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Tely 10 Post Mortem + What's Next?

Sup friends,

My apologies for not updating last Tuesday, I had a Tely 10 hangover both figuratively and literally haha. So yeah, We are back at it again there now after a couple days off completely just to do a little reset and I did my first workout with any real volume today, it was a 10 mile cut-down tempo/progression. 2 miles at 6:00/mile, 2 at 5:45, 2 at 5:30, 2 at 5:15 and the last two at 5:00 for a 55 minute 10 mile. I ended up going a little slow on the first 5:15 mile and the first 5:00 mile but I crushed the last one in 4:56. Changing gears after like 45 minutes of running is hard man. The total time ended up being 55:14 on my 1km road loop which is perfectly flat so it was a nice little effort for sure. So what I'll do is recap my tely 10 mile race, break down the little week of training I had and then clue things up with my fall race plans and goals. We will be back to regularly scheduled programming again next week so keep it locked.

2015 Tely 10 Mile Recap

Well, that's another one in the books. Obviously I wanted to run faster, that's not a secret, my times over 5k/8k/10k supported that I was in shape to run at least 51 minutes but you can never be upset with a PB and I did manage a 1'10" PB with a 15km/hour headwind the whole way as it's point to point so I'm leaving this year satisfied. My official time was 52:49 and the effort was a good one. 

When we got to the start line it was almost unreal to feel temperatures that cold in July, as you'll see I actually wore gloves and lot's of people had arm warmers. But that's normally a good thing for running fast. I did a 3 mile warm up with my friend Graydon Snyder (51:03) and we noticed that after we made the first turn it was going to be a head wind type of day. So I wanted to settle in with a pack. After a few strides and 8am came we were off. Matt Loiselle took control early with Gradon giving chase. I settled in with a chase pack consisting of Jordan, Grant Handrigan (awesome runner 51:22 10 mile PR) and Ryan Brockerville (Insanely good runner 1:50 800m/3:44 1500m/8:37 Steeple). So the 4 of us broke away from everyone else and after a pedestrian first mile of 5:21 (granted the first one is uphill) we started moving with a 5:02 and we took turns taking the lead. At 5 miles in 25:55, Grant made a move and started to gap us, at about 10km Brock decided to surge up and cover it leaving Jordan and I to do our thing. I've come to realize we are both pretty darn close in fitness right now. I think the most he's beaten me by this year is 12 seconds and the most I've gotten him is 18 seconds so I felt good sticking with him and working together over the last 5km of the course which is the most challenging. 

We kept moving pretty well and got over the hill and mile 7 without too much trouble in 5:30 and then got back to work on getting the pace back down.We were about 20-25 seconds down on Grant and Brock and working hard. Once we got to a mile to go Jordan looked over at me and we exchanged a few words of encouragement followed by a fist bump and then hammered the last mile home in 4:57. (Jordan put a couple meters on me at about 800 to go that I ran out of room trying to get back but it was an awesome finish and battle the whole way, his last mile was 4:54).

When the dust was settled Loiselle had run 49:30, Graydon 51:03, Brock 51:40, Grant 52:20, Jordan 52:46 and I was 52:49. After that there was about a 3 minute gap to the rest of the runners who started coming in which was lead by Mike King, who ran a heck of a race getting back from injury. Look for a big fall marathon coming from him.

All in all I'm pleased, I know I was ready for 51 on a better day. 50 high was a stretch, definitely needed more threshold and aerobic work to hold that for 10 miles but things are looking good. I'm 100% in 1:09 low half marathon shape based on what I ran for 10 miles and the half last fall so it's just a matter of training well over the next few months and working on race pace for a 1:08 at Scotiabank in late October.

Some shout outs, My great friend Tanya had an epic race and acheived her goal of sub 70. I'm beyond happy and proud of her. She's only scratching the surface of her potential. Mike King, Nick Snow and Baze ran super strong as always and earned awesome times for their efforts. Mark "Pappa" Hayward destroyed that 10 miler and got himself in shape faster then I've ever seen anybody before him. The guy was time trialing to break 20 minutes only a few months ago and pulled off a stellar 57 minutes. Great job pal!

What's next?

So, I've taken some time to lay out my plans for this fall. The goals are simple but I'll certainly need to work for them. 1 will be to defend my provincial 5km tittle and run a solo sub 15 on the roads. With Jordan moving away and Colin being injured I fear it's a solo mission but that's ok. I'll get er' done. After that I'll do some sharpening and get ready for the B&O Yorkville 5km which host the National 5km champs. I'm sure there a sub 15 won't place me very high but it's going to be nice to just latch on for a ride with some guy's like Garrett De Jong, Ryan Noel Hodge and other's who run similar times as myself. 3 weeks after that I'll take a stab at a 30:XX 10km at the Turkey Tea 10km. I'll probably do it fairly easily there to be honest but I'll also put a (*) next to the time as it's a net downhill with a similar drop to Yonge Street, so 30:30 would be glorious but hey, I'll take what I can get even with a downhill haha. Then finally I'll run Scotiabank waterfront half in late October with the hopes of running something in the 1:08's. I know I'm ready for 1:09 right now, I just need these next 2 and a half months to build that aerobic strength to get me under 1:09. 

Week of training




Cross Training (60 minutes elliptical) - PM


12 miles easy with strides (averaged 6:14/mile pace) - AM


Workout - Just a session of feel good 400's. 12X400 with massive recovery, I jogged a full 400 between reps. The average was 65 seconds and it felt incredibly smooth and easy. I didn't want to blast these out too hard just yet.

Workout + 5km warm up and cool down (12.5 miles total) - AM


Long Run - 20 miler from my house out the railway bed and back. I bumped into Mike Scott (Not the guy from the office ha, but just as hilarious) and Mark Hayward which helped it go by faster. The overall pace wasn't super quick like low 7 minute miles but it was enjoyable.

20 miles - AM/Lunch


12.5 miles easy with Fraiser - AM


Workout - 10 mile Tempo/Cut Down. 2 miles at 6:00/mile, 2 at 5:45, 2 at 5:30, 2 at 5:15 and the last 2 at 5:00. I need to do way more of this type of thing to get aerobically stronger. It's clearly the weakest part of my running as my performances fall off relatively speaking after 10km. But this was a good one. just over 55 minutes for a 10 mile.

Workout + 5km warm up and 2km cool down - AM
Easy 60' with Jon Lodge in the evening (8.09 miles) - PM

So there we have it, we are back in the grind and loving every minute of it. I can't wait to put in a big 2-3 month block of training. I toyed with the idea of going to National Cross with Lodgy but I don't know that I can grind it out that much longer after the end of October, and the other thing is that if I'm entirely honest with myself it's not like I'd be very competitive. When you get animals like Luc, Kelly, Chris and then all of a sudden I need to be a hell of a lot better then a 30 high to 31 low 10km guy haha. But perhaps I'll run an XC meet in the maritimes or something like the Laval interlock meet. Until then though, lot's of room for improvement.

I'll attach some pictures and I'll see you next week same bat time, same bat place
Until then, stay frosty

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