Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Week that was in training and some indoor WC thoughts.

Hey friends, how's the training coming? I hope your all making some steady progress and your getting ready to light it up in some races. I know I was pretty excited to see the boys battle it out in Stanley Park last weekend at the Modo 8km. Trev "Nacho Libre" really put his stamp on that one. That kid is such a great dude who works his ass off day in, day out so it's great to see him running so well. It's also awesome seeing Rob jumping into all the races even when doing them in the middle of marathon specific workouts. I heard he ran 20k before the race and still dropped a 24:10. Other notable shout outs go to Kevin Friesen, that dude ran with unreal heart man, check out his strava splits of the race. He came in 3rd overall in 24:30 with a 5:32 last mile, he left it all out there on the course. Love gutsy races like that. Then my boy Kevin Coffey came through running another strong race and my fellow Newfoundlander Ryan "Gary" Brockerville also showed some solid early season fitness as he gets ready for his steeple season. I'm excited to watch most of these guys run the Sun Run. That's going to be a great race once again this year. Hopefully some guys come up from the states so we get a spicy pace and some fast times. Lastly, Hodge ran a season opener in Quebec while he was taking in a union conference/meeting. Just how the guy rolls, he probably had to drive like a thousand kilometers to get there. Great to see him back on the roads and gearing up for those fast spring times!

As for me, training is back to normal after having to do some travelling last week for work which threw some things off and a slight flu. But I'm feeling the best I ever have and crushed a session of 3X10' and some 200's today. I'll run our first local road race of the season in a little over 2 weeks, the Boston Pizza Flat Out 5km and then head to Montreal for the Banque Scotia 21k. I hadn't really thought about doing this but luckily John Lofraco suggested I check it out and the fine folks at the Canadian Running Series were kind enough to offer to host me so it'll be good to get one under the belt early. From there the plan is to head to Toronto for a half and 10km followed by race weekend. I won't get any further ahead then that but needless to say I'm getting anxious and excited to test out the fitness. So I'll get into some thoughts about world indoors and then recap my training.

Takeaways from the world indoor championships.

1 - The women's mid-d and distance events are incredibly deep right now. Most people don't put a lot of focus on indoors and given it's an Olympic year even less would think to do it with the stakes as high as they are in 2016 but wow, from the 800 up to the 3km we were treated to some crazy action. Just making it to the finals in the Olympics is going to take insane fitness this year and I'm so excited for all the women's races to play out. It's a great time for the sport.

2 - Genzebe Dibaba.......yup, she's still unreal. What can you say about her, it was like the first 1km in 3:15 was her shake out and she was just getting annoyed having to run that slow, she strides along for the 2ed K in 2:47 like it's a tempo run and closed it down even faster without straining at all. I mean she's super fit right now. The question is, what will be her main focus outdoors? The 1500 and the 5km or will she just pick one?

3 - Boris Berian is the REAL DEAL!!! Have you ever seen someone go out in 49 point for the first 400 of an indoor 800? That's a beast right there, I mean I know he only came back in 56 but 1:45 indoors leading wire to wire and not tying up too bad.....this guy has arrived and is the US's best shot at a medal in the 800 this year in Rio as far as I'm concerned. Soloman did open up outdoors this weekend in 1:46 solo and has run 1:42 in the past but I feel like this is Berians time. He was running unsponsored, even after running 1:43 twice last year, I think that was a smart call not taking the first deal he was offered as he just gained a TON of negotiating power being the world indoor champ!

4 - Centro is a smooth operator. What a beautifully executed tactical race run by Centro. I thought Willis made a very smart move going all in with 400 to go but Centro didn't sweat it, shadowing him and kicking home crazy hard the last 60m. Like Andrew Jones, on the trackie forums posted on a thread, he's the definition of a great tactical racer and young milers should go back and watch that race over and over again. Points to take away are how relaxed he stays, always conserving energy, never getting boxed or running too much extra yardage or making a move too early. The fluidity he displays even the last 20m is unparalleled. Definitely one of the best races of the championship.

5 - Etheopia's Yomif Keljecha has "the full armory" as my favorite announcer Tim Hutchings would say. He really showed insane closing ability in the 3km, as did Ryan Hill to a lesser extent. If anyone is going to push Farah in the 5000m it's going to be him. He ran the world lead last year of 12:53 and he seems to just explode into the last 400m of races. If he can get into a few more big ones early in the spring and sharpen those tactics even more, not getting too anxious and learning to be patient he's Farah's greatest threat. We have a good discussion going on one ot the trackie threads over there talking about Farah, Bekele and some other studs over the 5/10k so check that out if you fancy some debate.

Week that was in training.


8 miles easy (6:22pace) - AM
11 mile easy + strides (6:29pace) - PM


Workout - 2X(4X400m) 90's rest. I ran all these around 1500m pace between 62-64 and felt really smooth and controlled. After that I did 15' of tempo to get a little more volume in.

12miles with workout - AM


13.6 miles easy with some strides (6:33pace) - AM


Workout - I was travelling so I did this on the treadmill, it was 2X25' at lactate threshold. I did it at 5:00 pace on the treadmill with a 1% grade. It felt like it was worth about 5:05-5:10. These treadmill were excellent and new but they didn't have a fan so I was dying with heat exhaustion ha.

14 miles with workout - AM


7.3 miles easy (6:18pace) - AM
10 miles easy (6:30pace) - PM


2 hour LR, 18.6 miles (6:21pace I think) - AM


8 miles easy (6:32pace) - AM
10 miles easy (6:49pace) - PM

So there you have it, not a crazy week or anything but I got some work in and I feel really fit so that's what matters. This week is off to a better start and today I had a huge workout so things are looking good. I'm doing a 10 mile tempo on the roads this Friday so I'm mentally preparing for that one and hoping for good weather. Also, I've got a VO2 max test scheduled for Tuesday the 29th so that should be fun!

Anyway, I'll get out of here, but I wish you all a great week and happy training. 

Keep those sticks on the ice eh'


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