Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My week that was in training and Beijing predictions

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How is everyone's summer? I trust your taking advantage of great weather, putting some good training in, eating some quality BBQ and getting excited for the World Champs in Beijing later this month?  I just put in a massive week of training this past 7 days and it feels great to be building for the 5km champs in Yorkville and for STWM 1/2. I feel like I really need to put in a big block of training that's focused on aerobic strength/endurance. I don't know if it's a combination of coming down (mileage wise) too often since April/May for races or a matter of neglecting the harder and longer aerobic workouts but I feel like my performances during races over 10km are being severely limited by my aerobic strength. I see some of the sessions my boy Jeff Costen is putting in and it's absolutely unreal the strength this guy has, same goes for Aaron Cooper, the boy's just seem to roll these super long 40+ minute efforts at 5:15-5:25 pace like it's nothing. I really need to make sure I've got myself covered if I want to feel good running the half in late October and hit that 1:08 low I'm looking for. It's strange to say I feel that weak in the aerobic department because I feel very fit. I'm running intervals faster then I've ever done them before and getting some K reps down into the mid 2:40's when I rip them out at the end of workouts but I definitely feel like races lasting over 30 minutes is where I'm suffering the most. Anyway, I'll stop rambling but it's definitely something I'm going to put more focus on during this cycle through longer tempos and more overall volume.

World Champs Predictions from the 800m-10000m

As you can tell I'm pretty jacked up about the world champs this month. I love top notch track and field and it appears all the big boys are coming out to play. Even comparing the fields to what we saw in Moscow in 2013 you can tell people are gearing up for Rio as the depth is far greater this time around through all the events. I'm going to run down through my predictions for the track events from 800 to the 10km, next week we will look at the sprints, hurdles and Marathon.

Men's 800

1 - Nijel Amos
2 - David Rudisha
3 - Ayanleh Souleiman

Women's 800m

1 - Eunice Sum
2 - Brenda Martinez
3 - Lynsey Sharp

Men's 1500m

1 - Asbel Kiprop
2 - Silas Kiplagat
3 - Taoufik Makhloufi

Women's 1500m

1 - Genzebe Dibaba
2 - Sifan Hassan
3 - Jenny Simpson

Men's 5000m

1 - Mo Farah
2 - Yomif Kejelcha
3 - Caleb Nediku

Women's 5000m

1 - Genzebe Dibaba
2 - Almaz Ayana
3 - Viola Kibiwot

Men's 10000m

1 - Mo Farah
2 - Geoffrey Kamworor
3 - Paul Tanui

Women's 10000m

1 - Netsanet Gudeta
2 - Gelete Burka
3 - Molly Huddle

Men's 3000m SC

1 - Jairus Birech
2 - Evan Jager
3 - Conseslus Kipruto

Women's 3000m SC

1 - Virginia Nyambura
2 - Hiwot Ayalew
3 - Lidya Chepkuru

My week in training


Workout - 2X3miles @ half marathon pace. I did this one of the loop with Jason. It went well. The average was about 5:10/mile but the heat made it a lot harder then that. This was the first time touching race pace in this segment so I wanted to feel good. (I paced my buddy Jason for another 3 miles at his threshold pace after my workout was done so I got an additional 3 miles at 5:35/mile pace)

14.5 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - Lunchtime/AM
5 miles easy - PM


12.2 miles super easy - AM
8 miles - PM


Easy 13 miles, 8 with Johnny Lodge - AM
6 easy miles - PM


Workout - 3X10' at about 10km effort off 3' jog recovery. I did this one with Ian on the track and just tried to click off 74 second 400's. It ended up being an excellent workout and I was passing the 3200m in about 9:48-9:50. My breaks ended up being closer to 4 minutes because I was waiting for Ian before starting the recovery but it was an enjoyable workout.

12 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM
8 miles easy with Lodge - PM


17.5 miles with Jason at lunch - AM
2.7 miles with strides and a few hill sprints - PM


Workout - The session was a 2 mile in 10:00 followed by a 5 minute break before 20X200m with a 200m jog recovery. The two mile was pretty much dead on and felt super smooth/easy (I was 10:03 I believe) then I got into the 200's with my spikes on starting around 31-32 and got the last few down into the 28 low to 27 high range. I kept the timer on my watch running and covered the 8km (20X200m+200m Jog) in 30 minutes so it was a solid day of work,

10 miles with warm up and workout (didn't cool down as I had to get home) - AM
10 miles easy with John Lodge - PM


20 mile Long Run really easy, averaged about 7:30 pace, 15 miles with Lodge and 5 solo - AM

So, that was my week, you'll notice I went from running 90-95 miles a week up to 139 this week. I want to put in some really good volume for the next couple months and try to make some big gains. I'm lucky to have a very durable body from all my years playing hockey and the fact that I'm not exactly built like the average runner may also help, 6'1, 140 with a horrendous stride that's somehow efficient for staying healthy. So I don't advise anyone making a jump like that in volume without building up to it. I've been there before for long periods of time and been ok so long as I'm eating enough. You can follow me on strava as I actually upload every run there now.

Well, that's all for this week friends. I'll jump back on this weekend and talk more about Beijing as well as a new partnership I've formed with a nutrition company called Nth Degree Innovations who will be my nutrition sponsor. So stay locked and I'll see you all next week!

Stay frosty,

PS: I left my phone at work so I don't have any pictures for this blog post, but I promise I'll be back with more next week. :)

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