Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The insanity that was Monaco 2015 and my week in training.

Hey friends,

I'm pretty swamped right now with work as I missed a fair amount during my holiday and I've got a ton of new cold calls to make so I'll try to make this quick and hope that my spelling isn't completely awful. In hindsight I should have probably done this last night but my girl and I had a little date night with some Sushi and a movie, (selfless...actually not that bad, check it out if you don't know what to see next time your out at the theatre). Anyway, I'll get into a quick recap of the craziness that was the Monaco Diamond League Meeting and then break down my training.

Monaco Hurculis Meet

Before anyone reads this who didn't watch the meet, please stop reading and go watch the replay. Most notably the men's and women's 1500m but also the men's 800m. What can be said about these displays of athletics. It's very rare to get a chance to witness an athlete at the very top of their game, in his/her prime running or competing at a level that few if any humans ever achieved. We got to witness this in both the men's and women's 1500's.

In the men's race which I'll link to below Kiprop was on it from the gun and came through the 800 in 1:50, he kept pushing on the 3rd lap and it was clear he was just on another level as he just powered home the last lap in 54 point to run a mid 3:26 and wining by over 2 seconds. It's clear that when Kiprop is at his best nobody on earth can run with him in a time trial type race. Had he been pushed we may have seen something even a little quicker. Does he have the ability to run under El G's WR of 3:26.00? I personally think he has a shot at it but half a second in a 1500 is no small task but seeing him lay waste to the Olympic champion and Farah.....I have to think if he has a pacer that can get him to 1000m then he might have a shot.

On the women's side Genzebe Dibaba just destroyed everyone and put forth one of the most incredible pieces of running in the history of track and field. (Some may think that's a stretch but I don't, I mean that converts to a 4:07 mile....). Going into the race there was talk of a pacer just for Dibaba, and it was clear she was also on it from the gun. I was blown away to see her last 400 split in sub 60. We need to step back and appreciate the quality of athlete that Genzebe is. Obviously she has the pedigree with her sister Tirunesh being an Olympic Champion and the WR holder in the 5000m. But I think Genzebe is even better and will lower that 5000m record to something in the 14:05 range.

Quick takes from these 1500m races

1 - Kiprop should make the WC final fast, if he lets it be a tactical affair then Makloufi, Kiplagat, Souleiman, Centro and a couple others may have a chance but if it's a spicy pace he's on another level. (Don't sleep on Makloufi though, he ran a 2:13 1000m a couple weeks ago and did PB with a 3:28 here).

2 - Centro can't compete with the top of the food chain milers when it's fast. I was really high on him after USA's but here he ran 3:30 and was 10th and got beaten by Willis and Farah....if it's tactical he has a shot but he can't withstand a really hot pace and close like he did at USA's. I wonder if maybe he needs more aerobic strength to hang with a hot pace like that. He has good speed running 1:44 this year for the half mile but I mean Kiprop is in 1:42 shape and I think Makloufi is close to that as well, at least low 1:43.

3 - Our Canadian boy CPT did us proud and ran an incredible 3:34. That's a big PB and he's really leaving his mark in Europe this season. Way to go pal. All of us Canadians are beyond proud of you and can't wait to follow your journey as you continue to roll.

4 - Nick Willis is still a BEAST. I saw a video of him running a 1:46.9 800m time trial in practice so I knew he was fit but running another PB and getting under 3:30 again. This guy is everything that's good about track and field and middle distance running. He's a family man with a great personality and he's so humble. I hope more young athletes look to Nick as a roll model.

5 - I'd hate to be anyone in the final of the 5000m or 10000m in the world champs because Farah's speed is just as vicious as ever. He's a 5000/10000m guy running 3:28. And I mean he led the chase pack and barely got outkicked by the Olympic champ. He's going to destroy everyone and anyone in both those races. The fastest guy in the 5000 who should make the final is Nediku who's run 3:29 high I believe but he's a couple years removed from running a fast 1500m and missed some training after the last 5000m when he fell so I'm taking Farah in the 5 and 10 with ease this year.

6 - Genzebe Dibaba is a special kind of talent that comes along once in a lifetime. That performance was unreal. She has such ridiculous speed endurance and natural turnoever. The other girls don't even appear to be in the same race as her. Like, they had to bring in an 800m specialist to get her to 800 in 2:03/04. After the race I began to think about what she could run for an open 800. You have to think she could be in the 1:55/56 range.

7 - Props to Shannon R. on a new AR. 3:56 is no joke and it didn't get much media but that's a heck of a time. Say what you will about Salazar and the scandal, but it's undeniable they know how to train their athletes. (let's hope it's all above board)

My week in training


13.6 miles easy at 6:35/mile pace. (super hot but a great run) - AM
OFF/Swim - PM


Workout - I did this with the boys from St. Pete Running Company, Chris and Cody. It was a session of 3X(800, 400, 400). with 2 minutes after the 800 and 1 minute after the 400's. Obviously it's hard doing workouts in the heat  down in FL. This was no exception as it was about 36 degrees. I made the call to run it all at 5km pace so 70 second 400m pace. The workout went great and the boys were right there with me and we helped each other get through this one.

11 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM


10 miles easy 7 minute pace - AM
5 miles 6:25/mile pace - AM


12 miles steady state around 5:40ish pace. Felt the heat big time + strides - AM


OFF - PM (This was a travel day)


11 miles easy at 6:45 pace with strides -AM


Workout - Carved By The Sea 10k, I wanted one more tempo run before the tely so I jumped into this race and ran what I felt was 5:05-5:08/mile effort. It's a very hilly course but it starts and finishes at the same place so any elevation gain you come back down. It was a nice 32 minute run and I was happy to feel that controlled running a pretty strong effort on that course.

16 miles with warm up, race, cool down - AM

Before I clue this up I want to give a shout out to the New World Running Club. Keith and the gang over there are so nice and accommodating to the runners. I highly recommend if your in the area to join them for a run and talk to the group about joining their club. They put off some great races like Carved by the sea as well as the ultra fast Turkey Tea 10km. Check them out here https://sites.google.com/site/newworldrunningclub/home thanks again guys for everything! :).

Alight folks that it for this kid. I wish you all happy running and a great week. I'll jump on when I get a chance and chat about the tely.

Until then, stay frosty,

Carved by the sea 10k
My girl enjoying the beach

Enjoying the view and contemplating the journey

Me and my boy Dan post race going 1-2

Living on the grind in the new colorway of the Shadow 5000's

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Training in FL, St. Pete Running Company and Tely 10 goals

Hey friends, what's everyone been doing lately? If I had to guess I'd say logging miles, enjoying the summer and putting away lots of food and beverages. I say that because that's what I'm doing and I feel like most of you reading this are like minded runners ha. I don't have a ton of time to write a long post which is strange as most of the time I drone on and on while I'm home with a busy schedule but down here, even though I'm on vacation I don't stop much so I'll talk about what I've been doing down here, the upcoming tely 10, this awesome shop I found down here and the guy's who run it as well as run down what I've been doing training wise. You guys know I love chatting about the pro scene so I'll get back on mid week and recap everything that's been going on. But make sure you are all locked into the Monaco Diamond League this week, it's always the best meet of the year and the last two years we saw the men's 1500m won in 3:27. (Asbep Kiprop in 2013 and Silas Kiplagat in 2014). So be sure to tune into that.

2 weeks out from the Tely 10.

So, as you all know I'm from Newfoundland and our biggest race is a 10 miler known as the Tely 10. It's put off by the NLAA and it's really an awesome event. This year it's going to have around 4700 runners and the 2012 champ Matt Loiselle is coming down. Now folks, this is a guy who's run 63 minutes for the half. In 2012 he ran 48:08, so let's just call it like it is. It's a race for second ha. Matt's an awesome dude who I race against fairly often on the National Circuit. We faced off in April at the Yonge Street 10km and Matt put 1:30 on me over 10km and he did pretty much the same thing at the 10km National Champs in Ottawa at the end of May. He's making a push for the 2016 Olympics in the Marathon. So look for Matt to come down and lay down a blazing time. It's great to have such an athlete compete in the race and it helps bring more exposure to our race and the local runners who don't compete at the deep national/international races get a chance to see a top of the food chain runner.

My goals this year are pretty simple. To run FAST, really fast. The Tely 10 is a puzzle that I've yet to figure out. I've only run 53 minutes which doesn't even come close to lining up with my other personal best times but I'm entering the race this year in a different place both fitness wise and mentally. In past years I've peaked in early April and have just been hanging on until the Tely. But this year I've built slowly and have been running fast since my first goal race that I targeted in April. I feel like right now I'm at a point where I can get on that start line and run with anyone who isn't named Matt Loiselle. I'll look to run my own race and run even splits between 5:00/mile and 5:08. After my last 8km running 24:07 I know that I've got the wheels to drop some fast miles on the downhill sections and be able to buffer them well while running smoothly. I've done a ton of fast stuff this year and my speed is on another level from where it's been before. This has helped when it comes to running intervals and tempos. The turnover to run mile repeats in 4:40-4:45 feels so much smoother now that I'm doing 400's between 58-65 depending on the number and workout. So it's just a matter of getting on the line, trusting the fitness I have, make sure I use an effective taper the last 7-10 days and go out and let it rip.

I've done a 10km tempo on that course in 31:11 so I should be able to hang onto a pace about 5 seconds per mile slower then that for the full 10 miler. I'd like to move through the first 10km in 31:45 and get over the hill at 7 miles with something left in the tank, reset through mile 8 and 9 before closing the last mile as far under 5 minutes as possible. Either way, I'll know that my preparation has been excellent and that I've done all I could. Regardless of the outcome I'm going to have fun running on my home town streets with lots of my friends.

St. Pete Running Company

So, one day last week when I was at the Tyrone Square Mall, I plugged in Starbucks to my GPS and it led me to this shopping plaza. I couldn't see a Starbucks, however I did spot a running shop, so I stopped in to ask where the Starbucks was. I was met by a super friendly guy by the name of Chris McCaffrey. He told me about this super nice spot, the Craft Kafe and invited me to join he and the owner Cody on a run at some point during my trip. I emailed him and we chatted back and forth and managed to meet up this morning for a quality session of 3X(800, 400,400) off 1 minute/2minute. It was a great workout and the guys are so nice. Both, beast athletes who can run fast and are studs in the tri game as well. 

Anyway, I just had to mention it here as it's got to be one of the nicest running shops I've seen. They carry everything you would ever need and they have the knowledge to help you out with all your running needs. What was super cool was finding out Chris is a part of the Saucony Zealot team down in the US. What are the chances I stumble into a shop looking for directions and meet these two awesome dudes. 

I know a lot of my friends from back in Newfoundland like to vacation in St. Pete's during the winters. Please drop by the shop the next time your here. Chat with Chris, Cody or his wife and join them for a run. They have group runs leaving from the store twice a week. I'll attach the link to the site here - http://stpeterunningco.com/ and link to Cody's blog here - http://believeachieverunner.blogspot.com/

Cody on the left, your boy in the middle and Chris on the right. Thanks for the workout boys. We built some fitness on the track there today!

Week in training,


13 miles easy at 6:44/mile + 10' of diagonals on the football field - AM


Workout 15X1' hills at 5km effort jogging back down to the start for recovery. I did this on the bridge near my families condo. It was perfect. I was covering about 300m and just making it to the apex of the bridge. After the hills I had a 5 minute recovery before doing 4X1threshold miles off 1' floating recovery. I did these on Pinellas Bay road 2 miles out, 2 miles back. I was between 5:05 and 5:10 on these. It felt a little harder then threshold because of the heat but my heart rate was back to normal pretty quickly on the recovery jogs.

3 mile shake out in the morning - AM
11 miles with workout - PM


12 miles easy around 7 minute pace - AM
OFF/Swim - PM


13.2 miles with 10X100m strides - AM


Workout - 8X1mile at tely 10 pace off 1' recovery. This went great but after the first 3 I had to switch to 90" recoveries as it was super hot and I just needed the extra time. I did this at the Lakewood High track. I locked into running 76 second quarters and pretty much each rep was 5:04/5:05. (Note I ran 1600's and not miles, so add 1 second or so for the mile times).

4 miles easy with strides - AM
workout + 2 mile warm up and cool down for 12 miles - PM


11 miles easy at 6:40/mile pace - AM


20 mile long run. I was trying to do 16 but got lost for about 30 minutes so it ended up being about 4 miles longer. I was beyond dehydrated when I got back ha. But it was a nice run.

So the week went incredibly well in terms of training and this one is off to a great start with the workout I hit this morning with Chris and Cody. As always I'll attach a few pics below to clue things up.

Thanks for reading friends, keep those sticks on the ice,

Cool yacht that's docked near our place.

My Dad mentioned he liked my Jazz Originals so I picked up a pair for the big guy!

Beach days are pretty rad.

Sunset walking to our condo.

Sunset view from out patio

View from our bedroom patio

Helping out with a beach clean-up, Hilary's idea but it turned out to be great.

Hilary figured she would document my pile of garbage ha. God bless her do-gooder attitude ;).

Beach Sunset.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Racin' and chillin' in the USA.

Hey friends! What's good, I hope your all enjoying your summer and still training/racing hard. I'm only going to check in really quickly here as I'm about to head down to Key West for a few days and Hilary is after me to get our stuff in the range. So I'll just recap the first few days here and attach a few pictures.

I'm staying in Isla Del Sol at my parents condo. It's the first time I've been down here since they bought it last fall. It's pretty sweet I must say. One of the perks to being an only child is that I don't have to check with anyone other then my folks before heading down and they only use it from January until April so from now on I'd say it's a good bet I'll be down here often. I'll put up a few pictures below but it's basically in a gated community around 3 golf courses and each group of 8 condos has it's own pool and fitness centre.

So since we got here we've been using it as our home base but going back and fourth to Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Speaking of Orlando, I raced a 5km on Independence Day in 97 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius. So it was pretty brutal trying to run fast. I went out with a pack of about 6 guys and was actually leading through the mile in 4:56, which felt like the effort of 4:40 due to the heat. It was clear to me early that I wasn't going to run a PB in those temps but I wanted to compete the best I could. After two miles myself and the eventual winner broke away and battled hard over the last mile and a bit. He eventually opened up 4 seconds on me but I was happy with the effort. I ran 15:28 and when I got the chance to chat with Paul, the guy who won, after the race and found out he has PB's of 14:24 for 5000m and 14:50 on the road for 5km as well as great range with a 68 minute half marathon I was pretty satisfied with the results.

I got a chance to work out with Paul at the track yesterday and we crushed some 800's. He's also in my heat of the 5000m that I'm racing in Tampa on Thursday. I'm hoping later at night the heat won't be as bad and I'll be able to latch onto a pack and get dragged along to a quick time. I'll be sure to jump on and let everyone know how it goes either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or this blog.

As far as a training recap. Last week I did a treadmill tempo on Tuesday before I left that was just 30 minutes at 4:48/mile pace on a 0% grade to feel some turn over followed by 6X400m at 5km pace on Thursday in a park near our condo to feel race pace in the heat before Saturday's 5km. Other then that it's just been easy mileage.

I'll write a better recap of training and talk about some Dimound League action next week. We have to look at Evan Jagers 8:00.4 with a fall and talk about the aftermath of the 5000m that's coming up this week.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and I'll update again next week in more detail,
Stay hungry,

Post race shots.


Go time

Trying to look patriotic 


Relaxing in winter park after the race.

Beer is so cheap here, I love it, this has been my hydration method of choice ;) #DayDrunkIntoTheNight #Vacay

View from our condo, notice the sneaks, always grinding!

We wanted to get something decent for all the driving so I rented a Range, but it's seriously awful on gas....

I had to get Hilary to snap a pic of the Rolls Phantom we were behind yesterday, such a slick ride.

The Sky Bridge was a piece of engeneering that deserved a picture as well.