Monday, 28 December 2015

Season recap, a broken jaw and a new year!

Happy Holidays friends! I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. I didn't want to just write that I had taken two weeks off after XC as that would be the lamest post in history ha. I love keeping my blog up to date and this 3+ week hiatus is the longest since I started blogging 3 years ago so trust me when I tell you it won't happen again and things are going to get real sexy in the running department this coming season.

After taking two weeks off completely post XC nationals I started things back up and actually knocked out a few workouts, two of them weren't very good but then I nailed one 4X4km off 3 minutes rest at 3:10/km pace which really got the confidence back as the goal right now is the get ready to roll 3:10 pace for a half and come through 10km around 50-60 seconds faster then Scotiabank to set myself up for a 1:06. It's going to take some work but it's definitely possible so I'm going to really aim to hit that goal in early 2016 even if it takes a few tries. If I can do that then I'll run some 5 and 10km's over the summer and look to make my Marathon debut next fall at Scotiabank. Even if I only run something in the low 1:07 range I'll more then likely still try my hand at 26.2 as our provincial record is super soft at 2:24 so it would be nice to take that one.

Before I get down and dirty with the training however, I have to heal up a broken jaw. I was coming home about 10 days ago, parked in my driveway and slipped going up my icy steps to my front door and came down square on my chin. I had hoped the next morning it would feel a bit better but I got up and my face was massively swollen and I couldn't open my jaw more then a couple centimeters. I went to the emergency room a day later for an x-ray and a CT scan. It turns out I fractured the jaw in 3 places, at the top hinge near my ear on both sides and right where I hit my chin. After seeing two great doctors I got to see Doctor Rideout, he explained how bad it really was and that with anyone else he would immediately wire the jaw shut. However, the problem is most of the time with a normal person they would loose about 20 pounds while the jaw is wired and that with me being 138-140lb's at my height (6'1') that could be really dangerous. So he gave me a couple prescriptions and I'm scheduled to see him at the end of the week to get another set of x-rays. We are hoping that if I don't talk and keep my mouth closed that it might start to heal on its own. My teeth still line up properly so the only issue is the break. Let's hope things start to heal as it would be horrible to have to get the surgery to wire the jaw and be on this liquid diet for another 4-6 weeks.

So yeah, here we are. I can't run at all right now as the pounding makes my jaw bounce so I'm in the pool every day trying to hold the fitness. I'll make sure I continue to blog and document the progress weekly just as if I was normally training. I'm still booked for Huston, it's going to be a game time decision. If I can't be ready I'll change my flight and go down to my families place in Isla Del Sol Florida for a couple weeks to get some rest and a break then target something in February.

Review of the season, best 3 performances and goals for 2016.

Looking back over the year, I'm very pleased with it as a whole. Obviously it had it's highs and lows but in general I made some big progress from 2014 and learned a lot more about my body and the training that I respond best to. I'll list what I feel were my best 3 races below. As for my worst 3, I don't want to dwell on the negatives but they were; 1 - Calgary Half, 2 - Tely 10 and 3 - XC Nationals. Granted I took something from each of the races but those really hurt and I need to look back on exactly why these were bombs so as to ensure it wont happen ever again.

Top 3 performances from 2015

1 - Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

This was a perfectly executed race from start to finish, I may have been able to go out in 32 flat and run a little quicker but coming through in 32:30 and closing even harder was the smart way to race it. I had wanted to run a 1:08 and was thrilled to accomplish that goal.

2 - Turkey Tea 10km

This was another really good race that was executed well from the gun. I eased into it running 5:10's and then by the end started droping sub 4:50's. I managed a small PB of 31:07. Had I gotten after it from the start I'm sure I'd have run 30:45 but being able to close that hard feeling that strong was something that felt tremendous.

3 - St. Mary's 8km

This one could arguably be my best race as well. I just didn't put it number 1 as it was more low key then the other two and I just hit a big one. I ran a massive PB of 24:07 and split 5km in 14:50. I thought I was in trouble after going out in 4:37 for the first mile but I smartened up on the second one and managed to hold things together. Hopefully I can dip under that magical 24 minute mark next season.

Moving forward into 2016

As I mentioned I'm thrilled with my year. I'd give it a B+ rating if I'm being honest. Moving into the new year I still really need to work on my aerobic strength. Talking with my friend Kevin Coffey I've started to realize I need to be running easy days much quicker. I did it for a while there but started to back off when I got my mileage really high again. I'll try to keep things at 100 miles a week but run everything under 4 minutes/km. (That's another thing I'm going to start doing is training in terms of KM instead of miles).

In terms of times, like my buddy Garett De Jong told me, don't put any limits on things. Just go for it. So that's what I will do. I know I can run minutes faster over the half and take a minute off my 10km by the spring if I get the training right and that's the plan. I won't get so focused on the exact times. I'll let them come through the training itself.

I'm also going to make my Marathon Debut next fall as long as I take 90+ seconds off my half which shouldn't be an issue. I won't go for broke on my first one. I respect the distance. I'll make sure I run within my ability and what my training indicates and just look to run that provincial record.

Anyway guys, again, sorry for the hiatus, I missed you guys ha and I'll be back every Tuesday as usual. I've been off the grid on social media and what not because of the broken jaw and if anyone of you running friends from away have txted me and I haven't gotten back to you it's because I got a new work phone # so fire me an email or FB msg and I'll give you my new number!

Keep those sticks on the ice,