Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New 10km PB, STWM next weekend and Chicago without pacemakers.

What's up friends? I hope your all getting great weather like we are here in Newfoundland. I was out today on the trails and it was absolutely gorgeous. Fall is definitely the best time to train, you get that smell in the air, you guy's know what I mean. It's cross country weather. Speaking of cross, things are really heating up both here in the CIS and in the NCAA. I'm pretty pumped to see how the next few weeks play out. After I get back from Scotiabank I'm going to have to get some workouts in on the grass and make sure I'm ready to go for nationals in Kingston. Anyway, in this post I'll quickly rant about the Chicago Marathon, my race last Sunday where I managed to run a 10km PB and break down last week's training. I'm 5 days out from the Scotiabank half so things are definitely lower this week mileage and intensity wise. I feel like I'm peaking at just the right time and I gained some confidence from my run Sunday clicking off 5 minute miles or slightly faster under control. If all goes well I should be able to come through 10km in 32:10-32:20 and then keep working through the rest of the course and try to come out with a big time PB.

Chicago Marathon thoughts

1 - Deena Kastor is amazing! Deena ran a fantastic race and came out with a 2:27 and a new American Master's record. After that performance I'm really liking her chances at the trials. Obviously baring injury Shalane and Desi are a lock for the top two spots and the third will be a battle between Deena and Amy Craig (Hastings). There's a good few american women who've run between 2:28-2:32 but they did that in a time trial type race and don't have that killer instinct to take the race by the scruff of the neck and impose their game plan. Deena won't be nervous being in a pack of 5-6 fighting for that last spot and won't crack under pressure. Amy has also been there before and even tho she couldn't pull it all together at the trials in 2012, she came back and threw down on the track to make the Olympic team in the 10k. Don't be surprised when the dust settles to see Deena on the Rio squad come February folks.

2 - Luke Puskedra!!! What a gutsy race and a feel good story. Luke stuck his nose in the mix and looked like a seasoned veteran covering moves and staying at the back of the pack out of trouble. He was rewarded with a 2:10 performance in a race that was won in 2:09 and established himself as a front runner for the 3rd spot on the men's side at the trials behind Dathan and Meb. We knew he had this in him, the guy ran a 61:38 half while in College. It's great to see him back at it and running well.

3 - Chumba is LEGIT. I seriously thought Kitwara was a lock to win this but Chumba used superior tactics and looked super strong out there getting the win. 

4 - This race, at least in my mind, was way worse without pacemakers. I mean, in this day and age on a flat fast course like Chicago nobody wants to see a 2:09. I think it's a mistake and that the race organizers might be trying to save some money on time bonuses. That's how they attracted more east Africans, as long as they ran under 2:06 even if they placed outside the podium these guys got a great paycheck for their efforts but now it's just ridiculous. To say this was as entertaining as when Kimetto and Mutai battled it out both running 2:03, or last year Kipchoge running 2:04 low in a tactical affair is just insane. I know I won't be getting up and watching the race from start to finish from now on if this is what I'll be watching. And I suspect they will loose a lot of the top talent to Berlin who ensures good pacemaking or NYC who make sure the athletes are paid big dollars in appearance fees. Let's face it, these athletes have a small window to make their money. They should negotiate to the best of their abilities and go where they will get paid the most. Maybe I'm wrong 100% here but that's how I feel. If we want the sport to grow it needs to be marketable and I'd venture to say selling advertising against a marathon with guys duking it out running 2:03-2:05 with hype of a world record attempt might be worth slightly more then a 2:09 race. But again, I'm no expert in this regard.

31:07, a new 10k PB.

Last Sunday I ran the turkey tea 10k here in town and we got a good day for it with winds that weren't too bad and a crisp cool morning. I knew I was ready to go under 31 but if I had to go it alone I wasn't going to be running that fast. Thankfully my Saucony Canada teammate, Colin Fewer decided to jump into the race as a workout. Colin is a 30:26 10km guy so he wanted to roll a nice tempo effort at 5 minute mile pace which worked great with me. So we set out and ran a 5:06 for the first mile into the wind just getting settled and then a 5:13 over the next mile with a pretty good uphill portion and then we got in the grove and started clicking them off. We ran together, exchanging some words about the beauty weather, the markers on the course and the splits we were hitting. At 4 miles I figured I'd push the pace a little as there's a nice downhill mile there so I dropped a 4:50 and then a couple 4:57's to close out the race and came in at 31:07 feeling super good. I'm sure if we got after it from the start we would have run around 30:45 but Colin was keeping it a controlled effort and I was super pumped to have him there with me. So it was a good day. I took 10 seconds off my PB and Colin got a nice 10k tempo in at 5 minute mile pace. I'll attach some pictures at the end of this post. I'd like to give a shout out to the NLAA and to the New World Running Club, they put off such amazing events and the atmosphere at the races are second to non. This year saw so many runners out it was awesome. I highly recommend jumping into one of their races if you ever get the chance, Carved by the sea 10k, the turkey tea 10k, the run to remember 11k etc....Thanks again guys, I had an awesome time and you can expect me back next year to defend the title for the fourth time! Results can be found here - https://sites.google.com/site/newworldrunningclub/results/2015/turkey-tea-10k

Week that was in training.


Workout - 3 X Long Pond with Peter and Kate. Long Pond has a hilly trail on the outside of it and all the way around is 3km. So it's very much an effort based workout. We took 2 minute recoveries and I made sure to run it right around my half marathon effort. My splits were 9:24 (A little quick), 9:37, 9:27. I was pumped with this workout as it didn't feel like I was straining at all and I was running 5:15 pace over a hilly route.

16 miles with workout - AM


16 miles easy with strides - AM


Workout - 10km race pace workout. Just 5X1km off 90 seconds to feel some race pace and get the legs going. I was 3:00, 3:03, 3:02, 3:02, 2:59. Felt super smooth and I knew I'd roll a good one on Sunday. It's amazing how one month can make all the difference. I didn't feel nearly this good going into the 5km champs. My last 5km on Sunday was 15:18.....I guess over the course of the season that type of thing tends to happen your going to have patches of feeling good and others where you feel flat.

7 miles with workout - AM
10 miles easy with Lodgy and Marsh - PM


5 miles easy with Jason - AM


4 miles easy with a couple fast 200's - PM


4 miles easy on the treadmill with 3 minutes at 4:50/mile pace - AM


Race - Turkey Tea 10km (31:07) - 2 miles warm up and 3' of steady state followed by some strides then the race. Splits 5:06, 5:13, 5:02, 4:50, 4:58, 4:57. 2 mile cool down.

10 miles with race and WU/CD - AM
10 miles easy - PM

So that was my week, the confidence is high folks. I'm heading to Toronto on Thursday and I'll be at the Saucony booth on Friday so be sure to stop by and say hey if you are around. You can track me on sporstats.ca and I'll post something on twitter or facebook after the race.

Until next time, go Jays!!


Beauty day for a race, thanks Biped for the pics. 

Colin and I around 2 miles in.

I pushed a little here around 4 miles and Colin just kept his workout going at 5 minute pace. Watch for him at XC nationals....he's a beast!

Motoring along near the 8km mark.

Part of me wishes we went harder earlier and I'd run 30:45 or so but better to save the big one for next weekend.

Happy with the effort.

Thanks New World Run Club! I'll be back!

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