Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Week in training and Reid rolling in Berlin + Everun preview

Hello hello, how's everyone making out this week? If I was to bet I'd say the majority of you raced something! I can hardly keep up with the race results there have been so many fantastic races going down. Congrats to everyone out there rocking out on the roads and trails. In this post I'll quickly talk about a couple races, do a recap of my training which I'm super happy about and clue things up with previewing/breaking down Saucony's brand new midsole/topsole tech that will be launching later this year and making it's way into some of your favorite shoes once the updated versions drop.

Firstly, let me give a couple shout out to some great performances by some friends of mine here locally who ran the Huffin Puffin half and full marathons. I'll start with my boy Sheldon Marsh, you may have heard me referring to him here before, "Marshy". He's a super busy guy who's a science department head at a local school and has a son who he's always out and about with but this guy loves to run and after taking it up a couple years ago has made some great gains. He took 3rd place in the half with something like a 3 minute personal best. He will be making the trip to Scotiabank with me and a crew from the rock in October and I fully expect another PB from him there. Way to go Marshy! There were some other great performances from Trev Trahey, Ed Durnford, Jaime West, Adam Ryan, Rudy in the full, Caroline, Ian, Laura, Shantel, Jeff, Tanya, I could list lots more but just know I was super pumped for all of you and enjoyed running around the course and cheering you all on!

Marshy giving me the play by play of his race!

Next a quick shout out to the STFX boys, by the looks of the pictures and the results I'd venture to say they just got into a pack, took things back to the early 90's and went mighty ducks style with the flying "V" and rolled together as a team getting a nice training stimulus in and practicing some pack running. Alex is back, healthy and rolling which is great to see and good ol' Cal Dewolf man, that legend took the win! Don't sleep on Cal this year, he's fit and ready to rock.

Finally Reid Coolsaet man, what a stud. Steve Boyd summed it up best on the forums so I won't try to top what he said as Steve's a much better wordsmith then myself but I'll echo what he said. Reid is a true testament to determination, perseverance and hard work. He ran a hell of a race and I do firmly believe he's got a sub 2:10 in him. He's such a competitor and what all young Canadian runners should look to and aspire to be like. Reid himself will tell you he didn't have an insane amount of talent and didn't run blazing fast in high school but man, he kept progressing and when you look at his resume it shows. He's got great times to his name from his 3:40 1500m all the way to his shiny new 2:10:29. I wanted to talk about Kipchge's awesome run with the lack of insoles in his shoes but I'm leaving that for another day. In my mind Reid had the race of the day so I'm stopping it here. Congrats man, I'm so stoked for you bud, and can't wait to follow your journey back to the Olympics. Keep doing what your doing man.

I got this pic from Reid's blog, go check out his recap here - http://reidcoolsaet.com/2015/09/27/berlin-marathon/

Week that was in training.


10 miles easy on the treadmill (It was raining crazy hard) - AM
10 miles easy on the trails - PM


Workout - 2X35' with a 5 minute recovery. The first 35 was at my goal half marathon pace. It went really well. I went through 10km in 32:17 and felt great. This will be the plan in Toronto. I'll try to go with the 2:16 marathon group and evenly run 16:05's-16:10/5km. Here's the link to that run - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678366 The next 35' I paced Jason at a little quicker then Marathon pace, I believe the average pace was 5:42. I linked the activity last week so scroll down and you'll find it. I was happy with this workout as a whole.

15 miles with workout - AM
5 miles easy - PM


12 miles super slow with Jason - AM
10 miles with Marshy and Lodgy - PM


Workout - 6X800m at 5km race pace with a 200m jog recovery to the start of my 1km loop followed by 10X200 at 1500m pace with a full 200m jog recovery. This workout was great, I'll attach the garmin activity but the 800's averaged 2:20 and felt silky smooth running that pace, as they should feel and I focused on running fast and relaxed on the 200's. I hit 31's like clockwork focusing on form and fluidity and ran the last one fast in 27. Gamin data - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/908542614

11 miles with workout - AM
10 miles easy - PM


13 miles but paced Fraser to 45' at 5:45/mile pace. So some steady state in there - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy with Fraser - AM
10 miles with 10X200 in 31 seconds - PM


16 miles super easy around the Marathon course cheering friends - AM
4 miles with some fast 200's at the end - PM

So that was my week, high mileage, but feeling awesome. Things are clicking so all I need to do is get through this week and then start tapering a bit for the next two weeks. I'll have to seek out some guidance to make sure I get this taper right this time around. The hay is in the barn as they say.

Saucony EVERUN

So I teased this last week. Everun is a new technology that the developers at the Saucony performance lab cooked up and it's seriously a game changer. The basic idea is that this new material is actually placed directly under the foot in the topsole so you get immediate feedback and pressure gets taken off the forefoot. It's much more responsive then anything else they have used in the past and it will be showing up in some of your favorite Saucony shoes as the fall comes and we move into the 2016 calendar year. I'm not going to give out the product flow chart but know that by the second quarter of 2016 you'll see it in most of the shoes you all enjoy like the Triumph, Hurricane, Kinvara, Peregrine and the Guide. Everun will be used in different variations from a full length topsole +landing zone in the triumph and hurricane to a heel insert in the Kinvara 7 when it's released. 

Anyway, how does it feel and what did I notice running miles back to back going from the Triump ISO with Powergrid+ to the Triumph ISO 2 with Everun? My initial feeling was one of insane energy return. When I put the shoe on my foot the ISO lock down around the laces felt snug and just like the first version of the shoe but the difference is all in the ride. I found that it felt as though the shoe or the road depending on how you want to look at it was giving energy back to me and I felt really snappy when I would spring off the ground. It felt a little firmer then the previous version with the powergrid+ but in a way that made me want to run fast and gave incredible feedback. When I looked at the outsole there was some changes to the placement of the IBR+ blown rubber but I didn't notice it at all and these shoes are ones you can get so many miles in that you won't notice much wear until your really deep into them with miles. 

I didn't imagine myself finding a better version of the Triumph, me and my friends here in town normally always talk about how the triumph ISO is like running with pillows on your feet and it feels so good to just roll mile after mile in. And with all that cushioning the shoe still only weighs in at 10.6 ounces for a men's sample size. I mean, you can't beat that. So I had high expectations for this new version when my good friend Linda sent this pair down for me to try and the new version with Everun surpassed my expectations. It worked out perfectly as I had just broken out a new pair of the original ISO's and I really felt like I could compare two brand new shoes side by side. 

Anyway, I believe this shoe will be available the first of November at a shop near you. So anyone who's a fan of the last generation you'll want to get into these and anyone who's never tried the triumph, just give it a go and let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. For my Kinvara friends, I'll get my feet into the 7's and let you know how Everun stacks up in those but I foresee much of the same Kinvara goodness that keeps up running in them!

Left the new Triumph ISO 2 with Everun and the Original ISO on the right

The upper feels identical when it's on your foot and locks down really well.

Ground contact is the same

As I mentioned the placing of outsole material in the form of IBR+ changes a little.

You can see on the left, the topsole is right under the shock liner.

On another note, it was 25 degrees here today, shorts and shadows sockless at work today with no meetings on the books! :)

And last week I mentioned I got my Dad into some Kineta Relays....well my Mom wanted in, and that lady is awesome so you know I had to hook her up. :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week in training and the busy fall season.

Hey friends,

Are any of you guys as amped up as I am about all this fall racing going on? With XC, fall road races and the world marathon majors back in full swing I'm glued to trackie, twitter and whatever live streams of races I can find. Last weekend saw some great action at the Vic Mathews meet. McNiel looked to have an awesome race and is clearly gunning for a high finish at CIS. Out west some schools took in a few meets and it seems there has certainly been some strong summer training as a bunch of guys and girls ran well. Shoutout to my boy Declan White on mixing it up at the Sundoger invite and running a strong time of 24:22. Speaking of that race, Jorgensen and Johnston also ran incredible races coming in 1st and 2ed out of the collegians competing.

Funny story about Declan real quick. As you guys and girls reading this probably recall, last year at CIS XC champs here in St. John's, Declan tried to make a break for it and lead on his own for a couple laps before the pack caught him and then a group of 4, I believe, broke away with a lap to go. Anyway, I was running around trying to film what I could for Trackie.ca and get it to Mr. Adam "Trackie" Stacy. Now to set the stage for this you have to understand that very few people in St. John's follow running closely, let alone CIS so I would hear a few local runners talking about Declan out front being like "oh this kid has gone out way too fast, what's he doing? He's going to blow up", then after the race I run into a couple guys who actually run a decent amount and are like 16 minute 5k guys and who I figured at least knew Declan's pedigree be like "Dave who was that guy trying to take it from the gun?" After I told them they proceeded to say "yeah, that wasn't smart, did he even finish?" I said, yeah he held on pretty well and tried to explain that he was a 3:45 1500m guy at the time but the answer I got was, "this isn't a 1500m man it's a 10km". So fast forward to this spring, I get back from Toronto and bump into one of the guys. He asks me how my race went. I say it went well and that I ran a mid 31 10k, and tell him that Colin Fewer ran a 30:44 out in Vancouver the same day for the sun run. He proceeds to say good job and we talk about how consistent Colin is and that he had a great race to open the season. I then told him Declan ran under 30 minutes in the same race, the guy who he figured had no business trying to go for the win at CIS.......I didn't get much of an acknowledgment for pointing this out the previous fall or anything. I mean I didn't even care. I only bring it up because there's nothing I hate more then arm chair analysts who think that they can just point out random facts and think they are making sense. This is a young kid out there mixing it up making it an honest race. Give him credit, don't call it a foolish move or mock him. Anyway, that story turned into a rant. But when I see a good race from Declan I always give him a Kudos on strava or a little msg on twitter. Keep killing it bud!

Anyway, my training is going great this week and today I had a very solid session of 2X35'. The first 35 I ran at my goal half marathon pace which is between 5:08-5:15/mile depending on how I'm feeling. I rolled the 35 minutes at 5:12 feeling super comfortable and passed 10km in 32:19 not working too hard so that was a great sign. The next 35 minute I paced my training partner Jason at his marathon pace and that rep ended up being 5:42/mile average. So I got like 13 miles of work done in 70 minute today which was great. Here are the garmin activities. 1st rep at my HM pace - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678366 2ed rep at Jason's MP - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678386

Berlin Marathon

As I mentioned last week this is a big one to watch. I think Eliud Kipchoge has a real chance at breaking the WR of 2:02:57 if he gets the right day and good pace making. It will help if he has a race on his hands and one of the Mutai's is there to keep the pace going after 30k. I suspect it will be Emmanuel Mutai who was there until the last 4k last year and ran the second fastest record eligible time in history finishing second to Kimetto. Obviously this is not a soft record and everything will have to go right but Kipchoge is an athlete with the pedigree to take down that record. He's not one of these new breed of marathoner like Kimetto who's gone strait to the roads. Kipchoge is as decorated as they come on the track. He's got the scalps of El G and Bekele from the WC's in Paris from 2003 in the 5000m. He has been around a long time and has incredible range, at the age of 30 he is at the perfect point in his career to take a crack at this record. It's going to be fantastic to watch. We also have our boy Reid going after that magical Canadian Record. His training has been going awesome from what I've seen on Strava and he showed at Rotterdam this spring that he's got lots of fast running left in his legs. On a rather windy day he managed a 2:11:21. So I think if it's a perfect day like what Kipchoge needs then the record attempt could be on. Either way I'm excited to watch. Here is an article talking about Kipchoge - http://www.sport24.co.za/OtherSport/Athletics/International/Kipchoge-eyes-world-record-in-Berlin-20150922

Week in training


17 miles with 7X300m in 46" at the end - AM
3 mile shakeout - PM


13 miles easy in the pouring rain - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - We had an insane amount of rain so my training partner and I decided to do this on the indoor track. Originally I wanted to do 10X1 threshold miles but obviously I can't do that on a 200m indoor track and call myself a somewhat rational person. Instead we decided on 5X1km + 10X200m. I hit the 1km's at 5km pace. 2:55, 2:56, 2:54, 2:53, 2:54. and the 200's we traded the lead, on the ones Jason led I was running 30 seconds and on the ones I led it was 27/28. (done in spikes)

10 miles with workout on the track - AM
10 miles easy in the rain - PM


12 miles at like an 8 minute mile, my legs hurt from the indoor track - AM
8 miles at a better clip in the evening of around 6:30/mile pace - PM


10 miles with 10X200m at the end in 30 seconds just feeling relaxed and fast - AM
10 miles easy - PM


Workout - I was supposed to do this with Jason and run a half marathon at Marathon effort. He couldn't make it out and I didn't have the mental fortitude to go out and run a 1:12/1:13 half on my own so I decided I'd do 40 minutes of Steady State or Marathon effort. I believe I covered about 7.3 miles or so and was 33:41 at 10km. The average pace was 5:24. Here is the garmin activity - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/903241964

13 miles with workout - AM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles with strides - PM

Anyway, that was my week, it was a great one. As you no doubt notice I've started adding 200's and 300's to some of my easy days. Not enough to cause much stress or anything and they are run fast but relaxed. I feel like this might really help the efficiency and where I'm not really doing workouts dedicated to R pace work that it will cover that area of my training. I also chatted with my baud Josh S. about why I had a bad performance at the 5km champs and he pointed out that I'd gone from holding 135 miles a week and hitting workouts well at that volume down to 60 miles for race week. Obviously this was far too much to drop and it's why I felt like crap. Aerobically running a mid 15 doesn't ever feel that hard as I'm tempoing shorter workouts 30 minutes and under near that pace but I felt dead legged and like I couldn't get into a smooth rhythm running 4:45 pace. So this is something I'm going to take care of in my tune up 10km before Scotiabank. Ideally I'd like to run around 30:45 - 30:59. If I can hit that I'll know I'm where I need to be. 

I'll clue things up here and I'll chat with you fine folks next week. In my next post I'm going to share with you guys a new game changing shoe with new technology that Saucony will be rolling out later this year. I've been testing a pair before they drop and I'm really loving them so that will be up next week so keep an eye out.

Keep rockin'

In my basement knocking on the window and waking up Popper :(

He wanted to come and see if it was important...

He wasn't impressed with me...

I ordered a pair of the new Kineta Relay for my Dad, they are seriously such a comfy shoe for just kicking it around town and my Dad likes to stay busy so I'll be giving these to him for sure.

On the road today for work heading to Clarenville for a meeting, beauty day on the roads

Looking at what I'm going to get next when I trade in my 2013 A3 S-Line later this year. I'm thinking either a 2016 S3 like this or an A5 with S-Line package again.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Canadian 5km champs post-mortem + Fall marathon season

Hey friends,

I hope your all doing well. I'm going to jump right into this post and just own it. I sucked this weekend, yup, that's all there is to say. When you suck in a race or bomb, there's no point making excuses you need to own it. So that's what I'm doing. I ran a sorry excuse for a race. I mean I tempod a 30 minute road tempo at almost the same pace the week before the race. A mid 15 sucks any way you look at it. Now, I'm not trying to disparage anyone else's results as times are all relative. I bet some people rocked out that race to the best of their abilities and earned a shiny new PB that could be 14 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. I'm just speaking relative to what I expected I'm not happy. But thankfully there's always another race and I'm not going to get down or dwell upon it for too long. Obviously I need to analyze why I had a poor performance. I feel like it was a combination of running 4 weeks of mileage above 135 in the last 5 week before the race and doing so many long half marathon workouts. So I'll know better next time, but hopefully it leads to a great half at scotiabank. So yeah, I'm putting that one behind me. Because despite not having the race I wanted and leaving having run something in the 14's and being competitive I had a BLAST! I got to spend some time running with Jeff Costen, who's such a great dude and I'm sure despite also not leaving with the results he desired (Also in the mid 15's) He's going to come on strong as the fall comes on and I suspect he's going to go under his half marathon PB he set last year of 68:02. In addition it was also awesome to see my other running buds from around the country, talking marathons with Rachel and Dana, rooming with Jacob Smith, who's also a super nice dude with redonkulous talent and getting a chance to chat with Steve Boyd. Now, as I mentioned to Steve, he's the one who set the fire under me to start training when he gave a talk here in Newfoundland a few years ago when he came down to run the Tely 10. Steve is such an awesome guy to have around the sport in Canada and is just a wealth of knowledge. It's no fluke that his guys are all killing it. So while on the topic, MAJOR props to Alex Wilkie! Dude ran a hell of a race, and has done like one "I" paced workout so that kid is in for a large cross country season that I look forward to following. Lastly, I want to thank John for the opportunity to run in the championship as well as MB! Thanks to you both for taking care of me and I assure you guys that next year I'll run a time far quicker, that's a promise. I can't wait to race it again next season.

Before I get into a little bit of marathon talk I want to give a shout out to my boy Ryan Noel-Hodge. He's really killing his training right now, just up on his own in northern Quebec living on that grind. I can't wait to race the half in October with this guy. I won't be working with him to the same degree as we did in Ottawa running 31 at the race weekend 10km as he's been crushing it lately and will be splitting that back to back if all goes well. Look for a big time race from him. Costen and I will hopefully be somewhat close and watch you run that goal time of yours! Keep it up man.

The quickly approaching fall marathon season

Well, it's that time of year and I'm getting pretty excited. I'll dive more into the 3 majors that are coming our way in another post but with Berlin so close I had to touch on it briefly. I'll only touch on the men's marathons as not much has been announced for the women's fields but I'm really amped for their races as well and love the depth in the women's marathon right now. In Berlin the Big 3 are G Mutai, E. Mutai and the best marathoner on the planet and who I predict for the win in what could be a new world record time if he gets the right day, Eliud Kipchoge. This guy has all the tools and is at his peak in the marathon right now. The guy owns a 12:46 5000m PR and beat the two former world records holders in London last year and looked like he was in Beastmode doing it those last two miles. I can see Emmanuel Mutai doing what he did last year to help Kimetto get the WR and pushing the pace when the rabbits drop at 30k as it's the only thing we haven't seen out of Kipchoge, a super fast sub 2:04 performance and Mutai has two to his name, one being a very low 2:03. I really like the dynamic of this race and it's also going to be fun to watch Reid go after the Canadian Record on the best course for it to fall.

As for Chicago that's also shaping up with a nice field of Elites. As I mentioned I'll break all these down in depth before the race happens but I like my man Kebede in this one. He's only a little fella but he's one of the best pure marathon runners ever with more single handed sub 2:10's then every american in history combined. His Chicago battle with the late Sammy W. was one of the best duels of all time and his win there with him spinning his hat on his finger was pretty impressive as well so I look for him to take the tittle in a time around what he ran to win the last time 2:04 mid-high.

NYC, the money marathon. This is going to be an awesome race as well with Kipsang the defending champ leading the way squaring off against a host of talented runners and this years Boston winner. I can't see Kipsang loosing as the only man who, in my mind is better, and took him down in London was Kipchoge and he's running Berlin so look for a repeat from Kipsang.

Week in training


13 miles easy with strides - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - Race prep, 5X1km on the road off 2 minutes rest at the pace I was planning on running. The splits were 2:57, 2:56, 2:58, 2:57, 2:56. Here is the Garmin Activity, I let the watch run a few seconds before rolling into each rep. https://connect.garmin.com/activity/892207677 

12.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM/Lunch


5.5 miles easy with strides - AM


6 miles easy with Jason + a couple fast 200's in 27/28. - AM


4 miles easy + strides - PM


5.2 miles easy + strides with Costen - AM/Lunch


Race + warm up and cool down - 11.4 miles - AM

So that's about it. Obviously a little disappointing not running better on Sunday but I've had some bad ones this year and then bounced back with some great ones. After some struggles at the Half Marathon champs in Calgary I ran a huge 8km PR of 24:07 and actually split 14:50 for 5km, so it's just a matter of getting it right on race day and making sure I'm not carrying any lingering fatigue into the race with me. A similar thing happened at Yonge Street but a month later I ran a race I was proud of in Ottawa so there's always ups and downs. I'm still having fun, loving the process of training and am always eager to get out the door and train so there's lots to be thankful for and I intend to keep grinding until those times I'm looking for come.

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you guys and gals next time!
Keep your sticks on the ice.


Back to the grind today in crazy rain...The EXO jacket was key.

The home of the ultra fast Sasha Golish!

Boys out there ripping out a few quarters.

Watching some pre race stand up with Jacob, awesome meeting that kid, super nice and a big time talent in the steeple!

Not happy ha.

Working with my boy David Le Porho (66 minute half, 2:20 marathon last year in Berlin)

Neither of us are having a good day or a whole lot of fun ha.

Had to get a snap of these two lambos. The red one is a Superlegera edition, such a silly fast car.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Week of training leading into 5km champs and 6 weeks from STWM

Hello again running friends! What's new with you guys and girls? With XC, fall road racing and marathons on the horizon I bet your all killing it in your training. Always remember that it's never one big workout that determines the success of your training cycle, but the entirety of the segment itself. That's something I've learned studying the training of some of the top pros. Every workout doesn't need to be a home run, but make sure your get the workout in and the most out of your body on the day. You don't have to chase fitness, it comes with time, consistent uninterrupted training and finding the joy in the process.

I had two big sessions last week and a nice long run inside of a 135 mile week. I was pretty jazzed about it and after hitting a nice little 5km prep workout of 5X1km at goal race effort off 2' on the roads today I'm taking the mileage way back as I float into the national 5km road champs next Sunday in Toronto. Here is a little release about the race and the elite fields. http://athletics.ca/strong-elite-field-for-2015-canadian-5km-championships/#sthash.EvVi1HHV.dpbs It should be a great time and I look forward to racing alongside some awesome guys and girls. I probably wont wear a watch so I can just treat it like I did Ottawa and race people around me and get dragged to a fast time.

I have to keep this post short as while I type this my dog is head butting me in the leg, demanding to be taken for his walk. But I must share this piece that Steve Magness posted on Facebook about an hour ago regarding the developing news regarding the implication of Paula Radcliffe in the preliminary hearing that took place today. Steve is someone I respect tremendously and I suggest you all check out his blog and podcast as it's really one of the best sources out there. Blog here - http://www.scienceofrunning.com/ and the link to his Facebook post here - https://www.facebook.com/stephenmagness/posts/10100283829699831 I've always been very suspicious of Paula's use of PED's, but because she has been very outspoken against doping and before now has never directly been implicated I sort of just kept quiet but when I learned she wouldn't release her blood values and now with this implication I am starting to wonder a little bit more. To me that 2:15 just seems like far too much of an outlier and the fact that there are women running faster then she was for the half marathon who can't come within two and a half minutes of her time.....I don't know.....it just seems crazy. But who knows, I could be wrong and she may be 100% clean, but reading Steve's thoughts on the subject has me curious for more information and investigation.

My week in training.


12 miles easy with Jason - AM
8 mile shakeout - PM


Workout - 2X30' with 5 minutes recovery. The first 30 minutes was to be at my half marathon goal pace. I anticipate running about 5:10/mile pace for the half but this was a great workout where I ran 5:06/mile average (Here is the garmin activity https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765851) After that I ran the next 30 minutes at marathon pace. Now I have no intention of running a marathon but I assume I'd run about 2:25 give or take a minute so I ran the next 30 minutes at an average of 5:39/mile which felt super easy but I didn't want to go harder then that, (Here's the garmin activity for the second 30' - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765869 )

14.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM/Lunch
5 miles easy - PM


12 miles easy with Jason again + strides - AM
8 miles easy - PM


Workout - 10X800m at about 5km race pace with a 2 minute recovery where we jogged 200m back to the start of my 1km loop. This was a badass session. I started the reps with a 2:22 and got down to 2:15 by the end feeling good the whole way. The average was 2:18 for the 10 reps. I'll link to the garmin activity here once again - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/887035507 

12.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles + 10X10" hill sprints - PM


Long Run - This was a pretty easy run only 7:20/mile pace but it was more about providing some company to my buddy Jason who had a 20 miler on the books. It was a nice day and we did a really scenic route which was enjoyable. (Activity - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/888592309 )

20 miles easy - AM


14 miles easy with 10X20" strides - AM
6 miles easy - PM

Well that was my week, I felt really good about it and was really happy with the work that got done. As I mentioned I'm resting up this week and then after the 5km champs it's right back to the grind towards STWM. I hope to leave this fall season with a new 5km/10km/21.1km road PR so wish me luck! I'll take lots of great pictures this weekend in T.O and share them here next week as well as on social media so be sure to keep an eye on things.

Alright friends, I'm out but stay frosty and I'll see you soon,

Thanks Saucony for keeping your boy looking good with some fresh fall threads and kicks!

Same goes to Nth Degree for the nutrition support. Love the new flavors!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week that was in training and a few more thoughts on Beijing

Hey everybody, I trust your all planning out your fall schedules and putting in work! Today I had one of the best tempo runs of my life. I killed some great sessions on the treadmill these past few months but even with the conversion charts I don't think the effort ever really matches so I've been making sure to hammer them all out on the roads now on my 1km loop which is perfectly flat with 4 turns so I can get a good honest estimate of true fitness. My workout today was a 30 minute tempo at goal half marathon pace. For me that's around 5:10-5:14 but for some reason after I came through the first mile in 5:14 today it felt super smooth and easy so I picked it up a touch and ended up running the 30 minutes at a 5:06/mile average pace. I went through 5km in 15:50 or so feeling great. Part of me wanted to keep going until I hit 10km in 31:40 just for the sake of running a decent 10km in practice. As I mentioned before I'm on strava if you guys or girls ever want to have a look at all the details of my training but here is the splits of todays session from my garmin activity  https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765851 . Anyway. I'll make this post as short as possible touching briefly on some thoughts I had after the conclusion of the world champs followed by a quick training recap.

Some more thoughts on the final few days of the 2015 WC.

1 - Melissa Bishop not only ran an outstanding Canadian record time in the heats of 1:57.5 but came back with a silver medal performance in the final, solidifying herself as one of the best half milers in the world. This shows that with consistency, faith in your coach and the process, greatness can be achieved. I'm so stoked for Melissa, she's such a sweetheart and this really lifts the 800 in Canada as an event in general.

2 - Asbel Kiprop is KING! This guy when he's on can't be touched. I read on let's run that Asbel right now is competing in an era with the most ever active sub 3:30 guys of all time and the most active number of top 10 all time 1500m performers. He blew the doors off the 2012 Olympic champ with 80 meters to go who also happens to be a 3:28 performer. I really want to see a record attempt again from him. He definitely has the ability to take a shot at 3:26.00. The guy is so majestic looking. Like to see the movement of his body when he's running a 51 second final 400. It looks like he's jogging. Never straining and always eating up track like no other.

3 - Almaz Ayana is a BEAST over 5000m. It was no fluke when this girl ran 14:14.3 in Shanghai early this year. To watch her change gears and drop a 65 second 400 mid race was insane. She covered her last 3k in 8:19. When I saw that......I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I would have never imagined anyone could go away from Dibaba like that. We do need to realize that Dibaba was obviously running on tired legs. But this was also somewhat her own fault. In the 1500m heats she would go to the front and just blast the last 800 when she could have run much easier to qualify. I mean a 1:56 final 800 in the 1500m final. That had to hurt her here in the 5k final but what's great is that these two young athletes will have plenty of opportunities to go back and fourth on the circuit and in championship finals in the years to come. but major props to Ayana for taking the race by the scruff of the neck and running away from arguably the best female distance runner on the planet.

4 - Mo Farah....did we expect anything different? I see these guys on the let's run message boards saying they should have turned it into a 12:50 race and then it would have been competitive. Really? You think Farah can't run under 12:50 and still close like a train? Look at his indoor two mile, 8:03 all alone and closing with a 27 second 200m. There was no way Farah wasn't winning that race. Your best bet is to wait it out until he slows down and just battle for the silver and hope Mo has an off day. a guy with 3:28 1500m speed and 59:30 half strength isn't going to have any issues with the current crop of 5k/10k guys. You'd need a 25 year old Bernard Lagat to take him down in a slow tactical race. That's about it. Anyway, I enjoyed the race and thought there were some great performances from the Americans as well as the Ethiopians.

My week that was in training


12 miles super easy with Jason at lunch - AM/Lunch
8 miles easy + 10X20" strides - PM


Workout - 4X1 threshold miles off a 400m jog recovery. I did this on my road loop with Jason. It was really windy on two sides so I could never nail down my pace or effort. The first one was WAY too hard for a threshold mile in 4:50. But after that I pulled it back to 5:06, 4:59, 4:58. My actual threshold is closer to 5:10 I think but again, the effort was hard to judge so I was OK running a little bit faster.

11 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM
9 miles easy - PM


OFF - AM (I had meetings at work and didn't end up getting away at all)
12 miles easy with 10X15" hill sprints - PM


Workout - Treadmill fartlek, I had our provincial 5km championships on Sunday and I wasn't sure if Jordan or Colin (Fewer) were going to be running so I knew that I'd only be able to do something light as I'd have to be ready to run under 15 if they showed up. I did 10X2' on 2' off. I just stuck the treadmill on 4:48/mile pace (14:55 5km pace). for the "on" segments and ran 6:00/mile pace for the "off" segments. This was a super easy workout obviously but it left me feeling confident and quick.

10 miles on the treadmill with warm up and cool down - AM
3 miles easy - PM


5.2 miles easy with four 30 second 200's to feel snappy - PM


3.2 miles easy with strides - AM


Provincial 5km Championship, I got on the line and didn't see the boys so I took it out conservative to see if anyone wanted to or was ready to run fast and went through the mile in 4:58 and already had a little gap that started to form after the first K. I figured I'd take it easy and just keep it there at 5 minute pace so I'd be able to get a long run in after. I was happy to get the win with a very comfortably mid 15 effort. I'm excited to get after a fast road 5km in Yorkville on the 13th.

6 miles with warm up and no real cool down - AM
14 miles in the afternoon, 10 with Tommy Martin who's home from Ireland - PM

So that was my week, I believe I ran right around 90 miles. I started hitting it hard again on Monday and this week has been going great so it's all about putting in the work and having a great fall of races. I'm getting excited for XC to start as well to get a look at how all the squads are looking and to see how my maritime boys will do. I'm anticipating some BIG seasons from my boy Cal and Alex so look for them to be throwing down in the AUS conference.

I'll attach a couple pics and get out of here. But thanks for reading, and keep it locked for all things running,


Pic by my boy Zach Wheeler - http://zachwheeler.ca/

Yeah, I always look so bad when I run ha, you'll never find a good pic

Getting er' done

Shoutout to CEP for and Smith, didn't need them during the race but definitely after.

Tittle defended.

Tommy Martin, the legend, back home for a bit from Ireland where he's finishing his PhD. He's a stud runner and triathlete. Don't mind the hair, I already told him it looks greasy. 

(More pics to come next week, twice in a row now my phone hasn't been with me while I'm writing my blog update so next time there will be some better ones, less running related ha)