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Looking at Millrose, week in training and Kinvara 7 preview.

Hello again friends, how was your guys weekend? Mine was hella enjoyable. I had some date night sushi on Friday where I destroyed some spicy California rolls and tried to order tempura everything! Saturday I jumped into a local 5km. The Snow and Ice in Paradise 5km to be exact. This year it was raising money for one of the Paradise running club's members Diane who is battling cancer so I made sure to take in the event. It was super fun and it was great to catch up with some of my running friends who I hadn't seen in a while. I didn't go out and rip it but I cruised in under 5:00 pace so I was happy to be that controlled and relaxed still running at a decent clip. So, I don't have much time here now as I've got to do a little work from home tonight but I'll touch on what performances stood out at Millrose, go over my week in training and preview the soon to be released Kinvara 7.

Best performances from the 2016 Millrose Games.

1 - Matt Centrowitz winning the wanamaker mile in 3:50.63 to edge out Nick Willis. This was a race between these two competitors as they were far ahead in class over the rest of the field. When they started moving at 500m to go there was separation from the rest of the group instantaneously, which says something about their fitness as the pack contained some animals like Robby Andrews among others. Centro demonstrated his incredible racing tactics and awareness and made a strong move to pass Willis just before the poll and didn't look back. Nick looked very strong as well despite coming second. I'm interested to see how these two fare at world indoors. Can they take down guys like Iguider and Souleiman? I find it hard to think they can muster up the closing speed to beat Souleiman but they should both contend for medals if they hold their current form.

2 - Ryan Hill winning the men's 3000m. Hill really took some big names out in this race and showed he has some killer closing speed over the last 200m. I think the 3km is a great event for him and if he makes the US team which he should, he will contend for a medal at worlds. I find in the 5000 he doesn't have the aerobic strength to get to the bell and unleash that kick we see from him indoors. I've seen races where he closes in 24 high, but last year at worlds he couldn't run down Rupp coming back from a very hard 10000m in the final. Maybe he just doesn't have the speed endurance for a big last 800-1000m which is how the championship races normally play out. Shout out to Mo Ahmed for taking down the Canadian 3000m record as well. He seems to be running great since joining BTC.

3 - Betsy Saina edging Molly Huddle for the 5000m win. I feel like if the lapped runners had of not been so rediclulous and moved out this may have gone to Huddle as she looked really strong and was dodging people like crazy the last lap. Regardless Betsy looked great and that was an impressive win. Molly must really be kicking herself every time she faces Emily, I mean when she changed gears Infeld had no answer at all and doesn't have very good closing speed, to loose out on what could be her only chance at a global medal to her has got to hurt. And with Defar and T. Dibaba, Cheriut among others back in the 10000 this year she will have to muster up something special to make a bid for a medal. Here's hoping though, I'm a big Huddle fan. (Also, what's going on with Jordan Hassay? She seems to have a case of the Mary Caines....her performances aren't nearly as good as they were this time last year, hopefully she turns things around moving into the outdoor season)

4 - Shannon Rowbury putting on a clinic in the women's wanamaker mile. Without Jenny Simpson on the line Rowbury can beat any women in the US with ease and this was no exception, she went away at the half way point and didn't look back. She seems to be in great form and should do well at world indoors!

My week in training


Workout - The roads were awful so I did this on the treadmill. The goal for this spring is to run a 66 minute half and take two minutes off my 68 from October. At that race I averaged 3:15.5/km so I need to be running about 3:10/km pace this time so that's what I'm trying to get comfortable with. I did a 10km tempo on the treadmill on a 1.5% grade in 31:46 (The treadmill takes a few seconds to get up to speed 31:40 is 3:10/km). Anyway this felt good, it was hard but I know I can run that for an hour. I just have to keep working at it. The picture and breakdown is on my strava so be sure to check that out and follow me if you want to see everything I do. After the tempo I did four feel good 400's in 65 seconds to make the legs feel some turnover.

12.4 miles with workout, warm up and cool down. (5:58/mile overall average) - AM
7 miles at (6:43/mile average) - PM


Easy 60' (9.56 miles, 6:19/mile pace) - AM
10 miles on the treadmill (6:00/mile) - PM


10 miles easy on the treadmill (6:45/mile) - AM
10.6 miles outside (6:34/mile) - PM


Workout - Well, not a workout for me, but I paced my friend Jason White who's getting ready for Boston to 8 miles at his T-Pace outside on my road loop. The weather was great and Jason's in good shape. I averaged 5:34/mile for the 8 mile tempo. He should run about 2:35-37 if he has a good day at Boston.

11.1 miles with warm up, cool down and pacing Jason (6:07/mile average for the run) - AM
8 miles easy on the treadmill (6:21/mile) - PM


Workout - My own session, I was going to do 20X400 at 5km pace but I decided to jump into a 5km on Saturday and wanted to make sure I could run at least under 5 minute mile pace. So I decided on only doing 10 and running them at R pace. I took a full 400m jog recovery which took me on average 1:40. I started them nice and easy at 66 and got down to running sub 60 for the last 4. The average was about 62 high to 63 low.

10.4 miles with workout (6:44/mile average when recoveries were included) - AM


Long Run/Paradise 5km - I did the Paradise 5km as mentioned above (Thanks to Todd and the amazing club! Be sure to do one of their events if you are ever in the area). So yeah, just did this one for fun. Average 4:57 pace feeling smooth and even. Then after the post race reception I went to the gym and got on the treadmill to run 16 more miles to make it a 20 mile LR day. (I did a 1 mile warm up). 

20 miles with everything included (6:13/mile average) - AM


11.2 miles easy outside, my legs felt dead after the long run (6:41/mile) - AM
6.3 miles at the gym in the evening (6:21/mile)

So that was my week, I'm starting to string them together and am feeling really fit. Yesterday I paced Jason to another 9 miles so I'm hoping if I get out with him two days a week on days I'm not working out and run 8-12 miles at around 5:45 pace it'll give me a nice aerobic boost. It doesn't seem to harm my workouts at all so I'll keep this experiment going.

Saucony Kinvara 7 Preview

Before I get into this feel free to check out a review on Irun.ca. My friend Christa wrote a great review and I add my thoughts as a Saucony athletes who's been in the shoe since it's first iteration. http://www.irun.ca/blog/index.php/pumped-up-kicks-saucony-kinvara-7/

So yeah, as I teased last week I've been rolling in the K7's for a while and am loving them. With the addition of an Everun heel unit this shoe becomes that much better with more responsiveness and down the road more durability.

For anyone who's been in the franchise for a while and rolling in the 5's or 6's the feel on foot will remain similar. For me I couldn't notice a difference when I put it on. There are some changes to the overlays of Flexfilm but the fit remains the same. The use of ProLock continues through the lacing so your foot will remain secure. 

From an outsole perspective you'll find some changing in the placement of the IBR+ blown rubber and the XT900 compounds on the outsole. It should help wear patterns and make the shoe last plenty of miles in high abrasion areas.

Through the midsole is where things get interesting with the addition of the Everun heel unit. This is a new compound from Saucony that I talked at length about when it was released last fall in the Triumph ISO 2. For more information on Everun check out that post. What you'll notice is more energy return from the ground and a snappy, quick feeling when your running. The shoe remains 7.7 ounces so it's great for faster running or even racing a marathon.

I'm always worried when they make updates to shoes I really love but somehow they seem to keep improving on the great platform they have already established. So any Kinvara lovers out there, when this shoe comes out in March be sure to check it out. You'll really enjoy it. If you have any questions about it let me know in the comments below. I'll do my best to answer them and if I can't I'll get in touch with some of my friends at Saucony and find out for you!

Kinvara 7

On foot

Side by side with the previous generation Kinvara 6

Thanks Saucony for a mid winter reload, you guys know I chew through shoes really fast, much appreciated! The new Type A and Fastwich look great.

Doing work on the track today.

Big Mike Scott helped push me on some 400's today. Look for a big season coming from him.

Snap from before heading out to warm up for the 5km on Saturday. Talking with the Sweeney boys.

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