Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Week that was in training and world indoors preview.

Hello again running friends. I'm strapped for time today as I've been up to my eyes with work this last week and have had some travel in the process as well. Thankfully the running is still going strong and I'm counting down the days until I get the chance to lay it all out there and reap the rewards of the hard training block I've put in these past few months. I'm sure last weekend you were all glued to your screens watching CIS, NCAA and USA indoor champs. I'm going to write a blog post breaking down the mid and distance events from NCAA D1 and CIS as they both proved to be fantastic championships and are worthy of their own post. USA's was also great and they have a strong team going into this weekends world indoor championships in Portland Oregon. Some of our nations best will also be toeing the line. I've got a feeling Nicole S. is going to have a real shot at another world indoors medal. The 1500 is stacked but it's not as stacked as the 3km and I think there's a medal up for grabs in that race if she puts her best performance out there so keep an eye out! She has hardware from the last world indoor champs in Sopot 2014!

In local news the Tely 10 registration just opened and I'm more excited then ever to race it this year. I've convinced my buddy Ryan Noel-Hodge to come down for the race and a little holiday so you all better keep your eyes peeled as he's the one to put your money on this year. His goal race is a 10000m on the track in May where he will look to go 29:XX. I won't talk anymore about that as he's got a fresh blog post in the works but if that kid comes ready to roll in sub 30 shape best believe he's going 49 flat on our tely 10 (He ran 30:33 last year in horrible windy, rainy conditions for the Quebec 10000m champs)! Either way, my plan will be to ride his coattails for as long as possible and let him drag me into a fast time. Our other friend Amy Friel is also coming down and she can roll as well. She ran a strong BQ at last years STWM and you can expect her in the hunt for top 5 on the women's side. I'm going to stay with my buddy Jeff Costen at the end of April for a few days while I'm in Toronto for some races and I'll work on him to make the road trip down to the rock with Hodge and ensure we have a blazing fast top 5 this year! Like I said....I'm pretty pumped for it. Anyway let's get into some world indoors.

Who to watch for at world indoors

Women's 800m

It's a shame Mellisa Bishop isn't running as I'd have her as the favorite if she was. But based on the entries I'd say your top 3 will consist of Ajee Wilson, Lynsey Sharp and Laura Roesler. That's the order I would also anticipate but with the 800 on a tight 200m track it's anybodies race. Ajee is great tactically however as she proved last weekend once again, and with a 1:57 PB outdoors she should be the favorite.

Women's 1500m

Now this is certainly a stacked field, but it could be even deeper if Dibaba and Rowbury were on the starting list. And with a round of heats before the final anything can happen. That said on paper the favorites have to be Seyaum and Hassan. My money would be on Siffan Hassan personally but Seyaum is a gamer. Then in 3rd I'd go with Brenda Martinez as she's got a devastating finish thanks to her 1:57 800m ability. But anything can happen and I'm pulling for our two Canadian girls to make something happen here. So good luck Stafford and Sifuentes!

Women's 3000m

This is going to be a barn burner up front. I see it as two separate races. Dibaba vs Defar vs Burka. I really don't know why Rowbury is running the 3k rather then the 1500. She's run a great indoor mile and you'd think the last person you would want to face is Dibaba at any distance as she will make it hard from the gun. The 3 ladies I mentioned are miles and away better then the rest if they have good days so look for them to go 1-2-3. Good luck to Sheila and Jess in the race. Both girls are tough as nails and will for sure go in there and mix it up.

Men's 800m

I love the 800, but indoors it's hard to predict as we don't know how sharp people really are and how some of the bigger, more powerful men will fair on the smaller track. In this race I would like Boris Berian if it was a strait final or only 1 round before the final. In the past he hasn't handled heats or championship racing well but I do like his chances to medal. I'll take Balla for 1st as he's run a 1:45 this year, Boris for 2ed and Sowinsky as the dark horse for 3rd.

Men's 1500m

This isn't the deepest race of the championship but it does have 4 of the top milers on the planet competing with Iguider (3:28 man), Souleiman (3:29 man), Willis (3;29 man) and Centro (3:30 guy) in the field. So it's down to these 4 provided they all run decently. It's hard to say who will be left out. I'm going to say Souleiman falters and is left out of the medals but it's really hard to predict this one. Iguider for the win followed by Centro and Willis.

Men's 3000m

The 3k has a very deep field. It's really hard to break down as most of the guys haven't raced each other much head to head. If push comes to shove as good as Ryan Hill's kick is it's not as devastating as the likes of a 100% Augustine Choge or Gebremeskel or Alimerew. Then you have Iguider doubling back from the 1500 with 3:28 speed. If it's tactical and he's close with 400 to go it's lights out. You also have 12:53 man Kejelcha. So, with all of that talent I'm going with 12:46 man, Gebremeskel, followed by Iguider and Choge for 3rd. But this could go a number of different ways. Make sure your watching the final of this event because it's going to be epic.

My week in training.

I'm going to make this super quick as I've got to run but it went well. I got a couple good sessions in and some solid mileage.

Monday - 20 miles on the day, 12 am and 8 pm with some strides
Tuesday - workout with Mike, 8X500m avg of 1:20 off 90" and a 2 mile in 9:40.
Wednesday - 20 miles on the day 10 am and 10 pm
Thursday - Treadmill tempo at Lactate Threshold for 2X25' at 5:00/mile pace. (Worth 5:08)
Friday - 20 miles on the day, 13 in the morning and 7 easy in the evening.
Saturday - 2 hour long run, nothing too crazy, 18 miles at what was about a 6:38ish avg
Sunday - 10 miles easy in the morning and 10 easy in the evening.

So yeah, there we are. Things are rolling folks, and the fast times will be posted in races soon. I'm like that kid I was 10 year ago on the bench, saying "put me in coach, I'm ready baby!!" Anyway, sorry for the rushed post but like I said it's been busy. I'll get that one up about the CIS and NCAA champs later this week and we will return with regular scheduled programming next time.

Thanks for reading and stay frosty,


  1. Good job, Dave, on the World Indoor picks. Nobody saw that Czech guy coming in the 1500, and Ryan Hill looked better than everyone imagined ('cept him, perhaps) in the 3000m, but other than that your predictions were pretty solid. Well done.

    1. Hey thanks Andrew!! I got a few right, it's so hard to predict what's going to happen indoors but it makes the races so much more interesting. And those with the highest racing IQ/Tactics are rewarded. That Czech guy....man he closed hard hey! Willis made a nice bid to try to win it too. All in all I'd say we got some very entertaining races!