Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Cancelled flights, and making the best of it.

Hey friends! So as many of you know I didn't race in Montreal last weekend. On Friday I went up to the airport fully expecting to make it out, I mean it was foggy but we had upgrades made to our airport/runway that was suppose to help situations with extreme fog. I always only pack carry on when I'm racing so I had my boarding pass and was about to go through security when they scanned my ticket and told me my flight was cancelled. Needless to say I was in a panic, everything that day was cancelled as nothing got in and the flights obviously couldn't leave again. I tried everything known to man but to no avail. One lady who was trying to be helpful said she could get me out first thing on Monday....I mean Montreal is great and all but I'd be a day late to the race so that was a no go. I immediately tried to see if I could get a ticket to Toronto for the next weekend to run the Goodlife Half and booked myself for that. When I got home I did an angry shakeout and went to bed. I went back to the airport Saturday morning to try again but the only flight I could get was a $2800 business class which was leaving that evening. Pretty pricey and hard to run well less then 24 hours after a flight. So I was stuck in St. John's and waiting another week to get away for a race. Luckily we had a local race on that Saturday, the Mundy Pond 5km. I figured I'd need a workout and I love running on the local circuit so I asked if they had any bibs left and the fine folks at the Nautilus running club came through. So even though I missed out on rolling with the boys in MTL I got out there with some beauties and rolled a 5km tempo followed by some 400's.

Before I get into my week of training and give some details about my race let me just say a huge congrats to Kip Kangogo on taking the win in Montreal, I was supposed to be rooming with him and can I just say he's a beauty of a human being. We were messaging back and forth and the guy was insisting on waiting for me to arrive for a shakeout, I had to tell him he might be waiting until Monday haha. But yeah, it's just so great seeing Kip, now a Canadian Citizen running well and loving what he does. My other Saucony Teammate, Krista rolled a strong 72 minute half to knock out her "Proof of fitness" for AC. When I saw the times and the splits it made it all the harder, knowing the boys in the chase pack went out at the exact pace I was hoping for, 32:04 through 10km and kept the effort even with 3 of them coming in between 67:40-67:55. Now I'm not going to say automatically I'd have run that exact time but I'm pretty confident I'd have been in that group until the end. Major props to my boy Josh Bolton on closing hard and taking 3rd place. He's having a great season and it's inspiring to see.

I'm hoping there's a couple guys that show up to the Goodlife race who are looking to run 66/67. At this point I'm confident in my fitness and honestly at this race I've got nothing to lose so I'll go with the leaders provided they don't go out quicker then like 31:30. Anything at that pace or slower I'm game to take a run at and see where the cards fall. So, like I said, I jumped into the Mundy Pond 5km as a workout. It was a beautiful day, about 6 or 7 degrees with hardly any wind. The course isn't quick but it's 100% fair. So I wanted to run 5 flat a mile and just focus on running really relaxed and smoothly which is exactly what happened. I ran 15:30 not really feeling like I was rolling too hard then finished off with two sets of 4X400.

Anyway, I'll clue this up with my week of training but I really want to talk about the London Marathon and Payton Jordan. I was hoping to have lots of time to blog about this stuff over the weekend but my heart wasn't in it after missing my trip so I'll get it done later this week when I'm in Toronto. I'm actually excited to head there for a race and to spend some time with friends. I'll get a chance to see Hodge as he will be there for a few days, grab some beer and plan some #SquadGoals with Amy, stay with Costen and Corchain and do a quick roadie to the London track meet Sunday night after my race to cheer on the boys racing a 5000m. All in all it should be a good time with lots to report in my next post.

Week that was in training


10 miles easy before watching Boston - AM
10 miles easy - PM


Medium long run 14 miles - AM


11 miles easy on the treadmill, we had a blizzard, not even joking about this...crazy - AM


Workout - 3X1 threshold mile off 2'. Nice and smooth all 5:05's on the nose. No fireworks just wanted to run controlled and at a little bit quicker then half marathon pace

8.7 miles with workout - AM


OFF - AM (I thought I'd be on a plane)
Angry 8 miler with some strides - PM


4 miles easy with a couple 400's in 65" - AM


Mundy Pond 5km - 15:30, splits - 5:02, 5:00, 5:00, 28". In the afternoon 2X(4X400m) off a 200m jog recovery in about 45 seconds to a minute averaged around 65 seconds with 4 minutes between the sets.

7 miles with race, WU/CD - AM
13 miles with 400's - PM

So that's it for me for this post. I got a nice tempo in early this week and I'll touch a little race pace on Thursday then go for broke on Sunday. Hope y'all have a fantastic week and training treats your right.

Keep livin' the dream,

Rollin' at the Mundy Pond 5km

Thanks Saucony for the new Balistas for the track season and a fresh pair of originals, the new SD Premium. Nice unexpected package on a Friday!

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