Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Thoughts on 2015 and 5 things I'd like to see in 2016

Hey friends, is everyone back grinding and getting some indoor workouts done or some good strong long runs outdoors? I'm on the shelf again this week unfortunately. I went back to the doctor yesterday to get another set of X-Rays and a CT to check the progress on my jaw. The two breaks near the top of the jaw bone on each side of my face near my ears have started to fuse and are coming along well but the bad break in the middle of the jaw near my chin is still really bad. I mentioned to my doctor that I felt like 4 of my bottom teeth were loose but when he checked it out he said it was that the break was in the middle of my four center bottom teeth and that when I felt them it was my jaw actually moving on each of the two sides. The pain isn't that bad right now only when I'm talking a lot or opening my mouth really wide. The problem I'm having is with muscle spasms around the jaw. Thankfully I'm off the pain meds and just taking 10mg of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) to keep that under control. The Doctor said I should be happy it's coming along as well as it is without the surgery and he wants to keep me doing what I'm doing and I'll see him again next Monday. If the low jaw has started to fuse I can start running again. So I'm forced to be in the pool and on the elliptical again this week. I'm trying to hit 2 hours a day with a couple heart rate based workouts a week to hold the fitness. Anyway I won't ramble on with my sad little injury as it's really not something I should be too upset about as it's the beginning of January and I haven't injured anything that I use for running itself. So what I'll talk about in this post will be my top 5 performances on the pro circuit from 2015 and then mention 5 things I hope to see in 2016.

Top 5 performances of the 2015

5 - Evan Jager's 3000m steeple at the Paris Diamond League meet. He didn't win the race as you all know but still managed an 8 flat, american record with a fall over the last barrier. He had Birech dead to rights with 150 to go before that fall. This really put the world on notice that he can indeed run with the best steeplers in the world and has the ability to run 7:57 or so. 

4 - Almaz Ayana's roasting of Genzebe Dibaba in the 5000m final of the world champs. Nobody saw this coming, I mean we all knew she's a talent and was the 4th fastest 5000m performer in history but after seeing Dibaba in the 1500m final closing in 1:56.9 for the last 800 most of us thought she was unstoppable.

3 - Genzebe Dibaba's 1500m world record in Monaco. She may have lost out to Ayana at the 5000 but her performance at Monaco was a once in a lifetime race to watch. To ask for a 2:03 800m split and to throw it down like she did......we are really lucky to be able to watch an athlete like her compete in her prime. Amazing race.

2 - Asbel Kiprop's 3:26 in Monaco. There's magic at that track, we were treated to some amazing performances in Monaco this year. Asbel proved again that he's the best miler on the planet and in my mind if he can get the gold in Rio and take another couple cracks at the world record he will go down as the best miler in history!

1 - Usain Bolt restoring faith in track and field taking down proven drug cheat Justin Gatlin. I was so nervous before this race started. After the season Gatlin had in 2014 and the dominance he showed in all the races before the world champs I really didn't know if Bolt could take him down. It was an amazing race and Bolt showed pressure doesn't get to him, he truly believes he can't be beat.

5 Things I'd like to see in 2016.

1 - Matt Centrowitz running the 5000m. Now most of you will think this is completely nuts, so let me explain. I know he is fresh off a 3:30 PB last summer in Monaco and has a bronze and silver medal to his name from 2 of the last 3 world championships. But the 1500 is the deepest it's ever been. Last year he finished 8th at worlds and to be honest, that's about as high as he could have placed. There are 5-6 guys who can run under 3:30 no problem, heck Mo Farah has run 3:28 in his last two 15's and knows he can't hang with those guys. If he could he'd run the 15. Anyway, my thoughts are the type of tactical races that we are seeing in championship finals are VERY slow right now. 13:50 won last year. Obviously the last lap is always a burn up, heck the penultimate lap last year was a 54.3 ran by Nediku to try to run the kick out of Farah who closed in 1:48 for his last 800. Now there lies where Centro can compete for a medal. The USA last year had 3 guys in the final and the only one who could have run a 1:48 800m was Rupp and he would need to be fresh and running an open 8 to do that. As good as Ryan Hill and Ben True are they just don't have that kind of raw speed. I think if Centro was to work on his strength and just get himself into the final if its a 13:25 or slower race he is in the hunt for a medal 100%!

2 - Jenny Simpson move back to the Steeple. This is another one that people might give me the gears about. I know she ran 3:57 last year and like Centro has medals from two of the last 3 world champs but she also can't even break 2 minutes for an open 800 and Dibaba closed her last 8 in 1:56.....and it's not only her who can do that. Faith Kipyagon and Siffan Hassan can also close almost that fast. You throw in a 100% Aregawi and Sayeum and there isn't a prayer for a medal. However, if Jenny can get some good hurdle work in you best believe she can compete for a medal in the steeple. She held the american record in the evet until last year when her training partner Emma took it down. Simpson has great wheels for a 3000m race and the steeple background. I'd love to see this happen but I don't think it will.

3 - I'd love to see a 10000m scheduled at the diamond league finale in Brussels. We very rarely get a chance to see a super fast 10000m anymore. In years gone by they would always have a fast one scheduled early in the year in Hangelo and another at the end of the season in Brussels. You'd see at least a 26:3X. Given it's an Olympic year everyone will be in great shape, it could be billed as a record attempt by Farah or something. Either way I'd kill to see this happen.

4 - Cam or Mo making a Marathon debut next fall. This is something else that likely wont happen but since Mo announced he's running the half in Huston it has me itching to see one of our big boys take a crack at the monster that is the marathon. Both in my mind could potentially be 2:06 guys once they figure it out.

5 - In keeping with number 4, I want to see our marathon record fall. I don't care who takes it down I'd just like to see it broken because I feel, much like Steve Boyd eluded to on the boards, once it's broken the floodgates will open and it will continue to be lowerd by Cam and Mo as well as others in the future.

Well that's it for me folks, hopefully I can report next week that the doctor have given me the green light to get back out there and hammer. Until then I'll keep the cross training going and live vicariously through all of you out there putting in work. 

Have a wicked awesome week and I'll see you next time, stay frosty,

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