Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Week that was in training and more doping busts?

Hello hello! Hope you're all doing well and nailing your training as we get into March and the spring season looms. It's an exciting time of year as the marathon majors just kicked off in Tokyo last weekend and April brings with it London and Boston with all the big east African players looking to impress their Olympic committees to secure a spot on their nations squad. Then the track season will kick off on the west coast with meets like the Stanford invite and Payton Jordan where guys and girls will be going after standards and putting their winter training to the test so it's pretty rad to see it all play out. Before that however we still have USA indoor champs then world indoors which should be excellent. We also can't forget the collegiate scene with NCAA champs and CIS still to play out. Here in the great white north we have some studs running well in all the conferences so I'm pretty amped to see how the CIS champs unfold. On the roads the chilly half is coming up and I'm excited to see that one too. Woodfine and Winslow will be ready to roll from the river and if my boy John Mason jumps into the race after his trip to Kenya "#HuntingFitness" he should be able to throw something fast down too so that's a race worth keeping your eyes on.

As for me, things are going very well right now. Last week was a big one and at the end of it I was feeling a little drained and didn't double or do my long run at the end of the week but I came out of it again by Monday. It was more then likely jumping in with my buddy Jason on my easy days and pacing him to his marathon workouts which are at like 5:45 pace so I'll be careful doing that from here on out. Next week I've got some testing set up in the Lab at the university to get my VO2 max tested and then some blood lactate tests during a workout on the indoor track. It'll be good to get a gauge of where everything is at 8 weeks back training and 8-10 weeks out from some big goal races.

I wont talk about any pro running news this week but I'll put together some thoughts on the big players going into world indoors on the men's and women's side from the 800 up to the 3k and break down who should realistically have the best chances at taking home some hardware.

Before I get into my recap I just have to address the news coming out the other day about Aregawi.....man is that bad stuff. It seems like every week someone is popping hot and I mean Aregawi was THE 1500m girl to beat in 2013 and had some strong performances since then as well. It's got to be hard for Jenny Simpson as she came in second at the WC that year behind her, had she been clean or not running Jenny would have been a repeat champ in arguably the deepest event on the track. I'm sure they will give her the gold now after this news has surfaced but it's got to be a bitter pill to swallow. Jenny was always so respectful of Abeba Aregawi....but I mean are we even surprised by this type of news anymore?

Last thing to mention is a big thank you to Smith Optics as I've just extended my contract and partnership with them today. I'm pumped to continue to work with the brand and am greatful for the amazing support they have given me since first joining them in 2014. So, thanks Andrew and your team here in Canada for being so awesome and supportive. Cheers pal!

Week that was in training


12 miles, paced Jason to 9 miles at his MP (5:43/mile avg) 6:11 avg for entire run - AM
8 miles easy (6:32/mile) - PM


Workout - 12X1'/1'. I did this on the indoor track with Mike Scott, I haven't done a ton of quicker work yet, maybe 3 sessions so I wasn't sure how this would go on short rest but it was a great workout. Shout out to Mark "Pappa" Hayward for this session as he's been coaching the Mun XC boys and I jumped into this one that he had written for Mike. I was a little ambitious from the gun and paid dearly at the end of the session but I got 400m on 7 of the reps in the prescribed 60 seconds and even the slowest of the reps I wouldn't imagine was much less then a 65 second 400m pace. Either way this was a low volume but high intensity anaerobic workout that had me in the hurt locker.

10 miles with workout - AM
10.5 miles easy on the roads (6:44/mile) - PM


10 miles easy on the treadmill (6:15/mile) - AM
10.5 miles easy outside (6:29/mile) - PM


Workout - 3X1mile on the indoor track off 2' recovery. 4:51, 4:46, 4:43 followed by what was supposed to be a 10 minute jog, but I ended up bumping into a few of the boys and we chatted for about 15 minutes. Then I did a 10k tempo on the treadmill. Obviously the mill is hard to convert even with adding 1-1.5% grade to account for the lack of creating your own headwind but it was at my perceived LT pace, on the treadmill that's 5:00/mile, outside it's about 5:08-5:10 so that's what I ran it at. This was a good mixed workout but I was drained after.

12.4 miles with workout - AM
10 miles outside (6:33/mile) - PM


10 miles easy on the treadmill, legs were dead and body was fatigued (6:30/mile) - AM


Workout - 10X1km off 1' on the indoor track. Since I've done some quick 1km's this year while taking some big rests I felt like rolling this workout at 3:03/km or my goal 10km pace for Ottawa would be a composed effort. I was wrong......after hitting the first few feeling smooth and jogging the recovery at a decent clip I got greedy and ran the next 3 intervals in 2:57, I crossed the line and just couldn't come back, each one after that I slowed a little and my last two were 3:07 and 3:10. Luckily the average was still 3:04 but that's the wrong way to run a workout. Anyway, I was super tired so didn't bother to cool down just jumped in my car and headed home for some food.

12.5 miles with workout - PM


Easy 60' which was 10.1 miles (5:56/mile) and called it a day - AM

So yeah, that was my week, it wasn't the smartest or most planned out but I did a lot of good work and am definitely fit right now. I just have to keep things going and take care to listen to my body more when I'm training this hard.

Anyway, until next time friends, thanks for dropping by, we will chat more next week with some pro running talk and I'll make sure to get some pictures up.

Keep fighting the good fight,


  1. Definitely know how you feel about those km repeats. Was doing 5* miles on our flat, hot, 200m track. Was supposed to be between 6 and 6:30 each. First was a composed 6:12, then 6:08, then 6:00, but I was getting fried from the heat. No air circulation. Should have propped open all the doors. Anyways, did 400 instead of the 5th mine, went 44/32 for 1:15. Was happy with the fast last lap off of 6' pace. But yeah. Very excited to be doing 7*400 in 1:20 tomorrow. I won't get heat exhaustion. Hahaha. Nice work man!

  2. That's a solid workout dude and closing it that strong is a very good sign! I hear you about the heat, our track is sometimes stuffy too but normally pretty cool. You must have had a case of "track hack" after that one hey haha.

    Let me know how the 400's treat you today! 80 second quarter pace is a very solid one to do. You can progress that one as the weeks go on adding a rep here or there and dropping the recovery a bit. You'll be ready for a great 5km!

    Good luck with it dude.

  3. went well, David!
    Was running with a bud who's a bit slower, and have a 10km on Sunday, so took 1:45 recovery on each rep.
    1:23,1:23,1:24,1:26,1:25 in my Kinvaras just trying to settle into a comfortable groove, then the last two put on my mizuno flats and did 1:20mid relaxed and then 1:17 focussed on fast and smooth (not fast and hard). Now fresh baked oatmeal for breakfast. Booyah.

  4. Great work dude!!! Perfect execution and you hit the nail on the head, focusing on running fast but relaxed and not "hard". I need to do that more. The fitness is there man!

    Enjoy that breakfast big guy, I'm on East Coast time and it's nearly lunch over here on the other side of the country!