Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Week in training and CIS post mortem

Hey friends, so the time is really flying hey? How is it mid November already? It feels like only yesterday I was gearing up for Ottawa. Anyway, here we are, the fall racing season is coming to a close on the roads and cross country courses. But we do still have a few appetizing dishes left to be served before we start getting into some indoor action. Most notably the NCAA champs which will be bananas, followed by our National Cross Champs in Kingston on the 28th and then finally the Fukuoka Marathon where Dylan will take a crack at that 2:12:50 Olympic Standard and try to punch his ticket to Rio. Based on what I'm seeing from his Strava profile he's certainly training well. He had a 65 minute half early in the segment to test out his fitness, I believe it was the rock and roll San Diego but I could be wrong and then the Big Spur half a couple weeks ago where he ran a 64 with what looked to be some heavy training going into it. Personally, I feel like if Dyan goes out with the goal of just hitting the standard he won't have any troubles with that time at all and will probably run well under it. I'd venture to say 2:12:10ish, but he needs to play it safe and just take care of business. He hasn't run a full in a while so I wouldn't say going out at 2:10 flat pace is a smart call. Dylan is a very intelligent guy so I'm sure he and his coach have figured out the best game plan and he will go out there and execute on race day. Anyway, let's get into this blog shall we? I'll chat a little about CIS, give out a beauty for life award and break down a couple things I noticed and then we will get into my training this week as I'm about 10 days out from XC nats.

CIS Post Mortem.


I must say, I really enjoyed both the women's and men's races. At first I thought there was something wrong with my stream as I wasn't getting any sound but other then that it was perfect. In the women's race we were treated to an incredible performance by Sarah Inglis, she really got after it and ran away from a game G. Stafford. I mean, what can you say, great race all around right there. Very dominant and imposed her game plan on the field. On the men's side there was definitely a feeling out process over the first couple laps but when the racing started the big boys were there and got going. Props to Janikowsky for going with Hendrix, he put up a strong fight but the 28 minute guy used his strength and really turned the screw over the last lap. Tree had a fantastic race and ran hard to the line to nip Janikowsky for 2ed. The biggest surprise for me was that Uvic took the team tittle. I mean I knew they were a seriously great team but I didn't think they had that kind of depth. Props to them for running hard and to their 5th man for getting it done.

A few performances I want to mention are those of Ryan Cassidy, this shouldn't surprise anyone as he always shows up to race at the big ones. Matt McNiel, regardless of what anyone said before the race that's a good showing from him. Blair Morgan ran a great race as did Jeff Archer. I also thought the X boys represented the east very well. Scott Donald had a LARGE day out there and Cal as well as Alex also mixed it up with the big guys and proved they have some racing chops which all of us out here in the east knew already but it was nice to see them getting it done on the big stage.

My boys Wilkie and White didn't have the day they were looking for but nobody can argue they didn't have fantastic seasons. Wilkie was OUA champ which is almost as hard as winning CIS and Declan pushed Bruchet to the limit at BC's. The boys will build on this and keep things going moving into the indoor season and I for one look forward to watching what they do heading into 2016.

So yeah, now for the beauty for life award. Now guys, obviously I'm biased towards the boys I know, am friends with or just follow closely. Like, let's face it, this is a blog I post weekly that takes me about an hour to write and is probably filled with grammatical errors and nonsense. But hey, that's what I'm going for with it right. If you want the best blog out there go read Hutch's stuff or Steve Magness's. I don't mean any disrespect when I write anything here. Like I'll submit to you all that the OUA is BY FAR the deepest conference and have the most killers. But with that said I love my AUS boys. So the beauty award goes to the trio of Cal Dewolf, Alex Cyr and Scott Donald of St. FX. They didn't set any land speed records out there but they all ran really strong races and took some big scalps. They are improving big time with each training segment and most importantly the boys are just strait gangsters..... I highly sugest you give them all a follow on any and all social media outlets they use. They have strong twitter/insta games.

Well done boys......well done

Bunch of heart breakers....

My week that was in training.


Workout - 6X1mile on the pearlgate track with a 400m jog recovery. I had to do this early as I had meetings around lunch time. I wanted to start a little slower then 10km pace then get down to a little quicker then 5km. The recoveries came out to being between 1:50-2:20. The splits were 5:03, 5:01, 5:00, 4:53, 4:44, 4:37. I was happy with this one for sure. Cut the cool down early tho.

11 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM
4.5 miles easy - PM


11 miles easy on the treadmill because of the rain - AM  
5 miles easy - PM


Workout - This was remembrance day and there was an 11km trail race happening. With a tempo scheduled for the day anyway I figured I would jump into this one as it's put off by an awesome group that have been super supportive of my running. The goal was to run about 5:05 effort on the trails and whatever pace that came out to I would be happy with. We got a great day for it and I rolled well on the trail running it around 5:25/mile pace. With the hills and trails I figure it was right on the money at 5:05 effort which was great.

10 miles with warm up and cool down - AM
10 miles easy - PM


13 miles easy - AM
7 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 5X1km + 10X200m. I did this on the indoor track at Mun as the weather was really bad. Very strait forward, low volume workout. I still had some fatigue in my legs and this was something I knew I could get through mentally and it wasn't going to take a lot out of me. The 1km's averaged 2:55 just feeling nice and smooth and the 200's were all around 27/28.

11 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM
9 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy treadmill - AM
10 miles easy treadmill - PM


15 miles easy at about 6:20/mile pace - AM
5 miles easy on the tready - PM

So that was my week. I squeezed 3 workouts in there and had the volume around 130. All in all I think it went well. I want to thank the fine folks at the New World Running club for putting off another great event. The crew over there are so nice and they always have amazing prizes and a top notch reception which is key after a good race! So thanks so much Keith and your team! If you are ever in town when one of their events are on the calendar be sure to jump in.

I'm about 10 days out from Kingston so this is the last week of doing anything substantial workout wise. Hopefully all goes well and I can coast in feeling good and enjoy my first time at our cross country champs. I have to be sure to track down an AP ticket, I hear they are going fast and that it's a good time!

Alright, well thanks for reading, keep training hard and stay frosty,

      Thanks Saucony for the fresh kicks, can't wait to rip some intervals in those Kilkenny XC's!

And for the fresh pair of "Premium Autumn Spice Pack G9000's" Always keeping my sneaker game on point!

                     Putting on the shades and rolling a tempo at the Run to Remember 11km

                                      Thanks New World Running Club for the great event.

                                      Myself and Anna with Keith, the man making it happen.

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