Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Week that was in training and 5 days out from MTL21k

Hey friends, sorry I didn't get a chance to post anything up about Boston or the track season. Where I'm taking Friday off to go to Montreal things have been busy and the blog isn't as high on the priority list as some other tasks. That said, I fully intend to break down some upcoming track races and the spring marathons. It'll give me something to do on Saturday before the race so I'll bring my laptop with me and write some ramblings. I'm rooming with my friend and teammate Kip Kangogo so perhaps I'll ask for some of his thoughts on the upcoming season as that guy runs at a much higher level then me and has competed with some of the best throughout his career.

So yeah, I'll give a few shout outs and then just recap last week's training. I'm feeling great going into this first big race of the season. I'm a little nervous as I don't know exactly where I am fitness wise but I feel strong. Over the last 2-3 weeks I've done all my workouts outside which is great. It's so hard to gauge true fitness from indoor track and treadmill sessions. But I'm ready to go hard and I'll jump in with the group who are looking to run 1:07 which should consist of Josh Bolton, Francois Jarry (coming off a good indoor season running 3:52 for 1500 and 8:18 for 3km) and Anthony Larouche who ran 67 in Philly. There's a couple of other guys like Kennedy Rono and Thomas Kipkoski who could also run that quick or faster so I should have some guys to run with. That said, I'm not ready to go out in 31:30 just yet and risk blowing up so if I feel the pace is too hot I'm more then willing to go it alone and then chase down people falling off the back. 32:00 at 10km would be ideal or even a few seconds slower and then try to work from there. Last fall going into Scotia I felt pretty sharp coming off a 31:07 solo 10k on the roads so I'll need to be careful early to not get in over my head and then really use the strength I've built over the last few months to close hard the last half of the race.

Onto the shout outs. Let's start with the Sun Run. Wow....what a race hey, that's got to be the deepest 10k we have had on Canadian soil, except for Ottawa in years. I wanted to make the trip out but scheduling couldn't accommodate it this year. Anyway, firstly the Newfoundland boys, Nick Snow ran a solid race running a new PB of 34 minutes, Colin Fewer was consistent again as he proves to be year in, year out and came 17th in 31:06. And then Ryan "Gary" Brockerville threw down a 20+ second PB and rolled a 30:32. Nice work fellas. Ahead of the boys, Kevin Coffey killed it running 30:13. I told Jeff Costen a couple days before "don't be surprised to see Coffey under 30:15" and he agreed, so way to prove us right bud. Then you had Kevin Fresen continuing to set the roads on fire this year with a 29:3X, Trev, Nacho Libre, Hoffbaur was a few seconds ahead as well in a road PB and the race was won by Eric which I called a couple weeks back. That guy is so consistent its ridiculous. He's still super quick over 10km and will have a great showing in Rio this summer I bet.

Then some Boston shout outs, my strava and Facebook friend Simon showed some guts out there and battled hard so great job dude. Next my Newfoundland morning run crew, Joey Dunford who's a great friend of mine went there despite have a strained hamstring and decided just to run it for the experience and enjoy the day, he ended up running 2:53 which is pretty unreal considering he hadn't hardly ran a step for the 3 weeks leading into the race. Lee Benett ran strong as well, great job pal. Then my buddy Jason White, he had a hard day in the heat but didn't pack it in and battled to get under 3 so props to you too bud. I could list about 50 people but I'll stop here, great work to everyone who finished and put forth their best effort. I've got nothing but the highest respect for all of you. #BostonStrong

Week that was in training


12 miles easy 7:01/mile - AM
8 miles with strides 6:33/mile - PM


20 miles long run, 6:54/mile - AM


Workout - 2X13' tempo off 2:30 recovery followed by 20' of easy running then 3X1mile from half marathon pace down to 10km. I did the tempo with Mike Scott and Dan Conway on the always hilly Long Pond trail. It went well, I actually got around the pond the fastest I've ever done during the first lap of the tempo which was a great sign. I believe the avg pace was about 5:17/mile but on a flat road that's worth close to 5 minutes at the slowest 5:05. Then for the mile repeats I met up with Jason and did it on the road loop around the park near my house. I went 5:08, 4:56 and 4:52 with a 400m jog recovery that was about 2 minutes. This was a great workout and with the warm up, 20 minutes of running after the tempo and the cool down it was 19 miles.

19 miles with workout - AM
1 mile jog to the loop to meet Mark Hayward to call splits while he crushed a tempo - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles easy - PM


12 miles easy 6:48/mile - AM
8 miles easy 7:15/mile - PM


Paced Mark to 2X1km, 2X800, 2X200 and then 7 easy miles for 12 total - AM
8 easy - PM


Workout - I wanted something to get my legs ready for the half and I was debating 4X10' off 3' recovery at race pace but I opted for 3X10' and called it still feeling like I could do another rep or two but not wanting to dig myself a hole that I couldn't get out of before the race. I did it on a hilly 1.2 mile loop by Quidi Vidi Lake. It was a little windy but nothing too bad. I averaged 1.9 miles/10' rep and ended almost the exact same place each rep and averaged 5:18/mile which was worth about 10 seconds faster had it been a flat section of road but I wanted to go on effort and get a good session in the legs so I was ok with the pace being a little slower.

14 miles with workout - AM

So that was my week, it was a big one mileage wise but I felt great. I'm tapering into Montreal and look forward to going out there and throwing down everything I have on race day. I'll have some time over the weekend so I'll get that post about the spring marathons and track races written. 

Thanks as always for reading, I wish you all happy training!

Stay frosty,

Elite start list for Sunday. 


  1. Dave, I think Eric Gillis showed some "proof of readiness" to AC! :) I agree that he continues to be a 10k road beast.

    Best in Montreal...sounds like you're ready to go. Weather at 5C/PC? Parfait!

  2. Andrew, I'd also concur that he displayed some "competitive readiness" haha, boy oh boy that's a seriously crazy thread that I'm enjoying reading.

    I wonder what he could have posted with someone hot on his tail or someone to chase. He was the class of the field by a good margin. The Sun Run is a very quick course, I'd imagine 30 seconds or more then Ottawa and he ran 28:57 last year in the capital so I wonder if he just did enough to win as he's done at some other race. Could he have dipped under 28:30? He's VERY fit right now.

    And thanks!! :). The weather looks great! What's funny is anytime I race somewhere not in Newfoundland I always find it excellent, I'm used to our ridiculous climate. (As I type this we are having a snow storm and I'm off work 25+ cm of snow. I kid you not).


  3. I gotta think that the crazy NL weather helped McCloy to be the monster he was. Legend!

    Stay warm and safe.