Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Season opener and week that was in training.

Hey friends, how goes it? I've got to make this post fast as it's getting late and I have a ton of work related stuff that I've put off all day. But, fear not, I'm going to do another blog entry later this week breaking down the Boston Marathon. Man, I'm excited for that, not only on the professional side of the race but I've got a ton of friends from here going to the race. My buddy Jason White is trying to go under 2:40 for the first time, another good friend and legend, Sheldon Marsh, is making is Boston debut and is also ready to go under 3 hours by a decent amount so I'm very invested in the race this year. I also want to get into the outdoor track season. Mt. Sac is coming up, the Hoka meet, which I'll refer to as the Oxy meet, as well all know it, Payton Jordan and then the big boys will be out in the first few diamond league races scheduled for Doha, Shanghai and the new stop Rabat. I'm pretty jacked about all of this action and it means I'll be down in my basement being a track nerd streaming on PS4, my PC, Laptop and possibly a tablet if need be. I get really into it. The issue always ends up where I'm on the east coast I'm generally up until like 3am waiting for the distance races that are normally at the end of the program like the 1500's to 10000's. But it's worth it.

Season opener on the roads

So, other then a low key 5km I ran back in Feb this was my first road race of the year that I wanted to hit. It's the first one in our provincial high performance series and I'd like to make sure I take that crown again at the end of the year. Our road scene is really growing and this race sold out in a hurry which was awesome to see. In Newfoundland the weather can be really unpredictable all the way up until almost June, you could get 100km/hour winds, a blizzard or a beauty day, it's a roll of the dice. But that didn't stop everyone from signing up and getting after it. 

The Tuesday before the race we had a snow storm so I figured it would be really messy the rest of the week but things turned around and the snow pretty much all melted and on race day all we had to deal with was some gnarly wind, rain and fog. Which, actually could have been way worse. The course itself is definitely a fair 5km, it's not fast as you've got a pretty good hill on one side but because it's a loop course anything you gain, you come back down. It's located at the highest point in the city near our airport so you can bet it's always windy. I had wanted to go after a sub 15 and the course record but when I did my warm up with the boys after the first turn we were hit with the wind and I knew I'd need like a 14:25-30 effort to go under in those conditions. I tried to put it out of my mind and give it a go regardless.

Without Colin Fewer in the field it was going to be a solo effort, but there was a strong contingent of university guys who would be starting to come in behind me about a minute back and it proved to be an entertaining race for positions 2-15 basically which was great. 

Anyway, the gun went and we got going, I got out well and settled into a good rhythm that felt comfortably hard, I had one guy try to go with me so I turned to see if it was Matt Power, he's a guy who has a lot of talent and had just done a nice workout earlier in the week of K reps in 2:54 and two sub 60 400's to finish it off. But when I saw it was another runner I wasn't concerned and just stuck with my game plan instead of trying to put a surge in. I came through the first K in 2:57, and the mile in 4:45, at 2km I was into the wind for about 300m but was 5:56 so still moving well, then we had the strong headwind and a climb of 60 feet or so according to strava and this teamed with me not hearing any footsteps anymore, pushing solo kind of killed my momentum, I did my best getting up the hill but running the same effort wasn't cutting it, at 3km I was just over 9:10 and knew I couldn't battle to get back the time I'd lost so I cruised it in. It was still a good effort and the 3rd fastest time ever on the course so I'm not upset. I recovered quickly and hit a nice workout today so all in all I'm happy with it. Obviously I hate running slow times, but I'm sure if I had someone on me I'd have been able to knock another 20 seconds off it and been 15:1X or so.

A huge thanks to the Athletics Northeast Running Club for putting off an amazing event. As I mentioned earlier, the race behind me was apparently pretty epic, Matt Power came in second around a minute back and behind him they came in basically single file. I'll attach a race recap done by the legend himself Mark Hayward. (You on the trackie forums will know him as MUNXC, the former Mun cross country captain). He very eloquently breaks down the men's and women's races here - http://www.bipedsports.com/blog/haywards-flat-out-5k-recap/ . I'll attach some pics below.

Week that was in training


Long run - 20 miles easy, 6:37/mile - AM


Workout - I did this at the track with Kate, Peter and Dan. 5X1km off 2' followed by 4X400m off 90". I started hard and went 2:46, 2:48, 2:47, at that point I figured if I kept it there I might dig myself a whole so I ran the next one controlled in 2:59 and paced Peter to his last one in 3:08. The 400's were just nice and smooth, 64, 64, 65, 62. This was such a great workout. It was awesome to have a nice group to hit a big one with.

12 miles with warm up/cool down and workout - AM
8 miles easy - PM


14 miles easy (6:29/mile) - AM


10 miles easy with some strides - AM


6.5 miles easy with Jason with 4X2' at 4:45/mile pace - AM


4 miles easy with 4X400 in 70" nice and relaxed with full recovery.


Race - 2 mile warm up, 5km race at 4:57/mile, 2 mile cool down

7 miles with race - AM
13 miles easy on the trails - PM

So that was my week. I feel like it was a success and that things are moving in the right direction heading into the racing season. Next up is Montreal on April 24th which I'm really excited for. That's it for me right now but I'll write a post later this week about Boston and the upcoming track season. Until then, keep living the dream and don't forget to read Mark Hayward's post.

DF - Out!

Rolling at about 2km

Battling the wind, about 3km I'm guessing

Getting things going, that's Matt Power to the left of me and Mike Scott to the left of him.

The day after the race....of course it's a glorious day, why couldn't we have this on Sunday

Shoutout to Syntrax for my monthly shipment, looking after the kid!

My friend here Renee killed it and ran a big PB, when I was coming around on my second lap she threw in a surge on me! This was a pic she took that we threw up on Twitter. Great work out there Renee!

Back on the track today ripping some 400's.

I put my summer rims and tires on the Audi today and took it out for a spin. It was another awesome day once again. Kinda sad this will be traded in early October for a new one, but we will have a good summer together no doubt.

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