Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Week that was in training and some random thoughts.

Hey guys, this one is going to be a little short as I'm actually a couple hours outside of town. I had two meetings on the road today. I'm hoping to get back tonight so I can do a tempo run tomorrow but I'll try and knock this out on my laptop as I sit at a Tim Hortons (Yup, I'm that far outside of civilization, no Starbucks within about 150km....). Anyway, for the big stuff, I just booked my travel for cross country nationals in Kingston. I'll be flying to Ottawa on Thursday then hopefully meeting up with my buddy Garrett or see what Jeff and Ryan are doing as they make their way from T.O and Eastmain (Quebec). Hopefully I'll stay in Ottawa Thursday then make the trip to Kingston in time for the course preview Friday. I decided to stay until Monday as I hear the AP can be pretty rad and as it's the last big race of the 2015 season......when in Rome....But yeah, it should be pretty fun. I also touched based with the coordinators of Huston and I'll be racing the half there in January, now the half there is super deep, like normally there's about 50 guy's who would run faster then I'm looking at running but that's one of the big draws to go there. I'll do all my training based on 3:10/km in the lead up and hope to get into a pack of sub elite Americans and run my splits as evenly as possible and hopefully run 1:06:59. Truthfully, I'll be happy with 1:07:30 though as it's not that far away and I need to make sure I don't go out over my head. You'll all see my workouts in the build up so stay locked.

Random thoughts this week.

The IAAF really needs to hire someone good in the PR department to manage all the fallout from the doping report put out by WADA with regards to the Russian athletes. It's come to the point where even people who don't follow athletics at all are hearing about it and will start to draw comparisons to cycling during the Lance Armstrong era. The other day when I was having supper at my parents house my Dad asked me about it, I mean he's a big time sports fan but he's all about hockey and football, not athletics but he had read a few articles on his tablet talking about the current situation. When people like my Dad are asking questions and taking notice it's time to start the damage control. (Note, I'm happy it's all coming out, but it's important the fallout be managed and the people in charge put forth a plan for the future to assure the fans this won't be tolerated or happen again.)

There's under 100 days until the USA Olympic marathon trials. With Dathan and Meb definitely the favorites on the men's side and Shalane and Desi the women's favorites the press is starting to look at the other contenders to make the team and it makes for some interesting reading. How I see it those guys in the 2:11-2:13 range who are all staking their claim to be in the conversation aren't doing themselves any favors by talking to the media and hyping their training going in. I don't see this as being 7-8 guys going for the last spot. How things stand right now I like Puskedra to be able to go with the lead pack and have no trouble making the team. The only other 2 runners who could change the outcome would be if Sam Chelanga or Diego Estrada decide to debut at the trials and nail it the first time out. Obviously there's going to be a ton of people who think I'm way off base here but I think when the dust settles we will see Meb, Ritz and Puskedra punching their ticket. On the women's side I do see the last spot being very much up for grabs. Lot's of girls have run between 2:28-2:30. It will for sure be a battle. Either way, this is a story line we will be hearing about for the next 3 month leading into the trials and should make for some interesting reading.

Canadian cross country champs are quickly approaching and every time I check social media another name is added to the list! This afternoon I saw that Lanni will be racing which is awesome to see. This year the fields are going to be super deep on both the women's and the men's side. I think where the race is in Ontario it makes things easier for people to make the trip and in tern we are getting almost all of the national elites. Looking at Reid's training on Strava, if he continues to train well he may jump into the race too, which will certainly be great to see. For a guy like me it won't help my overall placing haha but I'm just pumped that we will have all the best racing each other! Let's hope I can just work my way through the pack and pick up some of the carnage!

The last thing I've been thinking about lately came from a guy on the letsrun.com message board who asked how to train to break 60 seconds for 400m. It just got me thinking about something I heard once from Patrick Rizzo, a 2:13 marathoner from the states who said he'd never broken 60 seconds in a quarter before in his life. My first reaction was to think that he just had never tried and then I thought about would it help his marathon if he had better open 400m speed? At first you'd think maybe it doesn't matter over 26.2 miles but I think basic speed helps every part of your running. Just the efficiency advantages of doing sprint work and quicker rep paced sessions can really have a dramatic effect on your overall performance as a distance runner. We sometimes neglect this and it's something that doesn't take much time but really pays out big. When I started running I remember thinking I was super slow because I was never doing intervals shorter then 800m and back then I'd be running them in like 3 minutes. after reading more about training and what not, I started implementing more rep paced running and noticed I wasn't in fact slow, I just didn't practice running fast. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not fast enough to be a 1500m guy but I've got 54/55 second 400m speed from just doing hills and accelerations once a week. It's definitely helped my running and I think it's something if your not doing can really pay off big time. If you guys want me to talk more about incorporating sprint work into training leave me a comment below, I'd be happy to write a few paragraph outlining it and all of the benefits that come from doing this type of work.

Week that was in training.


12 miles easy with 1mile of T pace (5:00) and 10X200m in 30' - AM
8 miles easy - PM


Workout - It had snowed the night before so I was forced to do this on the indoor track. The workout was 4 X (800+400+400) I had 1' recovery after the 800/400's and 2' between sets. The 8's started at 2:20 and got down to 2:14, and the 400's were between 60-63 seconds. I felt good about this one and had my spikes on during the workout.

13 miles with warm up and cool down - AM
7 miles easy - PM


14 miles easy with Jason - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - Again, I was a victim of the weather so this was indoors as well. I had planned to do a tempo on the trails and some hill sprints after but I ended up doing a 20 minute tempo on the treadmill at 12.5mph or 4:48/mile pace. Obviously this is way easier then outside but it converted to just under 5 minute mile effort. I then followed it up with 10X200m off a 200m jog. Starting at 30 and worked down to a couple 26's near all out at the end.

15 miles with extra long cool down - AM
5 miles easy - PM


11 miles easy on the treadmill - AM
9 miles on the trails after the rain stopped - PM


15 miles with 10X200m in 30' with Connor - AM
5 miles easy - PM


16.5 mile easy long run with Johnny Lodge - AM

That was my week, right around 140 again in the mileage department with a couple good workouts. I'm going to be doing a few session on the golf course this coming week and just more pace change work in spikes so let's hope things continue to go well as we move towards Kingston on the 28th.

Again, sorry about rushing this post, the quality probably isn't the best, not that I ever have an amazingly high standard of writing or anything but I just wanted to make sure I got something up. It's a busy time right now at work with it being the final quarter of the year but next week I'll make sure it's a better one with some XC discussion and lot's of pictures.

Thanks for stopping buy, stay grinding!


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