Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Week of training leading into 5km champs and 6 weeks from STWM

Hello again running friends! What's new with you guys and girls? With XC, fall road racing and marathons on the horizon I bet your all killing it in your training. Always remember that it's never one big workout that determines the success of your training cycle, but the entirety of the segment itself. That's something I've learned studying the training of some of the top pros. Every workout doesn't need to be a home run, but make sure your get the workout in and the most out of your body on the day. You don't have to chase fitness, it comes with time, consistent uninterrupted training and finding the joy in the process.

I had two big sessions last week and a nice long run inside of a 135 mile week. I was pretty jazzed about it and after hitting a nice little 5km prep workout of 5X1km at goal race effort off 2' on the roads today I'm taking the mileage way back as I float into the national 5km road champs next Sunday in Toronto. Here is a little release about the race and the elite fields. http://athletics.ca/strong-elite-field-for-2015-canadian-5km-championships/#sthash.EvVi1HHV.dpbs It should be a great time and I look forward to racing alongside some awesome guys and girls. I probably wont wear a watch so I can just treat it like I did Ottawa and race people around me and get dragged to a fast time.

I have to keep this post short as while I type this my dog is head butting me in the leg, demanding to be taken for his walk. But I must share this piece that Steve Magness posted on Facebook about an hour ago regarding the developing news regarding the implication of Paula Radcliffe in the preliminary hearing that took place today. Steve is someone I respect tremendously and I suggest you all check out his blog and podcast as it's really one of the best sources out there. Blog here - http://www.scienceofrunning.com/ and the link to his Facebook post here - https://www.facebook.com/stephenmagness/posts/10100283829699831 I've always been very suspicious of Paula's use of PED's, but because she has been very outspoken against doping and before now has never directly been implicated I sort of just kept quiet but when I learned she wouldn't release her blood values and now with this implication I am starting to wonder a little bit more. To me that 2:15 just seems like far too much of an outlier and the fact that there are women running faster then she was for the half marathon who can't come within two and a half minutes of her time.....I don't know.....it just seems crazy. But who knows, I could be wrong and she may be 100% clean, but reading Steve's thoughts on the subject has me curious for more information and investigation.

My week in training.


12 miles easy with Jason - AM
8 mile shakeout - PM


Workout - 2X30' with 5 minutes recovery. The first 30 minutes was to be at my half marathon goal pace. I anticipate running about 5:10/mile pace for the half but this was a great workout where I ran 5:06/mile average (Here is the garmin activity https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765851) After that I ran the next 30 minutes at marathon pace. Now I have no intention of running a marathon but I assume I'd run about 2:25 give or take a minute so I ran the next 30 minutes at an average of 5:39/mile which felt super easy but I didn't want to go harder then that, (Here's the garmin activity for the second 30' - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765869 )

14.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM/Lunch
5 miles easy - PM


12 miles easy with Jason again + strides - AM
8 miles easy - PM


Workout - 10X800m at about 5km race pace with a 2 minute recovery where we jogged 200m back to the start of my 1km loop. This was a badass session. I started the reps with a 2:22 and got down to 2:15 by the end feeling good the whole way. The average was 2:18 for the 10 reps. I'll link to the garmin activity here once again - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/887035507 

12.5 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles + 10X10" hill sprints - PM


Long Run - This was a pretty easy run only 7:20/mile pace but it was more about providing some company to my buddy Jason who had a 20 miler on the books. It was a nice day and we did a really scenic route which was enjoyable. (Activity - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/888592309 )

20 miles easy - AM


14 miles easy with 10X20" strides - AM
6 miles easy - PM

Well that was my week, I felt really good about it and was really happy with the work that got done. As I mentioned I'm resting up this week and then after the 5km champs it's right back to the grind towards STWM. I hope to leave this fall season with a new 5km/10km/21.1km road PR so wish me luck! I'll take lots of great pictures this weekend in T.O and share them here next week as well as on social media so be sure to keep an eye on things.

Alright friends, I'm out but stay frosty and I'll see you soon,

Thanks Saucony for keeping your boy looking good with some fresh fall threads and kicks!

Same goes to Nth Degree for the nutrition support. Love the new flavors!

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