Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Week that was in training and let the racing begin.

Hey friends! How are you all making out with the training grind? Things are going supremely well for me and I'm going to open up at the first of our local races in our provincial high performance series this weekend. It's the first time in the history of the race it's had a sellout so I'm pretty excited to see so much excitement around the scene this early in the year. I don't think the weather will be very good as we are suppose to be getting 25cm of snow tonight but if there isn't much wind I'll go after a sub 15 on the roads which I've yet to officially do. (I've split 14:50 in an 8km but I've got no 14:XX next to my name from a road 5km so the chase is on early this season to take care of that). If the weather doesn't cooperate I'll aim to go under the course record which is owned by the ultra fast Sean Hulbert, a 1:53 800m runner who went to our University here in St. John's a few years ago. Whatever the outcome it'll be great to blow the rust off the wheels and get another couple weeks of training in before the Montreal Banque Scotia 21k. (Thanks Alan Brooks and Ian Cater for looking after me, and to John Lofranco for bringing up the idea to me.)

So yeah, training has gone very well. I'm going to transition into more half marathon paced work just to feel more of the pace I want to run at for the half. Josh Bolton, a friend of mine from Ontario will also be heading to Montreal for the race and our plan is to work together like we did last year at Scotiabank where we ran side by side for 19km and it helped us both run big PB's at the time, 1:09:10 for Josh and 1:08:47 for myself. Josh seems to be in great form and just won the Around The Bay 5km last Sunday in 15:03 so it'll be no small task to run with him that's for sure but our goals if we both feel good are to run around 1:07:30 then try to get into the 1:06's on our next attempt in the summer. The plan is to split 10k in 32:00 or about 35 seconds faster then last fall and see how we feel, if we can pick it up we will if one of us feels better then the other we will do our thing but hopefully the race treats us well and we get some good conditions and the chance to run fast. My Saucony Canada Teammate, Kate Bazeley, who I've been training with this past week won that race in 2013 and became a national champion in the half in the process so she's been telling me about the course and it sounds like a good one.

So yeah, I'll get into my training now after a couple more notes/points. Firstly, I don't know if all of you who read this listen to "The Terminal Mile" podcast, but it's a phenomenal show hosted by my buddy Micheal Rochus, and sometimes featuring my boy Jeff Costen as the in house running pundit. Well this week it featured a couple of beauties and stud runners. Kevin Coffey of K-Town Ontario who, mark my words is on the verge of a big breakthrough in the marathon. You can check out his blog here -  http://kevcoffey.com/ Kev is a 2:21 guy but he's going like 2:18 or better on his next one, take that to the bank. This week's episode also had Peter Corrigan, a 5000m runner who just opened up at the Stanford Invite with a PB of 13:42. Give him a follow on Twitter or Instagram. It was a great episode and you can listen to it here - http://www.trackie.com/track-and-field/TrackieRadio/TheTerminalMile/

The next thing I think you should all check out and read is my boy Ryan Noel-Hodge's latest blog post. It's a super honest piece of writing where he looks within, talks about the struggles of living and training in isolation up north and chasing his dreams while teaching kids at the local school. Ryan is an 8:13/14:24 3k/5k guy who will be chasing a sub 30 minute 10000 this spring in Michigan. Here is the link to that - http://www.montrealendurance.com/author/ryan/

The last bit of housekeeping is to give some shoutouts for some outstanding performances last weekend. Lets start with Sasha Golish running 15:35 for 5000m, that's a strong performances out of Sasha and shows her strength is there after running that 72 minute half and now a mid 15 5000m. I'm really excited to see her open up in the 1500. I feel like by the end of the year she may be a sub 4:05 performer. Next, my fellow Newfoundlander Jillian Forsey ran 16:05 for the 5000 in the same meet with Sasha. Next up, the crew who ran around the bay. I have to start with Trevor Zimak, what a beauty this guy is, all guts man, when this guys throws in a "Zimak mile" as he likes to call them it can be devastating! I remember last year we were on the elite bus to the start of Yonge Street and he's telling me about his Around the Bay race, how he split 68 minutes for the half and his PB going in was only 69. He said his 10km splits were 31 high, 33 mid and 35 high or something like that. Eric Gillis, who is sitting ahead of us turns around and says "That's a rough way to run 30km". It had to be one of the funniest running moments ever. Zimak just laughs and says "you have to go for it". Anyway, he killed it this year, ran smart splits and came 3rd in 1:40 flat. he's looking to break 2:20 at his spring marathon and I think it's there on the right day. Great job pal. Lastly, Josh Bolton and "Runner" Rob, (Blog on the right side). Both of the boys had great showings in the 5k and 30k respectively, great work fellas, see you both soon.

Week that was in training.


Long Run -  20 miles with Jason in 2:12. Strava details - https://www.strava.com/activities/529120991

20 miles - AM


VO2 Max test in the lab, normal protocol and extended cool down, 10 miles - AM
10 miles easy 6:24/mile - PM


Workout - 4X800m off 1:45 recovery, 2X400 off 90" recovery and 2X800m off 1:45 recovery. I went hard on the first four 800's and averaged 2:12, then ran the 400's in 60, 61 and paced Kate Bazeley to her last two 800's in 2:26, 2:25. I did this workout with her and Mark Hayward, who's rounding into great form himself.

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy 6:44/mile - AM
10 miles easy - 6:35/mile - PM


Workout - I went to the loop, as it was a great day, with Mike Scott and Mark Hayward. We had 2X12' on the books off 2' just to feel a little race pace/threshold. I was foolish and went out pretty hard. I was 4:50 at the mile and 9:03 for 3km coming up a few meters short of 4km in 12'. Needless to say that's quicker then goal 10km pace. So, feeling the fatigue from all the quality earlier in the week, I decided to just run the second rep with Mike. 

15 miles with long warm up and cool down - AM
5 miles with strides - PM


11 miles easy outside, awesome day weather wise - AM
9 miles easy (6:39/mile) - PM


12 miles easy - AM
8 miles easy - PM

So I had my biggest week of the year and felt pretty decent considering, I won't really taper for this race coming up on Sunday but I'll take back the intensity and some of the volume of my quality so I have at least some pop in my legs. The big goal right now is Montreal. And looking at the 4 most important races for me this spring it'll be Montreal, Ottawa 10k, the new Waterfront 10k hosted by the Canadian Running Series and the 10000m champs. After that I'll race locally until the fall before I likely hit the same 3 races as last fall, the 5km road champs in Yorkville, STWM and National XC.

Anyway my dog is barking as I type this so that's where I'll leave it.

See ya next time folks. Pictures and a race report to come next week!


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  1. Excited to see what time you throw down in Montreal!