Monday, 8 February 2016

Week that was in training and who's looking good going into world indoors.

Hey guys, what have your weeks been like training wise? Grinding is about as best of an adjective as I can use to describe my own. I hit some killer workouts and I'm really excited about where my fitness is. I'm definitely running and training at a higher level then I've ever been at before. The issue I'm having right now, however, is that I'm going through a rough adaptation period. It's a combination of two things, firstly last week was only my 3rd week back running after the broken jaw and I didn't build back up slowly as your supposed to do and I'd advise others to be prudent with. And secondly I'm making sure to run all my miles at a decent pace and not just go through the motions on my easy days running 7:30 pace as that's close to the aerobic equivalent of a fast walk. I'll allow myself to run 7:00 pace if I'm really tired and recovering from a workout but everything else I'm trying to run under 6:30 pace, eventually I'd like to be running 6 flat a mile on everything by the time the spring comes. If that means I can't get by doing 130/40 miles a week and need to be at 100 then I'm more then okay with that. Anyway, I'm going to run a road 5km either this week or next week then an indoor race or two. On another note I've been rolling in the new Saucony Type A and Fastwich (They dropped the numbering on racing shoes) during some workouts, I'll write a review but they are both insanely good. So, I'll get into this post now and look at some indoors and my week in training. It'll be a quick one as my last few entries have been a tad long winded.

Who's looking sharp indoors?

I don't know about you all but on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays lately I'm streaming every indoor meet I can get my paws on. Last weekend I had my gaming console going (I'm a PS4 guy), home PC and my laptop....there was a ton of great action and the season is only really starting to now get interesting. There's lots of college action happening but most of the pros will start to open up if they already haven't in the next few weeks. Now here in North America there's been some great action, I'm high on Garrett Health, he seems to have held the form he displayed beating Farah over 8km XC a little while back and seems to really fit well in the 3km. He's a 3:34 man who has a ton of strength so I feel like the 3km is perfect for him. Then you have Centro throwing it down like nobodies business. He ran a nice 3:54 flat mile at the Camel City meet on a flat 200m track and then took it up a notch with a dab.....dudes a riot and is just so smooth, he never looks like he is straining. His 7:40 3km from this past weekend was also a huge PB and he said he wasn't feeling great so look for him to make either US team he wants for indoor worlds, the 15 or 3km. On the women's side, in North America, over the mid and distance events the two girls who have impressed me are Kim Connolly running a blazing fast 5000 coming back from injury and our own Melissa Bishop, she destroyed a game field in Camel City and made that 2:02 look easy. I'd love to see her run world indoors, she would be the favorite going into the championship in my estimations anyway. #YaBish. 2 other honorable mentions are Sheila Reid coming back from injury and running the worlds standard in the 3km and on the men's side first year pro Eric Jenkins running a couple good races at the house of track in the 15 and 3km. He may have a shot at making that worlds team as well.

Beauty Dab!

While we normally only hear about the meets going on here in Canada and the US there's been some good track action in Europe with some of the blue chip athletes making appearances and various meets. Most notably was a 3km in Dusseldorf where Augustine Choge took out a stacked field which included Ndiku and Alamriew. We have to wait a few more weeks before Farah races a 3km in Birmingham but that's going to be a high profile meet for sure so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Lastly we are under a week away from the US Olympic Marathon Trials. I broke things down in my last two entries but with more information coming out everyday as some people scratch, give interviews and the press breaks more news I'm going to predict the following team will be heading to Rio when the dust settles.

Men - Rupp, Meb and Ritz
Women - Flanagan, Linden and Craig

Upsets if they happen will be Puskedra and Goucher

Week that was in training


Workout - VO2 Max session on the indoor track. 10X800m off a 2' recovery. (I took 2:30 on the last 4). I started just north of 2:20 and got down as fast as 2:12 on my 9th rep still running somewhat relaxed. The average was 2:17. I hit a good time of day at the track and there was only a couple people there walking. Felt good to spin the legs.

11.9 miles with workout - AM
8.6 miles easy outside (6:28/mile) - PM


12 miles easy on the treadmill (6:15/mile) - AM
6.5 miles easy outside after work (6:06/mile) - PM


Workout - It wasn't the best day so this tempo had to be done on the treadmill. I used a 1.5% grade to make sure I was actually putting in the proper effort and rolled a 10 mile tempo in 51:40 or 5:10/mile pace. It felt really good but I was sweating like non other and was really getting dehydrated near the end with a dry mouth as I forgot to take my bottle with me. 51:40 is around 1:07 mid/high pace for the half so I'll work it down as the weeks go forward and try to get them done outside when the weather is better.

12.5 miles with warm up and a half mile cool down - AM
26' evening, I wanted to get 6 miles in but I was too tired to run 6:30 pace and bailed - PM


10 miles on the treadmill before work (6:30/mile) - AM
10.5 miles outside when I got off (6:19/mile) - PM


8 miles easy on the treadmill (6:45/mile) - AM
10 miles outside (6:14/mile) - PM


Workout - This was an indoor track session and I made it my long run day. The workout was 4X(800+400+400) 2' rest after the 8, 1' after the 4 and 4' between sets. It went really well, my 800's were around 2:15 for the most part and the 400's averaged 62. Afterwards I went upstairs to get on a treadmill and ran 10 miles in 57:46, I didn't plan on running it that fast but after the quick track stuff the legs wanted to go a little quicker.

17 miles with workout - AM


10 miles easy outside (6:26/mile) - AM
6.2 miles on the treadmill before SB50 (6:30/mile) - PM

So, that was my week, I'm in that grinding mode and have to get passed it over the next couple weeks. Hopefully the body adapts to the quicker easy days and I feel better soon. Workouts aren't suffering so I don't mind continuing to run harder on easy days if that remains the case. The minute I see my workouts compromised I'll adjust by either running slower or cutting some volume.

Anyways, I'm out but we will be back next week with lots to talk about after the marathon trials. I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you next time.

Stay hungry,

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