Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Canadian 5km champs post-mortem + Fall marathon season

Hey friends,

I hope your all doing well. I'm going to jump right into this post and just own it. I sucked this weekend, yup, that's all there is to say. When you suck in a race or bomb, there's no point making excuses you need to own it. So that's what I'm doing. I ran a sorry excuse for a race. I mean I tempod a 30 minute road tempo at almost the same pace the week before the race. A mid 15 sucks any way you look at it. Now, I'm not trying to disparage anyone else's results as times are all relative. I bet some people rocked out that race to the best of their abilities and earned a shiny new PB that could be 14 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. I'm just speaking relative to what I expected I'm not happy. But thankfully there's always another race and I'm not going to get down or dwell upon it for too long. Obviously I need to analyze why I had a poor performance. I feel like it was a combination of running 4 weeks of mileage above 135 in the last 5 week before the race and doing so many long half marathon workouts. So I'll know better next time, but hopefully it leads to a great half at scotiabank. So yeah, I'm putting that one behind me. Because despite not having the race I wanted and leaving having run something in the 14's and being competitive I had a BLAST! I got to spend some time running with Jeff Costen, who's such a great dude and I'm sure despite also not leaving with the results he desired (Also in the mid 15's) He's going to come on strong as the fall comes on and I suspect he's going to go under his half marathon PB he set last year of 68:02. In addition it was also awesome to see my other running buds from around the country, talking marathons with Rachel and Dana, rooming with Jacob Smith, who's also a super nice dude with redonkulous talent and getting a chance to chat with Steve Boyd. Now, as I mentioned to Steve, he's the one who set the fire under me to start training when he gave a talk here in Newfoundland a few years ago when he came down to run the Tely 10. Steve is such an awesome guy to have around the sport in Canada and is just a wealth of knowledge. It's no fluke that his guys are all killing it. So while on the topic, MAJOR props to Alex Wilkie! Dude ran a hell of a race, and has done like one "I" paced workout so that kid is in for a large cross country season that I look forward to following. Lastly, I want to thank John for the opportunity to run in the championship as well as MB! Thanks to you both for taking care of me and I assure you guys that next year I'll run a time far quicker, that's a promise. I can't wait to race it again next season.

Before I get into a little bit of marathon talk I want to give a shout out to my boy Ryan Noel-Hodge. He's really killing his training right now, just up on his own in northern Quebec living on that grind. I can't wait to race the half in October with this guy. I won't be working with him to the same degree as we did in Ottawa running 31 at the race weekend 10km as he's been crushing it lately and will be splitting that back to back if all goes well. Look for a big time race from him. Costen and I will hopefully be somewhat close and watch you run that goal time of yours! Keep it up man.

The quickly approaching fall marathon season

Well, it's that time of year and I'm getting pretty excited. I'll dive more into the 3 majors that are coming our way in another post but with Berlin so close I had to touch on it briefly. I'll only touch on the men's marathons as not much has been announced for the women's fields but I'm really amped for their races as well and love the depth in the women's marathon right now. In Berlin the Big 3 are G Mutai, E. Mutai and the best marathoner on the planet and who I predict for the win in what could be a new world record time if he gets the right day, Eliud Kipchoge. This guy has all the tools and is at his peak in the marathon right now. The guy owns a 12:46 5000m PR and beat the two former world records holders in London last year and looked like he was in Beastmode doing it those last two miles. I can see Emmanuel Mutai doing what he did last year to help Kimetto get the WR and pushing the pace when the rabbits drop at 30k as it's the only thing we haven't seen out of Kipchoge, a super fast sub 2:04 performance and Mutai has two to his name, one being a very low 2:03. I really like the dynamic of this race and it's also going to be fun to watch Reid go after the Canadian Record on the best course for it to fall.

As for Chicago that's also shaping up with a nice field of Elites. As I mentioned I'll break all these down in depth before the race happens but I like my man Kebede in this one. He's only a little fella but he's one of the best pure marathon runners ever with more single handed sub 2:10's then every american in history combined. His Chicago battle with the late Sammy W. was one of the best duels of all time and his win there with him spinning his hat on his finger was pretty impressive as well so I look for him to take the tittle in a time around what he ran to win the last time 2:04 mid-high.

NYC, the money marathon. This is going to be an awesome race as well with Kipsang the defending champ leading the way squaring off against a host of talented runners and this years Boston winner. I can't see Kipsang loosing as the only man who, in my mind is better, and took him down in London was Kipchoge and he's running Berlin so look for a repeat from Kipsang.

Week in training


13 miles easy with strides - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - Race prep, 5X1km on the road off 2 minutes rest at the pace I was planning on running. The splits were 2:57, 2:56, 2:58, 2:57, 2:56. Here is the Garmin Activity, I let the watch run a few seconds before rolling into each rep. https://connect.garmin.com/activity/892207677 

12.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM/Lunch


5.5 miles easy with strides - AM


6 miles easy with Jason + a couple fast 200's in 27/28. - AM


4 miles easy + strides - PM


5.2 miles easy + strides with Costen - AM/Lunch


Race + warm up and cool down - 11.4 miles - AM

So that's about it. Obviously a little disappointing not running better on Sunday but I've had some bad ones this year and then bounced back with some great ones. After some struggles at the Half Marathon champs in Calgary I ran a huge 8km PR of 24:07 and actually split 14:50 for 5km, so it's just a matter of getting it right on race day and making sure I'm not carrying any lingering fatigue into the race with me. A similar thing happened at Yonge Street but a month later I ran a race I was proud of in Ottawa so there's always ups and downs. I'm still having fun, loving the process of training and am always eager to get out the door and train so there's lots to be thankful for and I intend to keep grinding until those times I'm looking for come.

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you guys and gals next time!
Keep your sticks on the ice.


Back to the grind today in crazy rain...The EXO jacket was key.

The home of the ultra fast Sasha Golish!

Boys out there ripping out a few quarters.

Watching some pre race stand up with Jacob, awesome meeting that kid, super nice and a big time talent in the steeple!

Not happy ha.

Working with my boy David Le Porho (66 minute half, 2:20 marathon last year in Berlin)

Neither of us are having a good day or a whole lot of fun ha.

Had to get a snap of these two lambos. The red one is a Superlegera edition, such a silly fast car.


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