Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Putting in work during the summer heat!

Hey guys, I hope your all doing well. From what I've seen on the news it's pretty hot all across this great nation of ours. We are really getting some super warm humid weather here but this kid isn't complaining. All it means is that I'm slowing down my easy runs a little and drinking about 2 gallons of fluids a day ha. So I'm just going to do a quick recap with regards to my training last week and speak briefly about Nth Degree Innovations who have been amazing in offering to bring me on board and support me nutritionally with my training. I want to also talk about the sprint and hurdles events for the WC in the Beijing which start this Saturday but I'll save that for a post later this week. To be honest, I don't follow the sprints and hurdle events to the same degree to which I do the mid and distance events so I'll have to do a little research and see who's entered before making my predictions and breaking it down.

Week that was in training


Workout - I had a session of 5X1mile at 10km pace (4:55/mile) off a 400m jog recovery followed by 2X1mile at half marathon pace (5:10-5:15). I did this on my road loop with Jason. It went really well despite the heat. My splits were 4:51, 4:56, 4:57, 4:54, 4:54 then the two mile reps at half pace were 5:21 and 5:11. (the first one was slow as I was trying to get the pace dialed back a bit and just didn't feel smooth but the last rep was good). This session felt great and wasn't that taxing, Most of the time when I do a big session of mile repeats I like to do them at V02 max effort and get them down as quick as 4:35-4:40 but I'm taking huge breaks and suffering like non other so this was a much more controlled effort.

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


12 miles super slow on the trails with Jason, like 7:50 pace, legs felt dead - AM
8 mile with some strides - PM


Workout - It was 27 degrees out with 85% humidity so I had to go inside on the treadmill for this one. I had 2X20 minutes on the books but decided on a 10km tempo at 4:50 pace with a 0% grade so it was worth 5:03/mile pace. I had my friend Ian on the treadmill next to me doing a workout so he kept me honest and pushing the whole time. It went really well. When I'm doing these and turning the legs over that fast for 30-31 minutes it normally starts a little awkwardly but you settle into a rhythm and just focus on running relaxed until the end. I was happy with this one.

13.2 miles with warm up and cool down - Lunchtime
7 miles easy - PM


Paced a workout for Jason. My buddy Jason White is going up to Scotiabank this fall to run the full and is looking at something around 2:35. He had 8 miles at slightly faster then Marathon pace on the books so I took him through it as the goal was about 5:40 pace and that's a nice steady aerobic run for me. We started around 5:50 and ran the last 4 miles between 5:35-5:40 with the overall average being 5:42. It felt good to get out on the roads and float along with him. He's going to run a great 26.2 this fall.

14.1 miles with Jason - AM
6 miles - PM


10 miles easy with strides - AM
10 miles easy with 10X15" hill sprints - PM



(However I did run a mile up to my road loop to time and call splits for a couple buddies of mine Dan and Mark who were doing a workout so I did run 2 miles on the day)


3km workout/race followed by a long run. I heard on Thursday that they were having a track meet in memory of Becky, a coach here in our province who passed away last year. So even though I had a long run on the books I wanted to run something and show my support. Originally I was going to run a 5000m but when I got there they were waiting for me as they didn't have anyone registered for the women's 3k or 5k so I rushed to get changed and ran 800m before opting for a 3km. I ran a comfortable 8:44 which is right around 5km effort so it was a good training stimulus. After the race I got a couple burgers and chatted with some friends before rolling an 18 miler on the trails. It wasn't blazing fast but it was honest. 6:29/mile average.

20 miles with 3k and long run - PM

So that was my week, it wasn't as high as last week but even with the day off I hit 123.6 miles so definitely a big one and hopefully stringing these together will provid a nice bump come the fall when we start racing hard again.

Nth Degree Innovation

So as I mentioned above I'm teaming up with Nth Degree. I'll link to their site here - http://nth4u.com/ Nth Degree is a company that takes pride in their products. I could tell just by speaking with some of their team. They don't put any fillers or junk into their products like you see in most sport or recovery drinks. What stands out is their use of Isomaltulose which is a disaccharide carbohydrate made from glucose and fructose. I won't go too deep into the science here but once I get a chance to update my headers I'll put a section in there about Nth Degree and talk more in depth about the benefits. But the short of it is that this type of carbohydrate is lower on the glycemic index and thus elicits less of an insulin response. When we can maintain a more steady and constant stream of energy in our body from lower glycemic carbohydrates we have less insulin spikes so we get a more sustained energy and in tern this helps performance. A lot of times when you read the ingredients list on sports drinks you'll see mostly simple sugars as the primary ingredients which give the body quick burst of energy through heavy insulin spikes but we crash quickly. This ins't the case with Nth Degree sports drink. You can order their products on Amazon to get it shipped to Canada and for my US readers you can get it strait from their website. I'd also recommend their protein powder. I know for me personally after a hard workout I like to get in 50 grams of fast digesting protein like Whey Isolate that's found in Nth Degree's protein formula. It's critical to get those amino acids into our bodies and start the recovery process so we can be ready for the next big day. I'll point out that if there is ever a time for a fast acting carb it's right after your intense workouts. Taking in a fast digesting carb that spikes insulin post workout helps shuttle the protein into the body very quickly. But all other times for sustained energy you want to think low G.I. We have to remember that training is only one part of the equations. Taking care to put the right fuel into our bodies in the form of high quality foods and natural supplements is what will help us recover and see the adaptation from the hard training we put in each and every day. Feel free to comment below if you need any more details!

So as I mentioned, I'll jump on later this week and break down the sprints and hurdles for the WC's and chat some more about some of the barn burner events that will be coming our way as the championships progress. I'll leave you guys with a few pictures and I wish you all happy training.

Stay hungry,

Doing a little fishing at the cabin

Putting in work on the tready when it's over 30 degrees outside, 10km tempo

Few training buddies doing their thing

We remembered Becky with a great meet in her name this weekend. You are missed!

Running a 3km for Becky

Beauty day for a rip in the car after work. Open road and some good company was all I needed.

Audi ready to go.

Shout out to CEP Canada for hooking your boy up with some more compression socks!! :)

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