Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Week that was in training, NYC and CIS XC is coming!!

What's up running friends, did you all catch the NYC marathon last weekend? Stanley Bewott man....what can you say, dude runs a 28:35 final 10km over the rolling hills of central park to take the win, you know you are a big time talent when you can inject the pace he did to drop Kamworor. Like, in his own right Kamworor is a beast, he ran away with world XC and put up a good battle against Farah in the 10k at worlds but you could just tell when he absorbed that 4:24 mile and Stanley kept the foot down until he got a gap coming back with a 4:31 right after it, he's not ready for the top of the food chain marathoners like Kipchoge and the boys. I mean, that's a pretty crazy two mile near the end of a marathon (8:55). So yeah, great performance by Bewott and good on him taking his first world major. As for Kamworor, I certainly don't buy what his agent was trying to sell about him having 3:30 1500m potential....maybe 3:35/6 and that's a big maybe. He doesn't appear to be a guy with that true mid distance speed who can change gears with as little as a flinch from an opponent at the bell. So he's in a rough spot going into the 2016 Olympics, if there was a half marathon then that's where this guy would really shine. I fear that in the 10k he's going to get roasted at the bell again but I mean if he runs well he will certainly medal and that in and of itself is solid. One other thing that has to be mentioned before we move on is the greatness that is Mary Kaitany.....what a women, and what a champion. She's super humble, came back after having not one, but two kids and is still in top form. You are a true inspiration to all runners out there.

CIS XC 2015, who you got?

I must confess, I LOVE reading the Trackie.ca forums and reading the back and fourth banter about CIS predictions. Forget the trolling, anonymous posting and all that jazz. It shows a community that loves the sport and are truly invested in it. This year things are going to be spicy up front and the top 10 look really strong. Where you don't see much head to head between the teams like Uvic and Trinity Western going up against the strongest from the OUA, Quebec and out here in the east with the good old AUS it really makes for some guess work and speculation comparing performances which is nearly impossible to do.

The 3 guys who have impressed me the most this year have been Alex Wilkie, Declan White and Matt McNeil. Not "impressed" me as in I didn't think they had the talent to do what their doing or anything, they are all studs, but they just really threw it down this year and they have all been very dominant. Obviously there is a host of talent that runs 20 deep when you get on the CIS start line. If some guys have big time races like the super talented Woodfine, Hendrix, Tree, Darlington, Cassidy, (I could name many more obviously..) things could get really interesting. I'm so excited for this race. Where I grew up a hockey player and was playing at a high level during high school and early in my undergrad I didn't ever pay attention to CIS cross country, or any university sports really as the best hockey guys are playing Major Jr and aren't skating for Canadian universities, if they tell you otherwise chances are they weren't really that good. But yeah, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm now more invested then ever and getting to know some of the top guys either through social media or racing them on the roads it's such a pleasure to just be a fan of the sport and to watch all you guys battle week in, week out. So yeah, good luck to everyone as we get ready for the big day. I wish I could be out there covering it like last year but know that I'll be locked on cheering for you all and hopefully seeing the majority of you at nats. Whatever happens boys, do that AP justice, go big and report back!

Note - I don't follow the women's side of XC here in Canada all that much, so I don't talk about it here where I'm not super knowledgeable on it. That's not to say it isn't top notch or anything. I only have so much time and the only time I did get really into watching some of the women's races was indoors last year when Sasha was on a tear. But yeah, I just wanted to point that out. I freaking LOVE watching top notch women racing in any capacity. One of the best performances this year was Dibaba's 3:50 and I gave it major blog time so just know when I do get the time I'm watching and cheering for all you ladies too! :)

Week that was in training.


11 miles easy with 10X200m in 30" at the end - AM
9 miles easy in the rain - PM


Workout - 5X1km off 2' jog recovery, 5 minutes rest then 10X200 off a 200m jog recovery. I did this with my friend Jason. It was a horrible day out so we were forced to do it on the indoor track which wasn't so bad. I got spiked up and ran the 1k's all in 2:55 (5km pace) feeling really smooth and controlled. I wanted to rip the last couple but there's really no point with only a few weeks to go in this season. For the 200's I started at 30 and got down to 27's by the end. All in all I was happy with this one. It didn't feel like a big workout, which it wasn't but it left me feeling really strong.

9.5 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - AM
12.5 miles easy with Marshy - PM


10 miles at almost 8 minute pace, my legs felt stiff and I did it early before work - AM
10 miles easy at a better pace - PM


14 miles with Johnny A and 10X200m in 30" at the end - AM
7 miles easy - PM


Workout - This was a 20' tempo on Long Pond trail which is super hilly and we had about 50km/hour winds that day so John and I suffered on this one. The tempo went really well, I averaged 5:26/mile which was worth about 5:00/mile on a fair loop. I let the effort dictate the pace. On that trail your gaining like 115 feet of elevation on the back side every lap so it really makes you work. At the end of the tempo I did 10X1' hill sprints.

9 miles easy - AM 
11.2 miles with warm up, workout and cool down - PM


8 miles easy - AM
12 miles easy - PM


Long Run, 20.4 miles at 6:45ish/mile average. Just nice and easy with John Lodge - PM

So yeah, that there was my week. The mileage was high, like 142 or something but then again so was the candy intake haha.I didn't link to the garmin connect breakdowns of my workouts because I'm in a hurry but just go on strava and check it out if you feel so inclined. It's not super interesting or anything so you aren't missing a whole lot regardless.

Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck with all your training this coming week, enjoy your running and trust in the process!

Stay frosty,

Thanks Nth Degree for the fresh shipment, 12lb's of protein and 4 cases of recovery drink will keep me going through the rest of the fall! Much appreciated!

Rocket fuel from a new coffee shop that just opened near me.

I can see myself frequenting here often as it's halfway between my house and my office.

It's winter jacket weather but you've got to work with what you have right. 

In closing, one of my favorite races of all time. It's amazing that Kipchoge was on top of the world here in 2003 and he ends the year of 2015 as the best marathoner on the planet.

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