Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Week that was in training and a look at Sasha Gollish chasing her dreams.

What's up running friends. Is everyone grinding out those workouts and building that fitness? One of my buddies John Lodge once turned to me on a run and said "Dave, I'm getting awfully fit buddy, it's at the point where I can actually feel the mitochondria building with every stride".....Now not all of us can be that at one with our bodies that we can feel things happening on a cellular level. Lodgy is a special specimen of a human being. But I do hope your all killing workouts, setting PB's, having some fun and enjoying the process of training and the running lifestyle.

Below are a couple pictures of my boy Lodgy just so you can get some context to understand the status of this man....he's the founder of the Legends Running Club, and in his classroom you'll find posters of Steve Prefontaine...#Legend

John battling for every second in Ottawa this past May

Playing a few tunes on the 24th of May long weekend, fishing boots and all...

Anyway, let's chat for a few moments now about something more serious and awesome, my friend Sasha Gollish. I wanted to take the time to chat about what an outstanding athlete and human being she is. I'm sure most of my readers know who she is but for my Newfoundland running friends/family, Sasha is a track and field athlete who runs pretty much every distance. Like I'm not even joking. She can take names in an open 400 I'd imagine and her range extends to longer distance road races. But her specialty for right now lies in the 1500m. The past 2-3 weeks I've watched her take her PB down each and every race all the way to 4:07 low and under 1 second off the IAAF "A" standard that's used for the World Champs and Olympics. She just secured a birth in the 1500m for the Pan Am games that's going down in Toronto this July so be sure to keep your eye's peeled. In the 1500 anything can happen if you make the final and with Sasha's closing speed (she just ran an 800m PB of 2:02 and change in Victoria) expect her to be in the hunt for a podium finish.

What's even more incredible is that Sasha has chosen to walk away from her job as a consultant and pursue her dreams of becoming an Olympian. While she does this, she's also finishing off her PhD in Engineering at the University of Toronto. Along with our good friends at www.trackie.ca Sasha has put together a campaign to help her continue to train and make her dreams become a reality. I'll attach the video below. I'd really appreciate if you guys and gals could take the time to watch it from start to finish and if you can head over to her site on Trackie and read her story (http://www.trackieprofile.com/sasha-gollish/ ). It's super inspiring and I know from chatting with her that she would be beyond grateful for any support that you could give. Once you watch the video you'll see what I mean and it's far better then reading my ramblings. But believe me, she's one to watch. Keep chasing the dream champ! Can't wait to get a run in and some food when I'm up in your neck of the woods for the 5km champs!

My week that was in training


Workout - As I mentioned last week, and with the clip I linked to. I did a session of 2X4miles with 5 minutes rest on a nice section on Southside Rd. It went really well. I was under 5 minute pace on the first interval and averaged about 4:58 and then managed to hang on fairly well on the second rep, I was 15:02 at 3 miles then starting to really suffer a lot the last 5 minutes or so and ended up averaging like 5:04/5:05 pace. The workout as a whole was a 5:01 average. I ended up not doing a cool down as my body was just really beat down as that's pretty close to 10km pace for 8 miles of work. But I was pretty jazzed about it for sure.

13 miles with warm up and workout - AM


12 miles easy in the morning, it was pretty slow, over 7 minute pace, I was tired - AM
4 miles easy 6:24/mile pace - PM


Workout - Treadmill tempo, I wanted to get back to some good turnover and I find doing a really fast tempo with 0% incline leaves me feeling fast and confident. I did 20 minutes at 12.6mph which is 4:45/mile pace on the treadmill. Based on the conversion charts  it was worth 4:57/mile pace with there not being any incline. 

8 miles with warm up, strides, workout and cool down - AM
10 miles easy with Lodgy in the PM helping him do 4X1mile nice and easy (5:45 pace) - PM


11 miles easy with some strides averaged 6:33/mile pace


Workout - Track session of 5X2km off 2 minutes recovery. I planned on hammering this one. The goal was to start the session running 71/72 second 400's and then for the last 2 reps to run 70's or 2:55/km (5:50/2km rep). I didn't get them going as fast as I wanted by the end. They were all between 6:05 and 5:55 but the last two I was coming through the K in 2:55 but was slowing to a 3:00 km for the second one. So the last two I was obviously suffering to run 5:55's. I mean it's still not a bad session at all. 10km worth of work at an average of 3:00 or a little under isn't bad with 8 minutes total rest.

4 miles easy to shake the legs out - AM
Workout with warm up, strides and cool down - 10.3 miles


I moved my steady state run to Saturday as I promised my buddy Joe Dunford that I would pace him through 10 miles at a little quicker then goal marathon pace. He wants to run 2:30 or maybe a little under so I ran him through 10 miles in 56 minutes (5:40ish pace). and then just cooled down 3 miles back to my car.

13 miles with 10 steady state - AM


Long Run - 16 miles easy before taking my Dad out to brunch - AM

So yeah, obviously there was a lot of work in there and my structuring of it all wasn't ideal but I'm happy to put a couple weeks of good workouts in. This time next week I'll be updating from Miami with lots of pictures attached so I was more than anything giving myself a "mega dose" before I enjoy a holiday. I'm jumping into an 8km this Saturday and then a 5km on Independence day in Florida as I previously mentioned. For the 8km this weekend I'll be happy if I run between 24:30-24:50 but we will see how it goes. I'm going to take it out at 4:55/mile and see how it feels. I'll be sure to update on twitter how the race goes. Then for the 5km, anything under 15 on the roads would be glorious as I've still not officially broken 15 on a road yet. The further under the better.

That's all for this installment, I hope to do a breakdown this coming weekend after the USATF Championships and analyze the events from 800-10000m. It should be a great weekend of track for sure.

I'll leave you guys with a few pictures and an awesome quote that I'm sure you all have heard numerous times but I still love hearing it. 

"Now bid me run and I will strive with things impossible"
- William Shakespeare


Happy Fathers day to the one and only!! Here's my Dad making fun of my travel sized Vaseline when he decided last minute to come out to STWM last year to watch me run. Love ya bud!

Thanks Saucony for keeping your boy looking fresh with some summer apparel!

One more of me and the big guy!

I'm also loving the new colorways of the Jazz (left) and Shadow 5000's (Right). (I deleted the picture on my phone so screen shot-ed my instagram pic ha)

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