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Takeaways from world half champs + week in training.

Greetings running friends. How was your long Easter weekend? I know some of you probably jumped into a road race or at the very least watched the world half marathon championships. What a race hey! I'll discus that below before I get into my training. Things are clicking along nicely and I'm pumped to get after my first real race in 11 days. I know I'm training at the highest level I've ever been so I'm looking forward to getting the chance to see where my fitness is exactly so I'll have a better idea of some goals to set and see what still needs work to ensure I run the times I'm looking for this spring and into the summer. Our weather seems to be getting a little better, it's crazy windy but the temps are coming around. I got out for a beauty long run yesterday with my buddy Jason, it was his last big one before Boston so I was happy to be able to roll a nice 20 miler out around the roads of St. John's. Talking with him about Boston has me so amped up for the spring marathon season. London is going to be so epic this year, not that it ever isn't, but with national squad selections coming after, you know all will be looking to make good impressions upon their selection committees. There will be 2:03 guys left off the Kenyan team which tells you the depth they have right now. Anyway, I'll save the London break down for another day. Let's look into the world half champs and the aftermath that it left in its wake with some takeaways.

Thoughts/Takeaways from the world half marathon championships.

1 - Yes, Geoffrey Kamworor is really that good, and that was a performance for the ages. The conditions for the men's race was bad as it started about 35 minutes after the women and they were running into some brutal conditions the last 5km with heavy wind and rain. Let's not even mention the fact that Kamworor fell HARD at the start of the race and got trampled by the mass start. When he made the break with Karoki and the Ethiopians who tried to go with them for a while....that's the type of move only a special breed of athlete can make. The 5-10km split was run in 13:40....yeah, that's not a typo. 5-15km was run in 27:30ish and over the last 2km Kamworor put 26 seconds on one of the best runners on earth. This guy has an aerobic system we haven't seen since Bekele and Geb. I mean that performance was worth the world record in my mind. If he takes a crack at it again at current fitness I suspect he could take 10-15 seconds off Tedesse's 58:23 mark. Now the question is, can he get fast enough on the track to run 26:20 and run away from Farah in Rio? He has the engine to do it, that's for sure, I'd also say that Karoki could run 26:30. Running away from Farah over a 10km will be much harder but this gives them the confidence to know he can be beaten. But for their benefit, he can't be within striking distance with 1000m to go, as strong as they are they simply don't have the wheels to outsprint him. But then again, the question remains, if you run 26:20 is he even still close enough to close down on them? All I know is this makes the 10000 a little more interesting, Farah is still the favorite by a good margin, but there is a blueprint to beat him.

2 - Farah's run was a performance that should also strike fear into people. Let's not forget he won a stacked 3k indoors in Glasgow about 5 weeks ago. Beating guys like Choge, Wolde (Ethiopian Mile record holder), Koech and others. Then to break 60 minutes in the half in those conditions.....He has his crazy 3:28 speed and as good a strength as he's ever had. Rio will be no easy task with Kamworor and Karoki as well as Paul Tanui in the 10000 and Keljecha in the 5000 but he's a heavy favorite to repeat in my mind so long as his training continues as it's been going.

3 - Kenya as a team ran ridiculously well, they had a combined scoring time of 2:58:58 for their top 3 runners. I mean that's insane. Etheopia also had a very strong showing and their guys are beasts. Some of them I wasn't overly familiar with but the top 3 ran about where I expected. Ayele and Tola are complete studs. I was hoping for more out of Mekonen but the guy is only 20.

4 - The women's race started off slow which helped the majority of the pack for the first 5-8k but when those women start to roll they are in a class of their own. I remember seeing the leading group at 11 or 12km, I believe it was, and there was 9 in the pack, 5 Kenyans and 4 Ethiopians. I wasn't overly surprised with the results but I was amazed they got down to 67:30 given the slow first 5km.

5 - It was a disgrace to see Gladys Tejeda was back after what she pulled last year. I won't even get into it as it infuriates me. Where are we in terms of cleaning up the sport if she was allowed back that quickly. I want to see lifetime bans for doping. You do it once, goodbye. The spirit of our sport is being compromised by these cowards and I have a real problem with it. I'll stop hear for fear of getting too fired up but I think we have a long way to go and I hope Seb Coe is up for the challenge.

6 - Big props to our Canadian teams, both men, women and support staff. Our boys didn't have the day they all hoped for but things happen, Reid had an injury flare up but he still ran 64 minutes, Rob is right in the thick of his London build and has been racing on tired legs the past couple weeks and from what I can glean Lord had a bug and wasn't feeling well. Way to fight till' the end boys. On the ladies side we killed it!! Lanni ran 1:10:03 pace until 15km before her calf started to act up, still finishing strong in 1:11 mid, Tarah ran the performance of her career and Laura also ran a killer effort and showed she belonged out there with the best in the world. A huge congrats to you all, thanks for representing us so well.

Week that was in training.


11 miles easy (6:32/mile) - AM
9 easy (6:41/mile) - PM


Workout - 3X2miles on the indoor track with 5 minutes active recovery then 2X200m. I had wanted to do this outside but as my fellow Newfoundlanders can attest we had crazy wind here last week, like 100km/h. All you guys and girls who ran CIS here in 2014 know the kind of wind I'm talking about, the one where guys like Proudfood, CPT and Woodfine were running 33 high for 10km. Needless to say I went on the indoor track despite the number of laps it turned out to be. I averaged 9:43/2mile for the workout and felt pretty good the whole way. I finished with 2X200 with Mike and Kyle who were there doing a workout of 6X600m. They were both 27 seconds for the 2's.

14 miles with workout - AM


8 miles easy (6:19/mile) - AM
11 miles easy (6:37/mile) - PM


10 miles easy (6:44/mile) - AM
10 miles easy (6:31/mile) - PM


Workout - I planned on doing a 10 mile tempo at 5:10/mile pace but when I got out and met the boys it was crazy cold, I had half tights and compression socks on and I couldn't feel my face so I warmed up for 1 mile and just did a 5 mile tempo at 5:00 pace. I was just under 25 minute for 8km which felt good. I jogged another 4 after to get back to my car for 10 miles in around 58:40 for the workout.

10 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy (6:32/mile) - PM


14 miles easy (6:33/mile) - AM


11 miles before turkey dinner (6:36/mile) - AM
10.4 miles after dinner to burn it off (6:31/mile) - PM

So that was my week, I did my long run Monday as I mentioned above 20 miles at 6:36 pace with my buddy Jason and then today I got my VO2max test done. Things are rolling along well and like I said I'm anxious to get things going.

I'll see you guys and girls next time, keep on truckin'


I got my Saucony spring apparel last week, thanks guys for always helping your boy look fresh and feel fast.

Me this morning getting a Vo2max test done at 6:30am, followed by a smoothie.

Race kit for 2016. 

My dog sleeping in the snow because for some weird reason he loves it.

Friday's tempo miles 2-6.

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