Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Takeaways from the first 4 days of WC's and Training Recap

What's up friends? Sorry I didn't get a chance to break down the sprints/hurdles but I'll be honest I didn't really know much about any of the hurdles at all so it would have been a waste of time for anyone to even read my thoughts on it let alone give predictions on something I know very little about. Regardless, here we are now 4 days into the World Championships and A LOT has happened. I'll keep this post as brief as possible but I do want to give my thoughts on some of the races and following that I'll break down my week in training which went very well.

Some Takeaways from worlds

1 - Men's 10000m, firstly let me just say what's on everyone's mind who is truly a hardcore distance fan and understands the event and sport in general. This was a VERY weak and watered down field outside of the top 6 (Cam is obviously a world beater too and just had an off day. Way to stick it out pal!!). I'll speak more about this when I get to the women's race as that was even worse as far as depth of talent. Winning a medal right now in the 10k certainly doesn't mean what it did when you had Tergat and Geb battling over 25 laps or Tedesse dropping 61 second quarters mid race trying to run away from Kenny B back in Berlin in a 26:4X race. We have come to the point with so many east Africans going to the roads that the 10k just isn't very good right now. I did predict the top 3 correctly as you can see from my last post but it's not because I was lucky or anything, it's just because those are the only 3 men who are in my mind world class 10000m runners who would fair well if they raced generations past. The Kenyans did their thing and tried to dull Mo's kick with an honest pace but let's face it, heat or not your going to have to run about 26:30 to get to the point where Farah can't close any faster then about 57. I'd favor Kamworo more over Mo in a half marathon for sure but it's evident he's not a track guy and doesn't have the wheels to be competitive in anything under a 10k. I'm sorry to be so down about the 10k, and I mean, it's one of my favorite events, but those are the facts. The good news however is that the men's 5000m is still a talent rich event with guys who are absolute studs like Nadiku who's a 3:29 1500m runner. There are also fellas like Gebriwet and Gebremeskel (Both 12:4X guys) among others who will be able to put up more of a fight against Mo. I do predict he still wins with a crazy fast last lap around 52 low or something, but it will be much closer.

2 - Women's 10000m, yeah......I don't really know where to start with this if I'm honest. The two ladies who broke away in the last 300 are fantastic runners and they treated us to some great racing over the last 600m but other then that...I just couldn't get excited about this race without the likes of T. Dababa, Dafar or Kipyego being at 100%. Obviously this has to do with women going to the roads and marathoning earlier but if that's what the 10km is going to be like then I don't have much interest in watching a 31 high race like that. Do you guys remember the 10k from London? Now that's what a great 10k looks like, a nice honest pace with the strength runners clicking off 72/73 second laps trying to make it honest and run the kick out of T. Dibaba and a big time pace change over the last 1K with a last lap burn up and Dibaba having to run a sub 60 to get the win. I feel like I'm jaded now or something but that's the type of 10k I want. I do think though, that next year in Rio we will get a better field and the talent might come back for the Olympics as it's a more prestigious title. (Congrats to Lanni and Natasha though, those girls showed guts and heart out there and held their own. Way to represent!!)

3 - Men's Steeple,  Now, that's what I'm talking about, I sounded super negative about the previous two races but that's just because I care about the quality of the product that is track and field. I don't want to watch the top two in the world and then numbers 25-40 battling it out for bronze. I want all the major players and that's what we got with the Steeple. We witnessed one of the deepest fields ever assembled with the exception of that awesome French guy who put his shirt in his mouth last year at the Eropean Champs with 80m to go and got DQ'd. His name is escaping me now but with the exception of him all the big boys were there and the cream certainly did rise to the top with the legend that is Ezekiel Kemboi coming out victorious once again. This was an epic race with physical battles being won and lost going into the barriers and over the water jump. It had me on the edge of my seat. What was unreal was the speed at which Kemboi can change gears. Within a second he can have 3-4 strides on everyone and once he's in the front nobody can go by him. To close your last 400m in 56 seconds over barriers is mind blowing. I'd love to see him run a 1500 in a race like Monaco. I don't think his PB's tell the whole story on him other then his 7:55 steeple best which is pretty redonkulous. I really thought it would be Birech who would take it with Kipruto and Jager battling for 2ed and 3rd but I was certainly wrong on that one. What a race!

4 - Women's 1500m, like the men's steeple this had all the major players in it and was certainly a talent rich field (though the 1500 always is). It might not have looked that way from an outside observer but 8 of the women in the final have run sub 3:58 this season. So to have a race finish with the top 3 making everyone else look pedestrian just shows you that they are just on another level all together. But credit deserves to be given to all the women who toed the line. I can only imagine what it must feel like for them to know that the Gold isn't even up for grabs. Dibaba is just so insanely good that in everyone's heart they must have known they were racing for 2ed. To see Dibaba stride to the front, drop a 57 mid 400 from 700-1100 and then drop another sub 60 last quarter for a 1:56.9 final 800 is just beyond what my mind can even understand. All I can think about is that she could literally have won gold in the 800, 1500, 5000 and 10000m had she been able to run them all. (obviously she couldn't with scheduling). Props go the Sifan Hassan and Faith Kipyegon on outstanding closing as well. As track fans we should all step back and be grateful that we are around to watch an athlete like Genzebe Dibaba at the peak of her dominance over the sport. This is like being around to see Muhammad Ali in his prime knocking fools out all over the place. She is doing things that are beyond comprehension. she could possibly go sub 3:50, sub 14 and who knows what her potential may be in the 10000m obviously sub 30 but how far under is something I can't wait to find out. What I love about her is the willingness to go after records and attack a fast time. So let's sit back, appreciate her awesomeness and enjoy what she does when she's on the track.

5 - Men's 800m, This wasn't the final it could have been if Aman and Amos had of advanced and pushed Rudishia to his limit but it was still a stacked field with some of the fastest men of the year in the field. David chose to employ a different tactic this time around where he let the pace go slow the first 400 (54.1) but controlling from the front. From there he simply defended his position and matched any attacks that came up on him before changing gears over the last 200 and final bend running 24 point for the last 200. The king is back baby!!

6 - Men's 100m, or as I like the refer to it as the battle of good vs. evil haha. But Bolt simply showed why he is the best sprinter to ever walk the earth. When it counts he has nerves of steel and wasn't phased at all by Gatlin and got it done. 

7 - Men's Marathon, I don't know what to make of this. I'm super happy for the young Eritrean who took the win but I'm also puzzled as to what happened to Kimetto and Kipsang. If anyone heard anything please comment below and let me know. It was certainly a strange race with the heat being a big factor.

My Week in training


Workout - 5X2km on the track with Ian. The rests were supposed to be 3' but most were almost 4. I was waiting to start my recovery for when Ian finished his intervals which were about 1 minute off mine. The splits were 6:09, 6:02, 6:05, 6:05, 5:51. I cranked the last one and felt like death after I split 1600m in 4:39. My arms started locking up a bit and it just wasn't pleasant as I was obviously tired from the earlier intervals ha. Clearly it's better running them around 6:05 with the effort feeling hard but manageable.

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles super easy with Jason - PM


Another workout - Jason and I had a race paced workout planned and I figured if I couldn't hit half marathon pace for 6 miles on tired legs then I shouldn't even try to hit the pace in a race. So I did a 6 mile tempo at 5:14/mile average the splits were (5:19, 5:17, 5:13, 5:14, 5:10, 5:13). It felt hard for the last 10 minutes or so but I got it done. Jason had 8 miles at his Marathon pace so I ran an extra 2 miles at my marathon pace which I figure is 5:30 so I got 8 total miles in of quality.

13 miles with warm up, cool down and workout (average of the 13 via strava was 5:48/mile) - AM
7 miles super slow - PM


15 miles easy with Johnny Lodge - AM
4 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 2X25 minutes. The first 25' at half marathon pace and the second 25 at marathon pace. This went really well despite being a little fatigued. Jason and I met up on the loop and then got after it. The first 25' my splits were 5:22, 5:13, 5:17, 5:08 and then .8 of the last mile at 5:06/mile pace. After a 5 minute recovery we did the second one. This time at my marathon pace. I eased into it and went 5:52, 5:29, 5:34, 5:21 and 5:07 pace for the last .5 of a mile. Overal the average for the first 25' was 5:14 and the second was 5:31.

14 miles with warm up and cool down - AM
6 miles easy - PM


12 miles easy with Jason - AM
8 miles easy - PM


19.8 mile long run with Jason - AM


Workout - A very short but intense speed development workout. First I did 10X150 meters changing gears every 50m. After that I did 10X15" hill sprints and lastly 10X200m starting at 31 and working down to 28. The focus was just form, efficiency and turn over. Overall the session wasn't that taxing.

12 miles with workout - AM
8 miles easy - PM

So that's another BIG week in the books. I think I hit 139.2 or something like that. I'm going to take a down week to freshen the legs up and hopefully absorb some of the training this week. If you guys are ever curious to see all the splits and mileage then you can check out my workouts and all my runs on strava. Here is the link to me so feel free to toss me a follow or make fun of some of my workouts or whatever tickles your fancy :p - https://www.strava.com/athletes/3313501

Lastly, I just confirmed with the always awesome Megan Brown for my spot on the starting line of the Canadian 5km Road Champs on the 13th so if any of you are going to be there feel free to say hey and I'll be around to have a chat and beer afterwards so I hope to see all my running friends up there. I'm talking with the organizers of the Rock and Roll Montreal event as well so I may be running that the following weekend if all goes well followed by Scotiabank in October so I'm sure I'll cross paths with all of you fine people at some point.

No pictures today as my cell phone is out in my car and I'm too lazy to go get it but I promise to post some legendary ones next time ha. Well, that's it for me. Thank's ever so much for taking the time to stop by and read my ramblings.

Until next time, 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Putting in work during the summer heat!

Hey guys, I hope your all doing well. From what I've seen on the news it's pretty hot all across this great nation of ours. We are really getting some super warm humid weather here but this kid isn't complaining. All it means is that I'm slowing down my easy runs a little and drinking about 2 gallons of fluids a day ha. So I'm just going to do a quick recap with regards to my training last week and speak briefly about Nth Degree Innovations who have been amazing in offering to bring me on board and support me nutritionally with my training. I want to also talk about the sprint and hurdles events for the WC in the Beijing which start this Saturday but I'll save that for a post later this week. To be honest, I don't follow the sprints and hurdle events to the same degree to which I do the mid and distance events so I'll have to do a little research and see who's entered before making my predictions and breaking it down.

Week that was in training


Workout - I had a session of 5X1mile at 10km pace (4:55/mile) off a 400m jog recovery followed by 2X1mile at half marathon pace (5:10-5:15). I did this on my road loop with Jason. It went really well despite the heat. My splits were 4:51, 4:56, 4:57, 4:54, 4:54 then the two mile reps at half pace were 5:21 and 5:11. (the first one was slow as I was trying to get the pace dialed back a bit and just didn't feel smooth but the last rep was good). This session felt great and wasn't that taxing, Most of the time when I do a big session of mile repeats I like to do them at V02 max effort and get them down as quick as 4:35-4:40 but I'm taking huge breaks and suffering like non other so this was a much more controlled effort.

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


12 miles super slow on the trails with Jason, like 7:50 pace, legs felt dead - AM
8 mile with some strides - PM


Workout - It was 27 degrees out with 85% humidity so I had to go inside on the treadmill for this one. I had 2X20 minutes on the books but decided on a 10km tempo at 4:50 pace with a 0% grade so it was worth 5:03/mile pace. I had my friend Ian on the treadmill next to me doing a workout so he kept me honest and pushing the whole time. It went really well. When I'm doing these and turning the legs over that fast for 30-31 minutes it normally starts a little awkwardly but you settle into a rhythm and just focus on running relaxed until the end. I was happy with this one.

13.2 miles with warm up and cool down - Lunchtime
7 miles easy - PM


Paced a workout for Jason. My buddy Jason White is going up to Scotiabank this fall to run the full and is looking at something around 2:35. He had 8 miles at slightly faster then Marathon pace on the books so I took him through it as the goal was about 5:40 pace and that's a nice steady aerobic run for me. We started around 5:50 and ran the last 4 miles between 5:35-5:40 with the overall average being 5:42. It felt good to get out on the roads and float along with him. He's going to run a great 26.2 this fall.

14.1 miles with Jason - AM
6 miles - PM


10 miles easy with strides - AM
10 miles easy with 10X15" hill sprints - PM



(However I did run a mile up to my road loop to time and call splits for a couple buddies of mine Dan and Mark who were doing a workout so I did run 2 miles on the day)


3km workout/race followed by a long run. I heard on Thursday that they were having a track meet in memory of Becky, a coach here in our province who passed away last year. So even though I had a long run on the books I wanted to run something and show my support. Originally I was going to run a 5000m but when I got there they were waiting for me as they didn't have anyone registered for the women's 3k or 5k so I rushed to get changed and ran 800m before opting for a 3km. I ran a comfortable 8:44 which is right around 5km effort so it was a good training stimulus. After the race I got a couple burgers and chatted with some friends before rolling an 18 miler on the trails. It wasn't blazing fast but it was honest. 6:29/mile average.

20 miles with 3k and long run - PM

So that was my week, it wasn't as high as last week but even with the day off I hit 123.6 miles so definitely a big one and hopefully stringing these together will provid a nice bump come the fall when we start racing hard again.

Nth Degree Innovation

So as I mentioned above I'm teaming up with Nth Degree. I'll link to their site here - http://nth4u.com/ Nth Degree is a company that takes pride in their products. I could tell just by speaking with some of their team. They don't put any fillers or junk into their products like you see in most sport or recovery drinks. What stands out is their use of Isomaltulose which is a disaccharide carbohydrate made from glucose and fructose. I won't go too deep into the science here but once I get a chance to update my headers I'll put a section in there about Nth Degree and talk more in depth about the benefits. But the short of it is that this type of carbohydrate is lower on the glycemic index and thus elicits less of an insulin response. When we can maintain a more steady and constant stream of energy in our body from lower glycemic carbohydrates we have less insulin spikes so we get a more sustained energy and in tern this helps performance. A lot of times when you read the ingredients list on sports drinks you'll see mostly simple sugars as the primary ingredients which give the body quick burst of energy through heavy insulin spikes but we crash quickly. This ins't the case with Nth Degree sports drink. You can order their products on Amazon to get it shipped to Canada and for my US readers you can get it strait from their website. I'd also recommend their protein powder. I know for me personally after a hard workout I like to get in 50 grams of fast digesting protein like Whey Isolate that's found in Nth Degree's protein formula. It's critical to get those amino acids into our bodies and start the recovery process so we can be ready for the next big day. I'll point out that if there is ever a time for a fast acting carb it's right after your intense workouts. Taking in a fast digesting carb that spikes insulin post workout helps shuttle the protein into the body very quickly. But all other times for sustained energy you want to think low G.I. We have to remember that training is only one part of the equations. Taking care to put the right fuel into our bodies in the form of high quality foods and natural supplements is what will help us recover and see the adaptation from the hard training we put in each and every day. Feel free to comment below if you need any more details!

So as I mentioned, I'll jump on later this week and break down the sprints and hurdles for the WC's and chat some more about some of the barn burner events that will be coming our way as the championships progress. I'll leave you guys with a few pictures and I wish you all happy training.

Stay hungry,

Doing a little fishing at the cabin

Putting in work on the tready when it's over 30 degrees outside, 10km tempo

Few training buddies doing their thing

We remembered Becky with a great meet in her name this weekend. You are missed!

Running a 3km for Becky

Beauty day for a rip in the car after work. Open road and some good company was all I needed.

Audi ready to go.

Shout out to CEP Canada for hooking your boy up with some more compression socks!! :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My week that was in training and Beijing predictions

Hello Hello,

How is everyone's summer? I trust your taking advantage of great weather, putting some good training in, eating some quality BBQ and getting excited for the World Champs in Beijing later this month?  I just put in a massive week of training this past 7 days and it feels great to be building for the 5km champs in Yorkville and for STWM 1/2. I feel like I really need to put in a big block of training that's focused on aerobic strength/endurance. I don't know if it's a combination of coming down (mileage wise) too often since April/May for races or a matter of neglecting the harder and longer aerobic workouts but I feel like my performances during races over 10km are being severely limited by my aerobic strength. I see some of the sessions my boy Jeff Costen is putting in and it's absolutely unreal the strength this guy has, same goes for Aaron Cooper, the boy's just seem to roll these super long 40+ minute efforts at 5:15-5:25 pace like it's nothing. I really need to make sure I've got myself covered if I want to feel good running the half in late October and hit that 1:08 low I'm looking for. It's strange to say I feel that weak in the aerobic department because I feel very fit. I'm running intervals faster then I've ever done them before and getting some K reps down into the mid 2:40's when I rip them out at the end of workouts but I definitely feel like races lasting over 30 minutes is where I'm suffering the most. Anyway, I'll stop rambling but it's definitely something I'm going to put more focus on during this cycle through longer tempos and more overall volume.

World Champs Predictions from the 800m-10000m

As you can tell I'm pretty jacked up about the world champs this month. I love top notch track and field and it appears all the big boys are coming out to play. Even comparing the fields to what we saw in Moscow in 2013 you can tell people are gearing up for Rio as the depth is far greater this time around through all the events. I'm going to run down through my predictions for the track events from 800 to the 10km, next week we will look at the sprints, hurdles and Marathon.

Men's 800

1 - Nijel Amos
2 - David Rudisha
3 - Ayanleh Souleiman

Women's 800m

1 - Eunice Sum
2 - Brenda Martinez
3 - Lynsey Sharp

Men's 1500m

1 - Asbel Kiprop
2 - Silas Kiplagat
3 - Taoufik Makhloufi

Women's 1500m

1 - Genzebe Dibaba
2 - Sifan Hassan
3 - Jenny Simpson

Men's 5000m

1 - Mo Farah
2 - Yomif Kejelcha
3 - Caleb Nediku

Women's 5000m

1 - Genzebe Dibaba
2 - Almaz Ayana
3 - Viola Kibiwot

Men's 10000m

1 - Mo Farah
2 - Geoffrey Kamworor
3 - Paul Tanui

Women's 10000m

1 - Netsanet Gudeta
2 - Gelete Burka
3 - Molly Huddle

Men's 3000m SC

1 - Jairus Birech
2 - Evan Jager
3 - Conseslus Kipruto

Women's 3000m SC

1 - Virginia Nyambura
2 - Hiwot Ayalew
3 - Lidya Chepkuru

My week in training


Workout - 2X3miles @ half marathon pace. I did this one of the loop with Jason. It went well. The average was about 5:10/mile but the heat made it a lot harder then that. This was the first time touching race pace in this segment so I wanted to feel good. (I paced my buddy Jason for another 3 miles at his threshold pace after my workout was done so I got an additional 3 miles at 5:35/mile pace)

14.5 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - Lunchtime/AM
5 miles easy - PM


12.2 miles super easy - AM
8 miles - PM


Easy 13 miles, 8 with Johnny Lodge - AM
6 easy miles - PM


Workout - 3X10' at about 10km effort off 3' jog recovery. I did this one with Ian on the track and just tried to click off 74 second 400's. It ended up being an excellent workout and I was passing the 3200m in about 9:48-9:50. My breaks ended up being closer to 4 minutes because I was waiting for Ian before starting the recovery but it was an enjoyable workout.

12 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM
8 miles easy with Lodge - PM


17.5 miles with Jason at lunch - AM
2.7 miles with strides and a few hill sprints - PM


Workout - The session was a 2 mile in 10:00 followed by a 5 minute break before 20X200m with a 200m jog recovery. The two mile was pretty much dead on and felt super smooth/easy (I was 10:03 I believe) then I got into the 200's with my spikes on starting around 31-32 and got the last few down into the 28 low to 27 high range. I kept the timer on my watch running and covered the 8km (20X200m+200m Jog) in 30 minutes so it was a solid day of work,

10 miles with warm up and workout (didn't cool down as I had to get home) - AM
10 miles easy with John Lodge - PM


20 mile Long Run really easy, averaged about 7:30 pace, 15 miles with Lodge and 5 solo - AM

So, that was my week, you'll notice I went from running 90-95 miles a week up to 139 this week. I want to put in some really good volume for the next couple months and try to make some big gains. I'm lucky to have a very durable body from all my years playing hockey and the fact that I'm not exactly built like the average runner may also help, 6'1, 140 with a horrendous stride that's somehow efficient for staying healthy. So I don't advise anyone making a jump like that in volume without building up to it. I've been there before for long periods of time and been ok so long as I'm eating enough. You can follow me on strava as I actually upload every run there now.

Well, that's all for this week friends. I'll jump back on this weekend and talk more about Beijing as well as a new partnership I've formed with a nutrition company called Nth Degree Innovations who will be my nutrition sponsor. So stay locked and I'll see you all next week!

Stay frosty,

PS: I left my phone at work so I don't have any pictures for this blog post, but I promise I'll be back with more next week. :)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Tely 10 Post Mortem + What's Next?

Sup friends,

My apologies for not updating last Tuesday, I had a Tely 10 hangover both figuratively and literally haha. So yeah, We are back at it again there now after a couple days off completely just to do a little reset and I did my first workout with any real volume today, it was a 10 mile cut-down tempo/progression. 2 miles at 6:00/mile, 2 at 5:45, 2 at 5:30, 2 at 5:15 and the last two at 5:00 for a 55 minute 10 mile. I ended up going a little slow on the first 5:15 mile and the first 5:00 mile but I crushed the last one in 4:56. Changing gears after like 45 minutes of running is hard man. The total time ended up being 55:14 on my 1km road loop which is perfectly flat so it was a nice little effort for sure. So what I'll do is recap my tely 10 mile race, break down the little week of training I had and then clue things up with my fall race plans and goals. We will be back to regularly scheduled programming again next week so keep it locked.

2015 Tely 10 Mile Recap

Well, that's another one in the books. Obviously I wanted to run faster, that's not a secret, my times over 5k/8k/10k supported that I was in shape to run at least 51 minutes but you can never be upset with a PB and I did manage a 1'10" PB with a 15km/hour headwind the whole way as it's point to point so I'm leaving this year satisfied. My official time was 52:49 and the effort was a good one. 

When we got to the start line it was almost unreal to feel temperatures that cold in July, as you'll see I actually wore gloves and lot's of people had arm warmers. But that's normally a good thing for running fast. I did a 3 mile warm up with my friend Graydon Snyder (51:03) and we noticed that after we made the first turn it was going to be a head wind type of day. So I wanted to settle in with a pack. After a few strides and 8am came we were off. Matt Loiselle took control early with Gradon giving chase. I settled in with a chase pack consisting of Jordan, Grant Handrigan (awesome runner 51:22 10 mile PR) and Ryan Brockerville (Insanely good runner 1:50 800m/3:44 1500m/8:37 Steeple). So the 4 of us broke away from everyone else and after a pedestrian first mile of 5:21 (granted the first one is uphill) we started moving with a 5:02 and we took turns taking the lead. At 5 miles in 25:55, Grant made a move and started to gap us, at about 10km Brock decided to surge up and cover it leaving Jordan and I to do our thing. I've come to realize we are both pretty darn close in fitness right now. I think the most he's beaten me by this year is 12 seconds and the most I've gotten him is 18 seconds so I felt good sticking with him and working together over the last 5km of the course which is the most challenging. 

We kept moving pretty well and got over the hill and mile 7 without too much trouble in 5:30 and then got back to work on getting the pace back down.We were about 20-25 seconds down on Grant and Brock and working hard. Once we got to a mile to go Jordan looked over at me and we exchanged a few words of encouragement followed by a fist bump and then hammered the last mile home in 4:57. (Jordan put a couple meters on me at about 800 to go that I ran out of room trying to get back but it was an awesome finish and battle the whole way, his last mile was 4:54).

When the dust was settled Loiselle had run 49:30, Graydon 51:03, Brock 51:40, Grant 52:20, Jordan 52:46 and I was 52:49. After that there was about a 3 minute gap to the rest of the runners who started coming in which was lead by Mike King, who ran a heck of a race getting back from injury. Look for a big fall marathon coming from him.

All in all I'm pleased, I know I was ready for 51 on a better day. 50 high was a stretch, definitely needed more threshold and aerobic work to hold that for 10 miles but things are looking good. I'm 100% in 1:09 low half marathon shape based on what I ran for 10 miles and the half last fall so it's just a matter of training well over the next few months and working on race pace for a 1:08 at Scotiabank in late October.

Some shout outs, My great friend Tanya had an epic race and acheived her goal of sub 70. I'm beyond happy and proud of her. She's only scratching the surface of her potential. Mike King, Nick Snow and Baze ran super strong as always and earned awesome times for their efforts. Mark "Pappa" Hayward destroyed that 10 miler and got himself in shape faster then I've ever seen anybody before him. The guy was time trialing to break 20 minutes only a few months ago and pulled off a stellar 57 minutes. Great job pal!

What's next?

So, I've taken some time to lay out my plans for this fall. The goals are simple but I'll certainly need to work for them. 1 will be to defend my provincial 5km tittle and run a solo sub 15 on the roads. With Jordan moving away and Colin being injured I fear it's a solo mission but that's ok. I'll get er' done. After that I'll do some sharpening and get ready for the B&O Yorkville 5km which host the National 5km champs. I'm sure there a sub 15 won't place me very high but it's going to be nice to just latch on for a ride with some guy's like Garrett De Jong, Ryan Noel Hodge and other's who run similar times as myself. 3 weeks after that I'll take a stab at a 30:XX 10km at the Turkey Tea 10km. I'll probably do it fairly easily there to be honest but I'll also put a (*) next to the time as it's a net downhill with a similar drop to Yonge Street, so 30:30 would be glorious but hey, I'll take what I can get even with a downhill haha. Then finally I'll run Scotiabank waterfront half in late October with the hopes of running something in the 1:08's. I know I'm ready for 1:09 right now, I just need these next 2 and a half months to build that aerobic strength to get me under 1:09. 

Week of training




Cross Training (60 minutes elliptical) - PM


12 miles easy with strides (averaged 6:14/mile pace) - AM


Workout - Just a session of feel good 400's. 12X400 with massive recovery, I jogged a full 400 between reps. The average was 65 seconds and it felt incredibly smooth and easy. I didn't want to blast these out too hard just yet.

Workout + 5km warm up and cool down (12.5 miles total) - AM


Long Run - 20 miler from my house out the railway bed and back. I bumped into Mike Scott (Not the guy from the office ha, but just as hilarious) and Mark Hayward which helped it go by faster. The overall pace wasn't super quick like low 7 minute miles but it was enjoyable.

20 miles - AM/Lunch


12.5 miles easy with Fraiser - AM


Workout - 10 mile Tempo/Cut Down. 2 miles at 6:00/mile, 2 at 5:45, 2 at 5:30, 2 at 5:15 and the last 2 at 5:00. I need to do way more of this type of thing to get aerobically stronger. It's clearly the weakest part of my running as my performances fall off relatively speaking after 10km. But this was a good one. just over 55 minutes for a 10 mile.

Workout + 5km warm up and 2km cool down - AM
Easy 60' with Jon Lodge in the evening (8.09 miles) - PM

So there we have it, we are back in the grind and loving every minute of it. I can't wait to put in a big 2-3 month block of training. I toyed with the idea of going to National Cross with Lodgy but I don't know that I can grind it out that much longer after the end of October, and the other thing is that if I'm entirely honest with myself it's not like I'd be very competitive. When you get animals like Luc, Kelly, Chris and then all of a sudden I need to be a hell of a lot better then a 30 high to 31 low 10km guy haha. But perhaps I'll run an XC meet in the maritimes or something like the Laval interlock meet. Until then though, lot's of room for improvement.

I'll attach some pictures and I'll see you next week same bat time, same bat place
Until then, stay frosty