Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Week that was in training and the Chi Town Marathon

Hey friends, I trust your week's are off to a great start and your logging some miles in these great fall running conditions. I had a good week in training the past 7 days but picked up a flu that's just starting to clear up now so that wasn't fun. Thankfully I invested in a really good treadmill for my house so when I feel under the weather or it's bad out I can get a run in without even going to the gym. Anyway I'm pressed for time as I've got a proposal to write up for work so I'm going to make this super quick and talk briefly about the upcoming Chicago Marathon and then recap my training for last week. I'm jumping into a 10km this Sunday and even though the flu was poorly timed I think I'll roll a really solid race and be primed for a big breakthrough at Scotiabank in 12 days.

Chicago Marathon pre race thoughts.

1 -  Don't expect the winning time to be as fast as the last two years. Firsly because there isn't anyone on the start lists with the abilities of a Kimetto or Kipchoge. I suspect without pace makers and with a lack of really decorated runners that we will see a winning time around 2:05 mid to 2:06 low. Still an awesome time of course.

2 - The three to watch on the men's side are Chumba, Kitwara and Negesse, these guys are a class above and I suspect by 30k they will drop all the pretenders and things will heat up fast. All of these runners own 2:04 personal bests so we are in for a treat.

3 - Florence Kiplagat should run away with this as long as she's fit. The only other women I see putting up a fight would be Birhane Dibaba, and it would take a jump up in class to run with the talented Kiplagat but don't rule it out. Keep your eye's on these two at the 20 mile mark.

3 - I'm curious what Chicago has in terms of Appearance fee budget because they didn't attract any really big names. Granted, Kebede was supposed to be in the field and he's a complete stud but other then that the top dogs are all at NYC or raced Berlin. I don't think they have near the same budget as some of the other majors, especially ones like London and NYC who are dropping half a million on some athletes to get them to toe the line.

4 - How will our Canadian squad make out? Can Watson put things together and run a PB? How will Brandon Lord look for his debut at the distance? Can my boy Kevin Coffey run a 2:16-2:18? I'm pretty excited for this portion of the race. I feel like Kevin is ready to pop a super fast one and Lord has all the makings of a fine marathoner. With Rob, you never know, I follow his training on strava and he's training at a 2:12 level for sure so it just comes down to execution on race day. I'm pulling for all the boys and am sending fast vibes from out east.

5 - The American men and women.......who's worth the hype that's behind them and who isn't? From the outside looking in some would say put your money on Fernando Cabada. I'm going to go with Luke Peskedra though. He's the type of guy who if he hit's it right could be a sub 2:10 performer. I don't expect it here but I suspect he will be the top american and will run around 2:11. On the women's side I'm not high on any of the women other then Deena Kastor. I don't think the others have a shot at making the Olympic squad and they certainly aren't on the level Deena is even into her 40's. I'll take Kastor as the top American women in a new masters WR of 2:27 high. 

My week in training.


16 miles easy - AM
5 miles with 10X200m in 30" - PM


Workout - 3X2miles at Half Marathon race pace + 2x2miles at Marathon pace. This was a strait forward workout and I just wanted to get it done feeling smooth. I'll attach the Garmin activity below. The two mile reps at HM pace I averaged 5:07/mile which is a couple seconds faster then race pace but it was hard to go slower then that when the reps are only about 10 minutes long. Then the 2X2miles at Marathon pace were just under 5:30/mile pace. Here is the HM paced 2mile reps - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/913562975 and here's the Marathon effort 2X2miles + cooling down back to my house - https://connect.garmin.com/activity/913563000

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


14 miles easy - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - 2 mile time trial on the track then a 10 minute recovery followed by 8X200m with a rolling 200 between each hard 200. I was doing this on my own and it was windy. I thought I'd be able to dip just under 9 minutes but it was not to be haha. I ended up being 9:14 and it felt super hard. I guess it was just the wind and some fatigue in my legs. I was 4:35 through the first mile and ran 4:39 for the second and suffered. The 200's I just rolled nice and smoothly at 30/31 seconds/rep. I'll attach the Garmin activity, it shows the miles of the time trial being 4:23 and 4:21 but the GPS gets fooled up running around in circles. I didn't run that fast, it was like I mentioned 4:35 and 4:39. As much as I'd love to write I ran an 8:44 two mile there's no way I can run that at my current fitness ha. https://connect.garmin.com/activity/915363604 

14 miles with workout and extended cool down - AM
5.5 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy on the treadmill (Raining like crazy) - AM
10 miles again on the treadmill - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles on the treadmill (feeling super sick with the flu) - PM


10 miles on the treadmill (flu was still bad) - AM

Anyway, that was my week. I'm over the flu now, I did a great workout yesterday in the middle of a long run so we are back rocking and rolling. Before I clue this up a huge shout out has to go to my boy Alex Cyr on his 6th place finish on the Plains of Abraham at the interlock meet and same goes to Cal "the legend" Dewolf. Dude ran strong as hell and will be rolling for the big show at AUS and CIS no doubt. Keep it going fellas.

Alright, that's it for this kid, I'll have a better post next week and hopefully a new 10km PB to talk about. There will also be pictures ha. I'm rushing this like crazy. But thanks for reading I appreciate it big time.

Stay frosty,

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