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Week in training and Reid rolling in Berlin + Everun preview

Hello hello, how's everyone making out this week? If I was to bet I'd say the majority of you raced something! I can hardly keep up with the race results there have been so many fantastic races going down. Congrats to everyone out there rocking out on the roads and trails. In this post I'll quickly talk about a couple races, do a recap of my training which I'm super happy about and clue things up with previewing/breaking down Saucony's brand new midsole/topsole tech that will be launching later this year and making it's way into some of your favorite shoes once the updated versions drop.

Firstly, let me give a couple shout out to some great performances by some friends of mine here locally who ran the Huffin Puffin half and full marathons. I'll start with my boy Sheldon Marsh, you may have heard me referring to him here before, "Marshy". He's a super busy guy who's a science department head at a local school and has a son who he's always out and about with but this guy loves to run and after taking it up a couple years ago has made some great gains. He took 3rd place in the half with something like a 3 minute personal best. He will be making the trip to Scotiabank with me and a crew from the rock in October and I fully expect another PB from him there. Way to go Marshy! There were some other great performances from Trev Trahey, Ed Durnford, Jaime West, Adam Ryan, Rudy in the full, Caroline, Ian, Laura, Shantel, Jeff, Tanya, I could list lots more but just know I was super pumped for all of you and enjoyed running around the course and cheering you all on!

Marshy giving me the play by play of his race!

Next a quick shout out to the STFX boys, by the looks of the pictures and the results I'd venture to say they just got into a pack, took things back to the early 90's and went mighty ducks style with the flying "V" and rolled together as a team getting a nice training stimulus in and practicing some pack running. Alex is back, healthy and rolling which is great to see and good ol' Cal Dewolf man, that legend took the win! Don't sleep on Cal this year, he's fit and ready to rock.

Finally Reid Coolsaet man, what a stud. Steve Boyd summed it up best on the forums so I won't try to top what he said as Steve's a much better wordsmith then myself but I'll echo what he said. Reid is a true testament to determination, perseverance and hard work. He ran a hell of a race and I do firmly believe he's got a sub 2:10 in him. He's such a competitor and what all young Canadian runners should look to and aspire to be like. Reid himself will tell you he didn't have an insane amount of talent and didn't run blazing fast in high school but man, he kept progressing and when you look at his resume it shows. He's got great times to his name from his 3:40 1500m all the way to his shiny new 2:10:29. I wanted to talk about Kipchge's awesome run with the lack of insoles in his shoes but I'm leaving that for another day. In my mind Reid had the race of the day so I'm stopping it here. Congrats man, I'm so stoked for you bud, and can't wait to follow your journey back to the Olympics. Keep doing what your doing man.

I got this pic from Reid's blog, go check out his recap here - http://reidcoolsaet.com/2015/09/27/berlin-marathon/

Week that was in training.


10 miles easy on the treadmill (It was raining crazy hard) - AM
10 miles easy on the trails - PM


Workout - 2X35' with a 5 minute recovery. The first 35 was at my goal half marathon pace. It went really well. I went through 10km in 32:17 and felt great. This will be the plan in Toronto. I'll try to go with the 2:16 marathon group and evenly run 16:05's-16:10/5km. Here's the link to that run - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/906678366 The next 35' I paced Jason at a little quicker then Marathon pace, I believe the average pace was 5:42. I linked the activity last week so scroll down and you'll find it. I was happy with this workout as a whole.

15 miles with workout - AM
5 miles easy - PM


12 miles super slow with Jason - AM
10 miles with Marshy and Lodgy - PM


Workout - 6X800m at 5km race pace with a 200m jog recovery to the start of my 1km loop followed by 10X200 at 1500m pace with a full 200m jog recovery. This workout was great, I'll attach the garmin activity but the 800's averaged 2:20 and felt silky smooth running that pace, as they should feel and I focused on running fast and relaxed on the 200's. I hit 31's like clockwork focusing on form and fluidity and ran the last one fast in 27. Gamin data - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/908542614

11 miles with workout - AM
10 miles easy - PM


13 miles but paced Fraser to 45' at 5:45/mile pace. So some steady state in there - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy with Fraser - AM
10 miles with 10X200 in 31 seconds - PM


16 miles super easy around the Marathon course cheering friends - AM
4 miles with some fast 200's at the end - PM

So that was my week, high mileage, but feeling awesome. Things are clicking so all I need to do is get through this week and then start tapering a bit for the next two weeks. I'll have to seek out some guidance to make sure I get this taper right this time around. The hay is in the barn as they say.

Saucony EVERUN

So I teased this last week. Everun is a new technology that the developers at the Saucony performance lab cooked up and it's seriously a game changer. The basic idea is that this new material is actually placed directly under the foot in the topsole so you get immediate feedback and pressure gets taken off the forefoot. It's much more responsive then anything else they have used in the past and it will be showing up in some of your favorite Saucony shoes as the fall comes and we move into the 2016 calendar year. I'm not going to give out the product flow chart but know that by the second quarter of 2016 you'll see it in most of the shoes you all enjoy like the Triumph, Hurricane, Kinvara, Peregrine and the Guide. Everun will be used in different variations from a full length topsole +landing zone in the triumph and hurricane to a heel insert in the Kinvara 7 when it's released. 

Anyway, how does it feel and what did I notice running miles back to back going from the Triump ISO with Powergrid+ to the Triumph ISO 2 with Everun? My initial feeling was one of insane energy return. When I put the shoe on my foot the ISO lock down around the laces felt snug and just like the first version of the shoe but the difference is all in the ride. I found that it felt as though the shoe or the road depending on how you want to look at it was giving energy back to me and I felt really snappy when I would spring off the ground. It felt a little firmer then the previous version with the powergrid+ but in a way that made me want to run fast and gave incredible feedback. When I looked at the outsole there was some changes to the placement of the IBR+ blown rubber but I didn't notice it at all and these shoes are ones you can get so many miles in that you won't notice much wear until your really deep into them with miles. 

I didn't imagine myself finding a better version of the Triumph, me and my friends here in town normally always talk about how the triumph ISO is like running with pillows on your feet and it feels so good to just roll mile after mile in. And with all that cushioning the shoe still only weighs in at 10.6 ounces for a men's sample size. I mean, you can't beat that. So I had high expectations for this new version when my good friend Linda sent this pair down for me to try and the new version with Everun surpassed my expectations. It worked out perfectly as I had just broken out a new pair of the original ISO's and I really felt like I could compare two brand new shoes side by side. 

Anyway, I believe this shoe will be available the first of November at a shop near you. So anyone who's a fan of the last generation you'll want to get into these and anyone who's never tried the triumph, just give it a go and let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. For my Kinvara friends, I'll get my feet into the 7's and let you know how Everun stacks up in those but I foresee much of the same Kinvara goodness that keeps up running in them!

Left the new Triumph ISO 2 with Everun and the Original ISO on the right

The upper feels identical when it's on your foot and locks down really well.

Ground contact is the same

As I mentioned the placing of outsole material in the form of IBR+ changes a little.

You can see on the left, the topsole is right under the shock liner.

On another note, it was 25 degrees here today, shorts and shadows sockless at work today with no meetings on the books! :)

And last week I mentioned I got my Dad into some Kineta Relays....well my Mom wanted in, and that lady is awesome so you know I had to hook her up. :)

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