48 and it was really only his last 650m that he started moving. The guy is a threat for the gold at worlds. (I also enjoy the fact that he's kind of cocky. Not that I encourage it, but it's refreshing to see someone actually act exactly how they feel. Too often we see the same old interviews and celebrations. If we want track to be more popular, we need to make it entertaining and this kid makes it that way)

4 - Galen looked unbeatable in the 10km and almost like he was toying with the field the last 600, but he looked horrible in the 5km and was lucky to hold onto 3rd. I was impressed with how competitive he was in the DL 5000m races last year, finishing no worse then 4th in any race but this one was a different story. Ryan Hill deserved the win and I'm happy to see him as the 5km national champ.

5 - American Steeplechasing is on fire right now. That final was insane and I hope Jager grabs a medal at worlds.

6 - The American women are beasts at the 800m and any of the 3 going to Beijing have a realistic shot at a gold medal.

7 - Jenny Simpson is the worlds best 1500m right now in my mind until I see her face G. Dibaba.

8 - The women's 5km team is very weak compared to their teams in the 800, 1500 and 10000m. Nobody on that team can hang with the best in the world. There is a reason Molly Hudle, the American record holder didn't even bother to try to double. The 5000m is a shark tank. If you can't run 14:25 or faster you won't medal. Our top Canadian Jess O. would easily handle that american 5km team in my mind.

9 - By contrast, I like Molly Hudle's chances of snagging a medal in the 10km. Provided she can close in 62/63 in a mid to high 30 minute race she has a very good chance.

10 - We need more time to sort through all this NOP stuff, and it was a cloud over an otherwise fantastic weekend. 

Week that was in training.


Workout - 4X2miles off 2' rest. The goal of this session wasn't to rip the 2 miles but to do them at close to goal Tely 10 (10 mile road race) pace. Which is about 5 minute pace or a little over. So I locked in running 5 flat on my road loop with my buddy Jason who was hammering them out at his goal pace of 5:30. Anyway I hit 3 reps dead on 5:00/mile pace and was pretty drained so I ran the last rep with Jason at 5:30 pace just to get the volume of the workout in but to not go too far into a hole.

15.4 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM/Lunch Time


4 mile shake out run easy - AM
Paced Joe to 4X1mile off 1' + 6X800 all at his T and MP pace, so like 5:30/5:45/mile - PM


Workout - Track session with Lodgy, 3X(4X400m). 75" rest between reps and 3 minute between sets. I got spiked up and wanted to make sure the first two sets were fast but relaxed and smooth. I was (66,64,64,64), (64,64,63,62), (59,62, 61, 59). It was a battle that last set. I went way too fast on the first rep and came through 200 in 28, but after that they got back to somewhat decent running.

6 miles easy, about 7 minute pace - AM
8 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - PM




10 miles easy at 6:36/mile pace - AM


8km race in 24:07 + warm up and cool down followed by fishing with my Dad - AM
10 miles easy - PM


Long Run - 16 miles at 6:27/mile pace on the old railway bed - AM

Well, I should clue this up, it's after going a little long haha. My apologies, but you guys know how I tend to ramble on these blog posts. Anyway, I'm off early tomorrow morning but I'll be instagraming, tweeting, and all that good stuff. Good luck to all my friends racing at Canadian Track champs this weekend, get out there and do your thing, I'll be cheering you all on and watching live.

Stay hungry,

Remember I told you guys about my buddy Jon Lodge? How he can feel the mitochondria building with each stride? Here he is after running some 400's, still feeling the fitness being built on a cellular level. (Sorry for the quality, it was taken off my instagram and then converted again for the blog) 

Essentials to go fast, Endorphin spikes, Kinvara's and some casual Shadow 5000's for the ride home. 

Peter Power, the man is 51 years old and is still killing it! He ran a 54:05 10 mile last year and should be even quicker this year. He's the Benjamin Button of running.

First off, excuse my ridiculous hair, it was flowing hard during the race. But I had to give a shout out to my awesome friend Tanya! She's making some huge gains under her coach Matt Loiselle. On Saturday she ran a 32 minute 8km. Way to go Tanya! :)

Hurting here, happy to be done and to clock a 24:07. Thanks St. Mary's for putting off a great race and to ANE for coming out and chip timing the event.

See, my hair is normally somewhat on point, I promise ha, but yeah, this was taken this afternoon. Saying bye to my little buddy. He's staying with some family when I'm gone. I'm going to miss this guy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Week that was in training and a look at Sasha Gollish chasing her dreams.

What's up running friends. Is everyone grinding out those workouts and building that fitness? One of my buddies John Lodge once turned to me on a run and said "Dave, I'm getting awfully fit buddy, it's at the point where I can actually feel the mitochondria building with every stride".....Now not all of us can be that at one with our bodies that we can feel things happening on a cellular level. Lodgy is a special specimen of a human being. But I do hope your all killing workouts, setting PB's, having some fun and enjoying the process of training and the running lifestyle.

Below are a couple pictures of my boy Lodgy just so you can get some context to understand the status of this man....he's the founder of the Legends Running Club, and in his classroom you'll find posters of Steve Prefontaine...#Legend

John battling for every second in Ottawa this past May

Playing a few tunes on the 24th of May long weekend, fishing boots and all...

Anyway, let's chat for a few moments now about something more serious and awesome, my friend Sasha Gollish. I wanted to take the time to chat about what an outstanding athlete and human being she is. I'm sure most of my readers know who she is but for my Newfoundland running friends/family, Sasha is a track and field athlete who runs pretty much every distance. Like I'm not even joking. She can take names in an open 400 I'd imagine and her range extends to longer distance road races. But her specialty for right now lies in the 1500m. The past 2-3 weeks I've watched her take her PB down each and every race all the way to 4:07 low and under 1 second off the IAAF "A" standard that's used for the World Champs and Olympics. She just secured a birth in the 1500m for the Pan Am games that's going down in Toronto this July so be sure to keep your eye's peeled. In the 1500 anything can happen if you make the final and with Sasha's closing speed (she just ran an 800m PB of 2:02 and change in Victoria) expect her to be in the hunt for a podium finish.

What's even more incredible is that Sasha has chosen to walk away from her job as a consultant and pursue her dreams of becoming an Olympian. While she does this, she's also finishing off her PhD in Engineering at the University of Toronto. Along with our good friends at Sasha has put together a campaign to help her continue to train and make her dreams become a reality. I'll attach the video below. I'd really appreciate if you guys and gals could take the time to watch it from start to finish and if you can head over to her site on Trackie and read her story ( ). It's super inspiring and I know from chatting with her that she would be beyond grateful for any support that you could give. Once you watch the video you'll see what I mean and it's far better then reading my ramblings. But believe me, she's one to watch. Keep chasing the dream champ! Can't wait to get a run in and some food when I'm up in your neck of the woods for the 5km champs!

My week that was in training


Workout - As I mentioned last week, and with the clip I linked to. I did a session of 2X4miles with 5 minutes rest on a nice section on Southside Rd. It went really well. I was under 5 minute pace on the first interval and averaged about 4:58 and then managed to hang on fairly well on the second rep, I was 15:02 at 3 miles then starting to really suffer a lot the last 5 minutes or so and ended up averaging like 5:04/5:05 pace. The workout as a whole was a 5:01 average. I ended up not doing a cool down as my body was just really beat down as that's pretty close to 10km pace for 8 miles of work. But I was pretty jazzed about it for sure.

13 miles with warm up and workout - AM


12 miles easy in the morning, it was pretty slow, over 7 minute pace, I was tired - AM
4 miles easy 6:24/mile pace - PM


Workout - Treadmill tempo, I wanted to get back to some good turnover and I find doing a really fast tempo with 0% incline leaves me feeling fast and confident. I did 20 minutes at 12.6mph which is 4:45/mile pace on the treadmill. Based on the conversion charts  it was worth 4:57/mile pace with there not being any incline. 

8 miles with warm up, strides, workout and cool down - AM
10 miles easy with Lodgy in the PM helping him do 4X1mile nice and easy (5:45 pace) - PM


11 miles easy with some strides averaged 6:33/mile pace


Workout - Track session of 5X2km off 2 minutes recovery. I planned on hammering this one. The goal was to start the session running 71/72 second 400's and then for the last 2 reps to run 70's or 2:55/km (5:50/2km rep). I didn't get them going as fast as I wanted by the end. They were all between 6:05 and 5:55 but the last two I was coming through the K in 2:55 but was slowing to a 3:00 km for the second one. So the last two I was obviously suffering to run 5:55's. I mean it's still not a bad session at all. 10km worth of work at an average of 3:00 or a little under isn't bad with 8 minutes total rest.

4 miles easy to shake the legs out - AM
Workout with warm up, strides and cool down - 10.3 miles


I moved my steady state run to Saturday as I promised my buddy Joe Dunford that I would pace him through 10 miles at a little quicker then goal marathon pace. He wants to run 2:30 or maybe a little under so I ran him through 10 miles in 56 minutes (5:40ish pace). and then just cooled down 3 miles back to my car.

13 miles with 10 steady state - AM


Long Run - 16 miles easy before taking my Dad out to brunch - AM

So yeah, obviously there was a lot of work in there and my structuring of it all wasn't ideal but I'm happy to put a couple weeks of good workouts in. This time next week I'll be updating from Miami with lots of pictures attached so I was more than anything giving myself a "mega dose" before I enjoy a holiday. I'm jumping into an 8km this Saturday and then a 5km on Independence day in Florida as I previously mentioned. For the 8km this weekend I'll be happy if I run between 24:30-24:50 but we will see how it goes. I'm going to take it out at 4:55/mile and see how it feels. I'll be sure to update on twitter how the race goes. Then for the 5km, anything under 15 on the roads would be glorious as I've still not officially broken 15 on a road yet. The further under the better.

That's all for this installment, I hope to do a breakdown this coming weekend after the USATF Championships and analyze the events from 800-10000m. It should be a great weekend of track for sure.

I'll leave you guys with a few pictures and an awesome quote that I'm sure you all have heard numerous times but I still love hearing it. 

"Now bid me run and I will strive with things impossible"
- William Shakespeare


Happy Fathers day to the one and only!! Here's my Dad making fun of my travel sized Vaseline when he decided last minute to come out to STWM last year to watch me run. Love ya bud!

Thanks Saucony for keeping your boy looking fresh with some summer apparel!

One more of me and the big guy!

I'm also loving the new colorways of the Jazz (left) and Shadow 5000's (Right). (I deleted the picture on my phone so screen shot-ed my instagram pic ha)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Back at it! Week that was in training and Canadian performances of the week.

What up friends! I meant to publish this last night but I literally fell asleep finishing it ha. So here we are, how is everyone making out with their summer training and racing? I'm guessing the majority of you are tearing up the track and rolling some fast times. Unfortunately our weather here in Newfoundland isn't the best but I'm still getting out to the track a couple days a week for workouts despite the gnarly wind. That said I'll be down south soon enough. I registered for a USATF sanctioned 5km on independence day called the "watermelon 5km" ( ) in winter park, just outside Miami so be sure to track me if you've got nothing going on that day ha. It's normally a pretty good race with some NCAA guys who jump into it. 14:2X has won the last few years so that should be fun. I'm having problems finding a track race to get into but I'll keep looking.

So let's get into this post shall we. It won't be too long but I need to give a few shout outs and talk about some great performances. I'll start with something close to home then give out my performances of the week for Canadian men/women and international men/women. Not that anyone really cares haha but there is so much great track happening that I figured it would be fun.

To kick things off let's give some props to my boy Cal Dewolfe ( who ran a strong 15:10 under brutal conditions from what I hear paced by the one and only Alex Cyr ( I don't think either of them really understand how good their current fitness is. If they raced a 5000 on the track I'd expect the boy's to hold 70 second quarters for at least 4km and probably the whole race. Definitely 14:35-14:45 shape from what I see. Keep at it young Jedis! Can't wait to see you guy's in action this fall during cross season. I'm going to try to get over for the Laval interlock meet and run the open if I can make it happen. You guy's are a lock for top 5 in AUS.

Canadian Men's and Women's performances of the week.

For the men we have GOT to go with my boy Chuck running 3:54 in the Oslo Dream Mile. I mean it could have just as easily been his 1500m win in 3:39 that got him into the meet but a 3:54 running with the big boys....that's HUGE. He just proved that he's the top miler in the country right now.3:54 converts roughly to 3:36 flat for 1500m. No doubt that by the end of the season if you get CPT into a well rabbited 1500 we might see a sub 3:35. Way to go brother, you didn't look out of place at all running in that race. Way to represent bud.

On the women's side it could go to Benson on her sub 2 800m run in Portland or Sasha for her 4:07. But I'm giving the nod to Sasha just because some of the scalps she took in that 1500 were redonkulous. It's been an unreal journey watching her this last year and then getting to know her a bit as well. She's such a great role model for up and coming girls in the sport. So definitely look for more great things to come. She just put a blog post up about Portland which I will link to here -

On a side note I fully admit that the 100/200 double of Andre was possibly one of the best of all time in the sprint world of NCAA, but I was focusing in on the mid/long distance events. Shout out to him for absolutely killing it.

International Men's and Women's performance of the week(end)

Even Jager running 3:32.97 in the 15 at Portland. This was an incredible race. I wish I could link to the video but it's only on flotrack pro. He went with the rabbits and came through 800 in 1:52. For reference this guy has never broken 1:50 for an open 800 so that was gutsy. When the rabbits dropped Garrett Heath took over and kept the pace spicy and Jager took it home for a massive PB. This is a great sign for him going into world in the steeple. He's always been very strong and can run a fast steeple off an honest pace but his issue has been closing with the best in the world like Birech and Kemboi. Those guys have dropped 55-56 second final 400's over barriers and Jager has normally struggled to drop a sub 60. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to know he has the leg turnover to push hard that last 400 and hopefully grab a bronze in Beijing.

Now for the female performance of the week. It has to go to Almaz Ayana for Ethiopia on running a solo 8:22 3km in Monaco. I mean she literally dusted everyone early and just crushed a world leading time. I'm not real happy that she and Dibaba seem to be avoiding each other over 5000m as that will be a clash of the titans but we will be treated to that at worlds without a doubt. You can youtube that clip as I think it's been put up. It's definitely worth watching.

My week that was in training


Workout - First one back so this was a shock to the system but it went really well. I did a 16 mile run (2 mile warm up and cool down) with 12 miles of in and outs. The hard miles were 5:05/mile pace and the "off" miles were still honest but a little slower so they were around 6:00/mile pace. The actual average when I was done was 5:07 for the "on" miles and 6:03 for the "offs". I was pretty happy with this session.

16 miles with workout - AM


11 miles easy at 6:29/mile pace - AM


Workout with Sheldon and Jaime. This wasn't a huge overall session volume wise but it was intense. We did 6X1km off 2 minutes. Normally I like to do this off 1 minute as you get a good gauge on where you are but I was ok with the 2 minute recovery as there was still some fatigue in my legs. I started out with a 2:53 and ripped the last one in 2:44. With two minute rest I found I was fully recovered and could ratchet the pace down as the workout progressed. Normally off 1 minute I can do 6-7 at an average of 2:54-2:56. Anyway this was a solid workout for sure.

5 miles easy 6:46/mile pace - AM
8 miles with strides and workout - PM


12 miles easy + strides - AM (was hurting big time)


Workout with Sheldon again, this guy is tough as nails man and can just hit workouts like you wouldn't believe. Anyway this time we did 8X800 +2X400m. I started my 800's around 2:17-2:18 and stayed around 2:13-2:15 for most of them before the last two where I let things go and ran a 2:09 and 2:07. The 400's were 61 and 58. My breaks were definitely a little long. 2 minutes based on Sheldon's finish time for the intervals. He looked great and was running 2:38's which is really solid. He's making some big gains.

4 miles easy - AM
11 miles with workout - PM


12 miles steady state at 5:42/mile average. This was a little weird as it was broken up into a 7 miler and a 5 miler with about 10 minutes between just because I paced my friend Joe to the first 7 miles at his goal Marathon pace. But it all worked out well.


Long Run - 20.15 miles. I went a little longer then normal as the first 10 was with a couple buddies and it was literally a stroll. Like 7:50/mile pace. When I turned around on the railway bed I picked it up going home and ran the last 10 at 6:15/mile pace.

20.15 miles - AM

That's my week, the mileage was pretty high but it's the first week back after taking a week off/easy running. So I needed a good hard stimulus to kick things off. I'm happy with how it went and things will keep progressing from here. I already hit a nice session of 2X4miles on Monday and will do another quality session today at lunch. So much more to come. Thanks for checking in friends and stay locked for more later this week.

Keep your sticks on the ice,
Dave - little insta-clip of Monday's 2X4mile

Enjoying at least 1 sunny day!

Trying to drive home with a couple ice creams for me and my girlfriend proved to be difficult.

Wasn't enjoying spilling any in the Audi.

Track session with Amanda and Sheldon!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Calgary, Diamond League, training resumes and a scattered picture!

Oh I've missed you and longed to sit down on my macbook and indulge myself with writing you...yeah, not really, but I did miss my weekly update last Tuesday. So I'm sorry friends! It won't happen again. Let's face it, I'm not exactly a big time athlete or anything but I do pride myself on making sure I write an update weekly. So what happened? Well, the travel over the last little while fooled me up a bit and I just needed some time to rest and decompress. I had some fun, took a few days off and am getting ready for my trip to Florida. I had to push my flight a few days as one of our other reps at work is on holiday and my boss needed me to stick around. Thankfully my girlfriend is off right now for the summer so no harm done. It will just make leaving next week that much better. I also lost my cell phone while out with some friends early last week, which sucks so I'm waiting for a new one at work. Shout out to anyone who has txted me and thinks I'm a jerk for not responding!! I'm not and I love you all ha.

Anyway, sooo....running, the meat and potatoes of this blog. Let's talk running. Who else is overjoyed to have the diamond league back in action. Oh man, I'm loving it and it's all building towards the world champs in August! How sweet is that going to be man. I've watched so much track lately that I'm even getting into some of the in-field events. On Sunday at the Birmingham meet I found myself going nuts watching the javelin. Can we just admit we under appreciate these athletes sometimes, that's a super rad event. This one little fella threw 91m....that's insane!

I'm obviously most interested in the 800-5000m so that's what I've been really salivating over. Now before I chat a little (and by chat, I mean ramble). Let me first say that I am for sure a purest and an elitist about track. I love watching the very best, like Jenny Simpson and Sifan Hassan battle it out over the last 150m of a 1500m while going sub 4, Nigel Amos trying to hold his questionable form in the last 80 meters and Aman trying to make one last charge or Dibaba solowing a low 14 minute 5000 while the men run a sub 13 sit and kick race with 5 in it with 200m to go....That's the kind of stuff that I get amped up for. But I also LOVE our Canadian scene, so you better believe I'm watching trackie whenever there is a meet happening. Like the inferno, that was awesome, great men's 5000!! And my girl Sasha Gollish running a 4:11 for the win in the 1500m. Speaking of Sasha, head on over to her site if you get the chance, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know who she is and the season she's had in CIS. I mean this girl has some silly range. Like she can run a 600 indoors with the best in the business then mix it up in a 6km cross country race.....who does that? Keep killing it!

Last note, obviously I want to talk about the David Epstein article and documentary, but I'm going to write an entire post on it later this week. It's too important to just rant about!! But I'm happy this has been exposed, even if it's not technically cheating because of the TUE program....something needs to be done! ASAP

Calgary Half, new training cycle and what's next?

So Calgary.....yup, didn't kill that one folks haha. I went out for the first two miles in 5;06, 5:04. When I saw that second mile split I backed off and ran with my bud Dominic who was just behind me in Ottawa and ran a few 5:15's but was already feeling it, maybe it was the altitude or just having to travel that much from Newfoundland over that two week span racing Ottawa and Calgary but I wasn't feeling good. I stuck with it for 10 miles coming through in 53:11 and on pace for 1:10 which wasn't appealing to me AT ALL. I took off my bib and just rolled the last 3 miles easy as I couldn't get a ride back to the start when I asked someone at a water table so I figured I'd just keep it going and get back to watch everything go down. Obviously I wasn't thrilled about it but I mean I'm ready for a 1:08. I just need to go in fresh and on a course at sea level. The great news to come from it is that I talked with the boys with Canadian Running Series West and they invited me out to run the Scotiabank half out there at the end of June so I'll be ready to go really fast at that one.

Onto the more important part of the weekend! The amazing family that hosted me and the incredible staff in Calgary. Man, I'm going back there again next year for sure. It was such an awesome experience. Everyone was so nice. Even just chatting with the people who make all this possible like John Lofranco of Athletics Canada. It's apparent John is really putting in a ton of work to make these championship races happen so I'm for sure going to make it a point to hit them all from now on including the 5km champs later this year in Yorkville. So thanks for all your hard work John!

Now for the family that I stayed with Olga and Alex Opotchanova and their kids Yulia and Andy! I'm so thankful to have met you all and grateful for your amazing hospitality and friendship! You guys made the weekend so memorable and it made the 4 day stay one I won't soon forget! I hope you take me up on my offer to come down east for a race or visit later this year and you can certainly expect me back in 2016!!! :).

That's it for this post friends, I'll attach some pics below and training is already resumed after a 5 day break. I had my first session of in and out miles today which I'll post up next week when we return to my normal posts where I ramble and then give my week in training. If you can't wait that long then you can always follow me on Strava. Today was a 16 mile run with 12 miles of 1 mile at 5:05 pace and an off mile of 6:00 pace. I actually cranked it pretty good and averaged 5:07 for the "on" miles and 6:03 for the "off" miles. 

Well, thanks as always for reading, sorry for the delay and keep it locked as we have now returned to regularly scheduled programming!


Cutting an interview with Athletics Canada for the broadcast, I didn't look this pale on screen ha, it was the viciously heavy lights!

How cool is this finish? Coming into the stadium where they hold the Calgary Stampede. 

Different angle.

Beauty medals, the full marathon had belt buckles, it was pretty rad.

Olga and Alex, not only awesome people, parents and friends but amazing runners!

My man Andy! Love this kid, we had some good hang time watching the lego movie and despicable me. He's a dudes dude! 

The running trails behind the house, like in their backyard basically.

Massive dog that Andy and I saw when he took me on a little walk, it's hard to tell but this guy is 140lb's.

Calgary, you guys ROCK! Thank YOU for flying me out and taking care of me! Expect me next year.

Pulling a Lanni and #AssumingThePosition as she always hastags. My girl Lanni has a strong social media game! Go follow her.

Saucony Kit ready to rock and Smith shades on hand! (Had the CEP compression going afterwards.)

Checking out what new casual Saucony Originals to get, a bunch of new ones just dropped, while enjoying a nice Tankhouse Ale in the airport.