Monday, 8 June 2015

Calgary, Diamond League, training resumes and a scattered picture!

Oh I've missed you and longed to sit down on my macbook and indulge myself with writing you...yeah, not really, but I did miss my weekly update last Tuesday. So I'm sorry friends! It won't happen again. Let's face it, I'm not exactly a big time athlete or anything but I do pride myself on making sure I write an update weekly. So what happened? Well, the travel over the last little while fooled me up a bit and I just needed some time to rest and decompress. I had some fun, took a few days off and am getting ready for my trip to Florida. I had to push my flight a few days as one of our other reps at work is on holiday and my boss needed me to stick around. Thankfully my girlfriend is off right now for the summer so no harm done. It will just make leaving next week that much better. I also lost my cell phone while out with some friends early last week, which sucks so I'm waiting for a new one at work. Shout out to anyone who has txted me and thinks I'm a jerk for not responding!! I'm not and I love you all ha.

Anyway, sooo....running, the meat and potatoes of this blog. Let's talk running. Who else is overjoyed to have the diamond league back in action. Oh man, I'm loving it and it's all building towards the world champs in August! How sweet is that going to be man. I've watched so much track lately that I'm even getting into some of the in-field events. On Sunday at the Birmingham meet I found myself going nuts watching the javelin. Can we just admit we under appreciate these athletes sometimes, that's a super rad event. This one little fella threw 91m....that's insane!

I'm obviously most interested in the 800-5000m so that's what I've been really salivating over. Now before I chat a little (and by chat, I mean ramble). Let me first say that I am for sure a purest and an elitist about track. I love watching the very best, like Jenny Simpson and Sifan Hassan battle it out over the last 150m of a 1500m while going sub 4, Nigel Amos trying to hold his questionable form in the last 80 meters and Aman trying to make one last charge or Dibaba solowing a low 14 minute 5000 while the men run a sub 13 sit and kick race with 5 in it with 200m to go....That's the kind of stuff that I get amped up for. But I also LOVE our Canadian scene, so you better believe I'm watching trackie whenever there is a meet happening. Like the inferno, that was awesome, great men's 5000!! And my girl Sasha Gollish running a 4:11 for the win in the 1500m. Speaking of Sasha, head on over to her site if you get the chance, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know who she is and the season she's had in CIS. I mean this girl has some silly range. Like she can run a 600 indoors with the best in the business then mix it up in a 6km cross country race.....who does that? Keep killing it!

Last note, obviously I want to talk about the David Epstein article and documentary, but I'm going to write an entire post on it later this week. It's too important to just rant about!! But I'm happy this has been exposed, even if it's not technically cheating because of the TUE program....something needs to be done! ASAP

Calgary Half, new training cycle and what's next?

So Calgary.....yup, didn't kill that one folks haha. I went out for the first two miles in 5;06, 5:04. When I saw that second mile split I backed off and ran with my bud Dominic who was just behind me in Ottawa and ran a few 5:15's but was already feeling it, maybe it was the altitude or just having to travel that much from Newfoundland over that two week span racing Ottawa and Calgary but I wasn't feeling good. I stuck with it for 10 miles coming through in 53:11 and on pace for 1:10 which wasn't appealing to me AT ALL. I took off my bib and just rolled the last 3 miles easy as I couldn't get a ride back to the start when I asked someone at a water table so I figured I'd just keep it going and get back to watch everything go down. Obviously I wasn't thrilled about it but I mean I'm ready for a 1:08. I just need to go in fresh and on a course at sea level. The great news to come from it is that I talked with the boys with Canadian Running Series West and they invited me out to run the Scotiabank half out there at the end of June so I'll be ready to go really fast at that one.

Onto the more important part of the weekend! The amazing family that hosted me and the incredible staff in Calgary. Man, I'm going back there again next year for sure. It was such an awesome experience. Everyone was so nice. Even just chatting with the people who make all this possible like John Lofranco of Athletics Canada. It's apparent John is really putting in a ton of work to make these championship races happen so I'm for sure going to make it a point to hit them all from now on including the 5km champs later this year in Yorkville. So thanks for all your hard work John!

Now for the family that I stayed with Olga and Alex Opotchanova and their kids Yulia and Andy! I'm so thankful to have met you all and grateful for your amazing hospitality and friendship! You guys made the weekend so memorable and it made the 4 day stay one I won't soon forget! I hope you take me up on my offer to come down east for a race or visit later this year and you can certainly expect me back in 2016!!! :).

That's it for this post friends, I'll attach some pics below and training is already resumed after a 5 day break. I had my first session of in and out miles today which I'll post up next week when we return to my normal posts where I ramble and then give my week in training. If you can't wait that long then you can always follow me on Strava. Today was a 16 mile run with 12 miles of 1 mile at 5:05 pace and an off mile of 6:00 pace. I actually cranked it pretty good and averaged 5:07 for the "on" miles and 6:03 for the "off" miles. 

Well, thanks as always for reading, sorry for the delay and keep it locked as we have now returned to regularly scheduled programming!


Cutting an interview with Athletics Canada for the broadcast, I didn't look this pale on screen ha, it was the viciously heavy lights!

How cool is this finish? Coming into the stadium where they hold the Calgary Stampede. 

Different angle.

Beauty medals, the full marathon had belt buckles, it was pretty rad.

Olga and Alex, not only awesome people, parents and friends but amazing runners!

My man Andy! Love this kid, we had some good hang time watching the lego movie and despicable me. He's a dudes dude! 

The running trails behind the house, like in their backyard basically.

Massive dog that Andy and I saw when he took me on a little walk, it's hard to tell but this guy is 140lb's.

Calgary, you guys ROCK! Thank YOU for flying me out and taking care of me! Expect me next year.

Pulling a Lanni and #AssumingThePosition as she always hastags. My girl Lanni has a strong social media game! Go follow her.

Saucony Kit ready to rock and Smith shades on hand! (Had the CEP compression going afterwards.)

Checking out what new casual Saucony Originals to get, a bunch of new ones just dropped, while enjoying a nice Tankhouse Ale in the airport.

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