Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Back at it! Week that was in training and Canadian performances of the week.

What up friends! I meant to publish this last night but I literally fell asleep finishing it ha. So here we are, how is everyone making out with their summer training and racing? I'm guessing the majority of you are tearing up the track and rolling some fast times. Unfortunately our weather here in Newfoundland isn't the best but I'm still getting out to the track a couple days a week for workouts despite the gnarly wind. That said I'll be down south soon enough. I registered for a USATF sanctioned 5km on independence day called the "watermelon 5km" ( ) in winter park, just outside Miami so be sure to track me if you've got nothing going on that day ha. It's normally a pretty good race with some NCAA guys who jump into it. 14:2X has won the last few years so that should be fun. I'm having problems finding a track race to get into but I'll keep looking.

So let's get into this post shall we. It won't be too long but I need to give a few shout outs and talk about some great performances. I'll start with something close to home then give out my performances of the week for Canadian men/women and international men/women. Not that anyone really cares haha but there is so much great track happening that I figured it would be fun.

To kick things off let's give some props to my boy Cal Dewolfe ( who ran a strong 15:10 under brutal conditions from what I hear paced by the one and only Alex Cyr ( I don't think either of them really understand how good their current fitness is. If they raced a 5000 on the track I'd expect the boy's to hold 70 second quarters for at least 4km and probably the whole race. Definitely 14:35-14:45 shape from what I see. Keep at it young Jedis! Can't wait to see you guy's in action this fall during cross season. I'm going to try to get over for the Laval interlock meet and run the open if I can make it happen. You guy's are a lock for top 5 in AUS.

Canadian Men's and Women's performances of the week.

For the men we have GOT to go with my boy Chuck running 3:54 in the Oslo Dream Mile. I mean it could have just as easily been his 1500m win in 3:39 that got him into the meet but a 3:54 running with the big boys....that's HUGE. He just proved that he's the top miler in the country right now.3:54 converts roughly to 3:36 flat for 1500m. No doubt that by the end of the season if you get CPT into a well rabbited 1500 we might see a sub 3:35. Way to go brother, you didn't look out of place at all running in that race. Way to represent bud.

On the women's side it could go to Benson on her sub 2 800m run in Portland or Sasha for her 4:07. But I'm giving the nod to Sasha just because some of the scalps she took in that 1500 were redonkulous. It's been an unreal journey watching her this last year and then getting to know her a bit as well. She's such a great role model for up and coming girls in the sport. So definitely look for more great things to come. She just put a blog post up about Portland which I will link to here -

On a side note I fully admit that the 100/200 double of Andre was possibly one of the best of all time in the sprint world of NCAA, but I was focusing in on the mid/long distance events. Shout out to him for absolutely killing it.

International Men's and Women's performance of the week(end)

Even Jager running 3:32.97 in the 15 at Portland. This was an incredible race. I wish I could link to the video but it's only on flotrack pro. He went with the rabbits and came through 800 in 1:52. For reference this guy has never broken 1:50 for an open 800 so that was gutsy. When the rabbits dropped Garrett Heath took over and kept the pace spicy and Jager took it home for a massive PB. This is a great sign for him going into world in the steeple. He's always been very strong and can run a fast steeple off an honest pace but his issue has been closing with the best in the world like Birech and Kemboi. Those guys have dropped 55-56 second final 400's over barriers and Jager has normally struggled to drop a sub 60. Hopefully this gives him the confidence to know he has the leg turnover to push hard that last 400 and hopefully grab a bronze in Beijing.

Now for the female performance of the week. It has to go to Almaz Ayana for Ethiopia on running a solo 8:22 3km in Monaco. I mean she literally dusted everyone early and just crushed a world leading time. I'm not real happy that she and Dibaba seem to be avoiding each other over 5000m as that will be a clash of the titans but we will be treated to that at worlds without a doubt. You can youtube that clip as I think it's been put up. It's definitely worth watching.

My week that was in training


Workout - First one back so this was a shock to the system but it went really well. I did a 16 mile run (2 mile warm up and cool down) with 12 miles of in and outs. The hard miles were 5:05/mile pace and the "off" miles were still honest but a little slower so they were around 6:00/mile pace. The actual average when I was done was 5:07 for the "on" miles and 6:03 for the "offs". I was pretty happy with this session.

16 miles with workout - AM


11 miles easy at 6:29/mile pace - AM


Workout with Sheldon and Jaime. This wasn't a huge overall session volume wise but it was intense. We did 6X1km off 2 minutes. Normally I like to do this off 1 minute as you get a good gauge on where you are but I was ok with the 2 minute recovery as there was still some fatigue in my legs. I started out with a 2:53 and ripped the last one in 2:44. With two minute rest I found I was fully recovered and could ratchet the pace down as the workout progressed. Normally off 1 minute I can do 6-7 at an average of 2:54-2:56. Anyway this was a solid workout for sure.

5 miles easy 6:46/mile pace - AM
8 miles with strides and workout - PM


12 miles easy + strides - AM (was hurting big time)


Workout with Sheldon again, this guy is tough as nails man and can just hit workouts like you wouldn't believe. Anyway this time we did 8X800 +2X400m. I started my 800's around 2:17-2:18 and stayed around 2:13-2:15 for most of them before the last two where I let things go and ran a 2:09 and 2:07. The 400's were 61 and 58. My breaks were definitely a little long. 2 minutes based on Sheldon's finish time for the intervals. He looked great and was running 2:38's which is really solid. He's making some big gains.

4 miles easy - AM
11 miles with workout - PM


12 miles steady state at 5:42/mile average. This was a little weird as it was broken up into a 7 miler and a 5 miler with about 10 minutes between just because I paced my friend Joe to the first 7 miles at his goal Marathon pace. But it all worked out well.


Long Run - 20.15 miles. I went a little longer then normal as the first 10 was with a couple buddies and it was literally a stroll. Like 7:50/mile pace. When I turned around on the railway bed I picked it up going home and ran the last 10 at 6:15/mile pace.

20.15 miles - AM

That's my week, the mileage was pretty high but it's the first week back after taking a week off/easy running. So I needed a good hard stimulus to kick things off. I'm happy with how it went and things will keep progressing from here. I already hit a nice session of 2X4miles on Monday and will do another quality session today at lunch. So much more to come. Thanks for checking in friends and stay locked for more later this week.

Keep your sticks on the ice,
Dave - little insta-clip of Monday's 2X4mile

Enjoying at least 1 sunny day!

Trying to drive home with a couple ice creams for me and my girlfriend proved to be difficult.

Wasn't enjoying spilling any in the Audi.

Track session with Amanda and Sheldon!


  1. Haha..wasn't quite big enough to block all that wind, but to be mentioned before Jager is quite an honor!

    1. lol. at least you gave Cal some reprieve from the wind! Jager might have a great looking flow/man bun but he wouldn't be much good in our Atlantic Canada conditions. You and the boys would have him in the hurt locker ha. Keep killing it my friend!