Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week in training and the busy fall season.

Hey friends,

Are any of you guys as amped up as I am about all this fall racing going on? With XC, fall road races and the world marathon majors back in full swing I'm glued to trackie, twitter and whatever live streams of races I can find. Last weekend saw some great action at the Vic Mathews meet. McNiel looked to have an awesome race and is clearly gunning for a high finish at CIS. Out west some schools took in a few meets and it seems there has certainly been some strong summer training as a bunch of guys and girls ran well. Shoutout to my boy Declan White on mixing it up at the Sundoger invite and running a strong time of 24:22. Speaking of that race, Jorgensen and Johnston also ran incredible races coming in 1st and 2ed out of the collegians competing.

Funny story about Declan real quick. As you guys and girls reading this probably recall, last year at CIS XC champs here in St. John's, Declan tried to make a break for it and lead on his own for a couple laps before the pack caught him and then a group of 4, I believe, broke away with a lap to go. Anyway, I was running around trying to film what I could for Trackie.ca and get it to Mr. Adam "Trackie" Stacy. Now to set the stage for this you have to understand that very few people in St. John's follow running closely, let alone CIS so I would hear a few local runners talking about Declan out front being like "oh this kid has gone out way too fast, what's he doing? He's going to blow up", then after the race I run into a couple guys who actually run a decent amount and are like 16 minute 5k guys and who I figured at least knew Declan's pedigree be like "Dave who was that guy trying to take it from the gun?" After I told them they proceeded to say "yeah, that wasn't smart, did he even finish?" I said, yeah he held on pretty well and tried to explain that he was a 3:45 1500m guy at the time but the answer I got was, "this isn't a 1500m man it's a 10km". So fast forward to this spring, I get back from Toronto and bump into one of the guys. He asks me how my race went. I say it went well and that I ran a mid 31 10k, and tell him that Colin Fewer ran a 30:44 out in Vancouver the same day for the sun run. He proceeds to say good job and we talk about how consistent Colin is and that he had a great race to open the season. I then told him Declan ran under 30 minutes in the same race, the guy who he figured had no business trying to go for the win at CIS.......I didn't get much of an acknowledgment for pointing this out the previous fall or anything. I mean I didn't even care. I only bring it up because there's nothing I hate more then arm chair analysts who think that they can just point out random facts and think they are making sense. This is a young kid out there mixing it up making it an honest race. Give him credit, don't call it a foolish move or mock him. Anyway, that story turned into a rant. But when I see a good race from Declan I always give him a Kudos on strava or a little msg on twitter. Keep killing it bud!

Anyway, my training is going great this week and today I had a very solid session of 2X35'. The first 35 I ran at my goal half marathon pace which is between 5:08-5:15/mile depending on how I'm feeling. I rolled the 35 minutes at 5:12 feeling super comfortable and passed 10km in 32:19 not working too hard so that was a great sign. The next 35 minute I paced my training partner Jason at his marathon pace and that rep ended up being 5:42/mile average. So I got like 13 miles of work done in 70 minute today which was great. Here are the garmin activities. 1st rep at my HM pace - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678366 2ed rep at Jason's MP - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678386

Berlin Marathon

As I mentioned last week this is a big one to watch. I think Eliud Kipchoge has a real chance at breaking the WR of 2:02:57 if he gets the right day and good pace making. It will help if he has a race on his hands and one of the Mutai's is there to keep the pace going after 30k. I suspect it will be Emmanuel Mutai who was there until the last 4k last year and ran the second fastest record eligible time in history finishing second to Kimetto. Obviously this is not a soft record and everything will have to go right but Kipchoge is an athlete with the pedigree to take down that record. He's not one of these new breed of marathoner like Kimetto who's gone strait to the roads. Kipchoge is as decorated as they come on the track. He's got the scalps of El G and Bekele from the WC's in Paris from 2003 in the 5000m. He has been around a long time and has incredible range, at the age of 30 he is at the perfect point in his career to take a crack at this record. It's going to be fantastic to watch. We also have our boy Reid going after that magical Canadian Record. His training has been going awesome from what I've seen on Strava and he showed at Rotterdam this spring that he's got lots of fast running left in his legs. On a rather windy day he managed a 2:11:21. So I think if it's a perfect day like what Kipchoge needs then the record attempt could be on. Either way I'm excited to watch. Here is an article talking about Kipchoge - http://www.sport24.co.za/OtherSport/Athletics/International/Kipchoge-eyes-world-record-in-Berlin-20150922

Week in training


17 miles with 7X300m in 46" at the end - AM
3 mile shakeout - PM


13 miles easy in the pouring rain - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - We had an insane amount of rain so my training partner and I decided to do this on the indoor track. Originally I wanted to do 10X1 threshold miles but obviously I can't do that on a 200m indoor track and call myself a somewhat rational person. Instead we decided on 5X1km + 10X200m. I hit the 1km's at 5km pace. 2:55, 2:56, 2:54, 2:53, 2:54. and the 200's we traded the lead, on the ones Jason led I was running 30 seconds and on the ones I led it was 27/28. (done in spikes)

10 miles with workout on the track - AM
10 miles easy in the rain - PM


12 miles at like an 8 minute mile, my legs hurt from the indoor track - AM
8 miles at a better clip in the evening of around 6:30/mile pace - PM


10 miles with 10X200m at the end in 30 seconds just feeling relaxed and fast - AM
10 miles easy - PM


Workout - I was supposed to do this with Jason and run a half marathon at Marathon effort. He couldn't make it out and I didn't have the mental fortitude to go out and run a 1:12/1:13 half on my own so I decided I'd do 40 minutes of Steady State or Marathon effort. I believe I covered about 7.3 miles or so and was 33:41 at 10km. The average pace was 5:24. Here is the garmin activity - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/903241964

13 miles with workout - AM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles with strides - PM

Anyway, that was my week, it was a great one. As you no doubt notice I've started adding 200's and 300's to some of my easy days. Not enough to cause much stress or anything and they are run fast but relaxed. I feel like this might really help the efficiency and where I'm not really doing workouts dedicated to R pace work that it will cover that area of my training. I also chatted with my baud Josh S. about why I had a bad performance at the 5km champs and he pointed out that I'd gone from holding 135 miles a week and hitting workouts well at that volume down to 60 miles for race week. Obviously this was far too much to drop and it's why I felt like crap. Aerobically running a mid 15 doesn't ever feel that hard as I'm tempoing shorter workouts 30 minutes and under near that pace but I felt dead legged and like I couldn't get into a smooth rhythm running 4:45 pace. So this is something I'm going to take care of in my tune up 10km before Scotiabank. Ideally I'd like to run around 30:45 - 30:59. If I can hit that I'll know I'm where I need to be. 

I'll clue things up here and I'll chat with you fine folks next week. In my next post I'm going to share with you guys a new game changing shoe with new technology that Saucony will be rolling out later this year. I've been testing a pair before they drop and I'm really loving them so that will be up next week so keep an eye out.

Keep rockin'

In my basement knocking on the window and waking up Popper :(

He wanted to come and see if it was important...

He wasn't impressed with me...

I ordered a pair of the new Kineta Relay for my Dad, they are seriously such a comfy shoe for just kicking it around town and my Dad likes to stay busy so I'll be giving these to him for sure.

On the road today for work heading to Clarenville for a meeting, beauty day on the roads

Looking at what I'm going to get next when I trade in my 2013 A3 S-Line later this year. I'm thinking either a 2016 S3 like this or an A5 with S-Line package again.

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