Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Week that was in training and looking at USA indoor champs.

Hey friends, I trust you all had great weeks. I'm pretty pumped to get racing myself, I feel fitter then I've ever been and watching people throw it down at last weekends Chili Half Marathon/5km in Burlington has me itching to get out there. Shout out to Josh on a PB in the half and of course Runner Rob, (You'll find his blog linked on the right hand side of this page). Rob is one of the best dudes you'll ever meet, he's so positive and just loves to run. It was great to see him crack the 1:12 barrier. When I first saw the results, I msged my friend Aaron Coop (link to blog also on the right) as I wasn't sure what to make of it. I was expecting a few 1:06's or quicker and I was wishing I'd have gone up for the race where it was only a 1:08 winning time on a great day weather wise, but then I checked out the 5km.....yup, that's where some of the big boys were, I'd have been schooled in that race BIG TIME, Rae, Britt, Mason, Hendrix, Winslow....the boy's can roll. I guess they figured getting a shorter one in for the marathon guys was the way to go. Either way it was cool to see everyone out there mixing it up. I'm interested to see who registers for around the bay 30k. That's always a great race and attracts some fast cats. I know some guys will be going down to Jacksonville for the USA 15k champs, Sammi looks to be ready to go after his 64:30 as well as some others so stay locked for that. Anyway, I'll try to keep this fairly short, I'll just outline who I think will take the spots on the US team for world indoors in the event's that I follow, the 800-3km on the men's and women's side. After that I'll recap my training and get out of here. There's much better stuff for you to read with Steve Boyd putting out a great blog post this week so go over and check that out after this if you have time! -  http://physi-kult.blogspot.ca/2016/03/quest-for-integrity.html.

Predictions for USA indoor champs.

Women's 800m

The 800m is always a tricky event to predict and on the tight 200m indoor track things can get greasy but for me it's about Ajee' Wilson and Brenda Martinez, both girls are world class over the distance and have gone to worlds before. Brenda is much more of a strength based 800m runner, training under Joe Vigil who has her doing some crazy workouts like a 3 mile tempo in 14:58 earlier this year. Brenda ran a blazing fast 1500 and a solid 8 this season so I'm liking her to make the top 2. And Ajee is strong as well but I feel like her top end speed and her gear changing is just a little better then Brenda's. Either way, these are the two I'm taking.

Women's 1500m

The 1500 without Jenny Simpson leaves a space open behind Shannon Rowbury, we can all agree she's the class of this field and can win by making it fast, or sit until 400 to go and blow it open. But behind her there are still some talented ladies. The second spot will be between Kate Grace and Kerri Gallagher. It's a toss up between these two but I favor Gallagher in a championship style race so she's my pick.

Women's 3000m

I'm speculating here that Shannon Rowbury will double as that's what she's done in the past and Alberto likes to give his athletes options. So in that case I'll take her again for the win as her PB is like 20 seconds quicker then the nearest competitor. For the second spot I'm torn between Abey D' Agostino and Marielle Hall. I'm going with Hall as she impressed me big time in the 5000m at the Millrose games and has great strength. This will be a great race. 

Men's 800m

With the big boys like Symmonds and Duan not running it's all about 1:43 man Boris Berian, he's the class of the field. He's run a blazing fast 600 this year and is on the upswing. After him without the NCAA boys in there I'm going with Erik Sowinsky for 2ed. He's a solid 800m guy. I'd like to see Loxsom or some of the other big guys in the race but I feel this is going to be a thin field. 

Men's 1500m

I was hoping Andrew Wheating would run but he's just decided to scratch today. So with him out of it, I see this as Matthew Centrowitz taking control and winning easily and Robby Andrews using that devastating finish he has to clinch the second spot. Corey Leslie is in good form but if Andrews has him in his sights there's no way he has the wheels to run away from him, or the strength to take him out of it with a hot pace. Centro and Andrews 1-2 in this one.

Men's 3000m

Now this is the race to watch. The big question is if Rupp has recovered from the marathon trials or not. With him having run 2:11 in the heat in his debut....I mean that's a hard effort and it took a lot out of him. Even if he was in 2:05/2:06 shape. He for sure needed to take some down time before gearing back up. If this was his primary focus I would favor him to win as he's run 7:30 and beat Ryan Hill in the worlds 5000m final last year on tired legs after running the 10k and 5k heats. But with the marathon in his legs I'm taking Ryan Hill for the win and I'll take Galen for 2ed just edging out Garrett Heath. But don't be surprised if Heath makes it onto the team, he's fit right now as well. Wildcards are Hassan Mead and Jenkins.

Week that was in training.


Workout - 10X75"/75" with Mike Scott on the track, then 15' of tempo on the treadmill. This was a great session, I don't normally do time based workouts but Mark Hayward had this written for Mike and I figured it looked like a good one. Mark's doing a great job with the Mun Cross Country guys right now and I expect them to come out blazing some fast PB's this spring on the roads. Anyway, the workout went great. I was doing it at between 1500 and 3km pace. Passing 400 in anywhere from 65-68 seconds. The tempo wasn't anything special. I just needed a little more volume so I did 15 minute on the treadmill at LT pace.

11 miles with workout - AM
9 miles easy (6:44/mile) - PM


10 miles easy on the treadmill (6:18/mile) - AM
10 miles easy on the roads (6:04/mile) - PM


Workout - 40' tempo at half marathon pace/effort. We had a great day so I did this on my 1km road loop as it's flat and without a ton of wind, even if there is some it evens out as I'm going around in circles. Anyway, this went great. I averaged 3:13/km pace and went through 10km in 32:09. I wanted to be like 31:45/50 but the effort to run that felt faster then it should have so I didn't want to force it. I figured if I was only tempoing a 10km I'd have been fine to run 31:30 but with it being 40 minutes I wanted to finish strong and make sure I was actually tempoing.

10.2 miles with workout (didn't cool down) - AM
10 miles easy PM (legs felt great, ran 6:03/mile pace) - PM


13.6 miles easy (6:36/mile) - AM


10 miles easy on the treadmill (6:15/mile) - AM
9 miles checking out the trails with Jon Lodge, still icy, (slow, like 7:50/mile) - PM


Workout - 6X1mile at 10km pace on the indoor track off a 400m jog. I started easy at 5:01 then got to work making sure to hit 4:55/mile as that's 30:30 10km pace and my goal for Ottawa. It went well. I got down to 4:53's still feeling great at the end. On the recovery I was covering the 400 between 1:40 and 2:05 depending on the rep all in all it was a great workout and I hit my goal average of 4:55 pace.

12 miles with workout - PM


10 miles easy with Mike, Connor and Kyle, half on the track and half on the mill - AM
10 miles easy (6:26/mile) - PM

That was my week, I'm happy with it and I'm feeling great about how things are progressing. I didn't hear back from the lab about when they will do my VO2 max testing and Lactate tests so hopefully that happens this week and they give me enough notice so I can be ready and not alter workouts. I guess we just keep things going from here! Thanks a ton for reading and I'll see you all next week.

Keep living the dream!

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