Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week that was in training and a few more thoughts on Beijing

Hey everybody, I trust your all planning out your fall schedules and putting in work! Today I had one of the best tempo runs of my life. I killed some great sessions on the treadmill these past few months but even with the conversion charts I don't think the effort ever really matches so I've been making sure to hammer them all out on the roads now on my 1km loop which is perfectly flat with 4 turns so I can get a good honest estimate of true fitness. My workout today was a 30 minute tempo at goal half marathon pace. For me that's around 5:10-5:14 but for some reason after I came through the first mile in 5:14 today it felt super smooth and easy so I picked it up a touch and ended up running the 30 minutes at a 5:06/mile average pace. I went through 5km in 15:50 or so feeling great. Part of me wanted to keep going until I hit 10km in 31:40 just for the sake of running a decent 10km in practice. As I mentioned before I'm on strava if you guys or girls ever want to have a look at all the details of my training but here is the splits of todays session from my garmin activity  https://connect.garmin.com/activity/884765851 . Anyway. I'll make this post as short as possible touching briefly on some thoughts I had after the conclusion of the world champs followed by a quick training recap.

Some more thoughts on the final few days of the 2015 WC.

1 - Melissa Bishop not only ran an outstanding Canadian record time in the heats of 1:57.5 but came back with a silver medal performance in the final, solidifying herself as one of the best half milers in the world. This shows that with consistency, faith in your coach and the process, greatness can be achieved. I'm so stoked for Melissa, she's such a sweetheart and this really lifts the 800 in Canada as an event in general.

2 - Asbel Kiprop is KING! This guy when he's on can't be touched. I read on let's run that Asbel right now is competing in an era with the most ever active sub 3:30 guys of all time and the most active number of top 10 all time 1500m performers. He blew the doors off the 2012 Olympic champ with 80 meters to go who also happens to be a 3:28 performer. I really want to see a record attempt again from him. He definitely has the ability to take a shot at 3:26.00. The guy is so majestic looking. Like to see the movement of his body when he's running a 51 second final 400. It looks like he's jogging. Never straining and always eating up track like no other.

3 - Almaz Ayana is a BEAST over 5000m. It was no fluke when this girl ran 14:14.3 in Shanghai early this year. To watch her change gears and drop a 65 second 400 mid race was insane. She covered her last 3k in 8:19. When I saw that......I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I would have never imagined anyone could go away from Dibaba like that. We do need to realize that Dibaba was obviously running on tired legs. But this was also somewhat her own fault. In the 1500m heats she would go to the front and just blast the last 800 when she could have run much easier to qualify. I mean a 1:56 final 800 in the 1500m final. That had to hurt her here in the 5k final but what's great is that these two young athletes will have plenty of opportunities to go back and fourth on the circuit and in championship finals in the years to come. but major props to Ayana for taking the race by the scruff of the neck and running away from arguably the best female distance runner on the planet.

4 - Mo Farah....did we expect anything different? I see these guys on the let's run message boards saying they should have turned it into a 12:50 race and then it would have been competitive. Really? You think Farah can't run under 12:50 and still close like a train? Look at his indoor two mile, 8:03 all alone and closing with a 27 second 200m. There was no way Farah wasn't winning that race. Your best bet is to wait it out until he slows down and just battle for the silver and hope Mo has an off day. a guy with 3:28 1500m speed and 59:30 half strength isn't going to have any issues with the current crop of 5k/10k guys. You'd need a 25 year old Bernard Lagat to take him down in a slow tactical race. That's about it. Anyway, I enjoyed the race and thought there were some great performances from the Americans as well as the Ethiopians.

My week that was in training


12 miles super easy with Jason at lunch - AM/Lunch
8 miles easy + 10X20" strides - PM


Workout - 4X1 threshold miles off a 400m jog recovery. I did this on my road loop with Jason. It was really windy on two sides so I could never nail down my pace or effort. The first one was WAY too hard for a threshold mile in 4:50. But after that I pulled it back to 5:06, 4:59, 4:58. My actual threshold is closer to 5:10 I think but again, the effort was hard to judge so I was OK running a little bit faster.

11 miles with workout, warm up/cool down - AM
9 miles easy - PM


OFF - AM (I had meetings at work and didn't end up getting away at all)
12 miles easy with 10X15" hill sprints - PM


Workout - Treadmill fartlek, I had our provincial 5km championships on Sunday and I wasn't sure if Jordan or Colin (Fewer) were going to be running so I knew that I'd only be able to do something light as I'd have to be ready to run under 15 if they showed up. I did 10X2' on 2' off. I just stuck the treadmill on 4:48/mile pace (14:55 5km pace). for the "on" segments and ran 6:00/mile pace for the "off" segments. This was a super easy workout obviously but it left me feeling confident and quick.

10 miles on the treadmill with warm up and cool down - AM
3 miles easy - PM


5.2 miles easy with four 30 second 200's to feel snappy - PM


3.2 miles easy with strides - AM


Provincial 5km Championship, I got on the line and didn't see the boys so I took it out conservative to see if anyone wanted to or was ready to run fast and went through the mile in 4:58 and already had a little gap that started to form after the first K. I figured I'd take it easy and just keep it there at 5 minute pace so I'd be able to get a long run in after. I was happy to get the win with a very comfortably mid 15 effort. I'm excited to get after a fast road 5km in Yorkville on the 13th.

6 miles with warm up and no real cool down - AM
14 miles in the afternoon, 10 with Tommy Martin who's home from Ireland - PM

So that was my week, I believe I ran right around 90 miles. I started hitting it hard again on Monday and this week has been going great so it's all about putting in the work and having a great fall of races. I'm getting excited for XC to start as well to get a look at how all the squads are looking and to see how my maritime boys will do. I'm anticipating some BIG seasons from my boy Cal and Alex so look for them to be throwing down in the AUS conference.

I'll attach a couple pics and get out of here. But thanks for reading, and keep it locked for all things running,


Pic by my boy Zach Wheeler - http://zachwheeler.ca/

Yeah, I always look so bad when I run ha, you'll never find a good pic

Getting er' done

Shoutout to CEP for and Smith, didn't need them during the race but definitely after.

Tittle defended.

Tommy Martin, the legend, back home for a bit from Ireland where he's finishing his PhD. He's a stud runner and triathlete. Don't mind the hair, I already told him it looks greasy. 

(More pics to come next week, twice in a row now my phone hasn't been with me while I'm writing my blog update so next time there will be some better ones, less running related ha)

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