Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Racin' and chillin' in the USA.

Hey friends! What's good, I hope your all enjoying your summer and still training/racing hard. I'm only going to check in really quickly here as I'm about to head down to Key West for a few days and Hilary is after me to get our stuff in the range. So I'll just recap the first few days here and attach a few pictures.

I'm staying in Isla Del Sol at my parents condo. It's the first time I've been down here since they bought it last fall. It's pretty sweet I must say. One of the perks to being an only child is that I don't have to check with anyone other then my folks before heading down and they only use it from January until April so from now on I'd say it's a good bet I'll be down here often. I'll put up a few pictures below but it's basically in a gated community around 3 golf courses and each group of 8 condos has it's own pool and fitness centre.

So since we got here we've been using it as our home base but going back and fourth to Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Speaking of Orlando, I raced a 5km on Independence Day in 97 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius. So it was pretty brutal trying to run fast. I went out with a pack of about 6 guys and was actually leading through the mile in 4:56, which felt like the effort of 4:40 due to the heat. It was clear to me early that I wasn't going to run a PB in those temps but I wanted to compete the best I could. After two miles myself and the eventual winner broke away and battled hard over the last mile and a bit. He eventually opened up 4 seconds on me but I was happy with the effort. I ran 15:28 and when I got the chance to chat with Paul, the guy who won, after the race and found out he has PB's of 14:24 for 5000m and 14:50 on the road for 5km as well as great range with a 68 minute half marathon I was pretty satisfied with the results.

I got a chance to work out with Paul at the track yesterday and we crushed some 800's. He's also in my heat of the 5000m that I'm racing in Tampa on Thursday. I'm hoping later at night the heat won't be as bad and I'll be able to latch onto a pack and get dragged along to a quick time. I'll be sure to jump on and let everyone know how it goes either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or this blog.

As far as a training recap. Last week I did a treadmill tempo on Tuesday before I left that was just 30 minutes at 4:48/mile pace on a 0% grade to feel some turn over followed by 6X400m at 5km pace on Thursday in a park near our condo to feel race pace in the heat before Saturday's 5km. Other then that it's just been easy mileage.

I'll write a better recap of training and talk about some Dimound League action next week. We have to look at Evan Jagers 8:00.4 with a fall and talk about the aftermath of the 5000m that's coming up this week.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and I'll update again next week in more detail,
Stay hungry,

Post race shots.


Go time

Trying to look patriotic 


Relaxing in winter park after the race.

Beer is so cheap here, I love it, this has been my hydration method of choice ;) #DayDrunkIntoTheNight #Vacay

View from our condo, notice the sneaks, always grinding!

We wanted to get something decent for all the driving so I rented a Range, but it's seriously awful on gas....

I had to get Hilary to snap a pic of the Rolls Phantom we were behind yesterday, such a slick ride.

The Sky Bridge was a piece of engeneering that deserved a picture as well.

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