Tuesday, 24 May 2016

4 days out from Ottawa Race Weekend and some ramblings.

Sup y'all! I trust you guys and gals are all getting after it and had a safe long weekend. I had some good times out at my cabin with Hilary and a couple of my cousins and their significant others. We enjoyed some fishing, went ATVing and just kicked it. That said, you best believe I was watching OXY/the Hoka High Performance meet. It had some spicy races for sure. My Saucony Canada teammate, Andrea Seccafien threw down in the 5000, laying waste to the field and running under the Olympic A standard clocking a 15:17. Other notable performances came from my fellow Newfoundlander Ryan Brockerville who ran a new PB in the second section of the steeple in 8:34. Chuck almost took his heat in the 1500 but got run down by Jordan Macnamera. I wasn't a big fan of him giving CPT the "eye" as he past him with 10m to go, but I guess that's racing and he was fired up. Chuck if your reading this, just smile into the camera in Rio dude....he's going to be home watching from the couch while you race the best on the planet, no worries bud. Great racing! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Sheila Reid throwing down an impressive 4:05 in the 15. As I mentioned last week, with her in top shape again she's going to be a lock for our Olympic squad.

So, moving on, we are now 4 days out from Ottawa, I'm pretty jazzed about heading up and racing the boys. However, the weather is looking ridiculously hot. Like 28/29 degrees is forecast for Saturday evening so fast times may go out the window, but who knows. I'm fit and ready to run a PB so regardless I'll get on the line and run until I pass out or cross the finish, whatever comes first. We all have to race the same course under the same conditions so it all evens out. Looking at the start list the race is so ridiculously deep. There's 50 on the elite men's list with bib numbers from 6000-6050. With 40 of those who can/have run under 31 minutes so basically my plan is to get out quick the first k, settle into a good rhythm with guys I know are near or at my fitness level and just "werk werk werk" until 8km and then try to pick it up the last 2km. Last year I ran really evenly, like my 2ed 5km was only 2 seconds slower then my first so that's the type of effort I'll be looking for again, just going through the halfway point about 25-30 seconds quicker this time around. As Hodge has said in the past "run those casual splits".

The beauty part about race weekend is the 10km is Saturday night, so that means post race the real fun begins. I'm sure there will be a good crew of us heading out. So if your around and want to meet up get at me on twitter. I'll be at the Saucony booth Friday so come say hey if you won't be around Saturday or Sunday. I know that Amy Friel and I plan on hitting up some brunch and cheering on all the marathoners Sunday morning with Jeff Costen, so again, if anyone is around be sure to get in touch.

Speaking of the full marathon. I've got some friends getting after that who deserve a shout out. "Runner" Rob is looking to go sub 2:30 for the first time and seems to be more then ready. He ran 1:10 mid for the half a few weeks back and has a mid 31 10km to his name this year. Then my boy Aaron Cooper, (see sidebar for his blog). Dude is VERY fit and will go well under 2:30, I suspect a decent amount under 2:25 but I won't talk times, I'll let him get out there and roll. Then lastly, Leslie Sexton is going after that Olympic Standard of 2:29:50. Her training indicates at least that type of fitness so I'll be cheering super loudly for you all. Go out there, hit those splits and don't be afraid to ease into it and ratchet the pace down as the race progresses. You can always pick it up, it's far better then trying to bank time. You guys got this!

Will Asbel Kiprop go after the 1500 WR this year? Can he be beaten?

Even before I read the piece on letsrun.com today about the last two workouts Kiprop ran before heading to Eugene this weekend to race the Bowerman Mile I thought he was on another level then the other milers this year and would easily light everyone up. But after reading this article http://www.letsrun.com/news/2016/05/week-worlds-best-miler-exclusive-look-asbel-kiprops-last-two-workouts-pre-classic/ it's apparent that he's not just on another level...he's on another planet in terms of fitness. I'll let you read the article for yourselves but I'll list the workout he ran with splits. Keep in mind he ran this at 7300 feet above sea level. Those of you who follow the sport closely will know how impressive this is if you use the conversion times that the NCAA uses for indoor meets at altitude. 

1200m - 2:47 (splitting 800 in 1:51)
7' break
4X400m off 50" 54, 53, 54, 54 (54 seconds is world record pace for 1500m)
7' rest
4X200m off 50" rest 23, 23, 23, 23. (Yeah that's not a typo....that's a workout not many of the worlds best 800m runners could do. In my estimation it's indicative of 1:42 high 800m potential given his aerobic strength).

So yeah, let that workout sink in for a minute. Asbel is as sure a bet as you can make at winning Gold in Rio other then Caster Semenya, a topic we will leave for another day.

My week in training


90' easy with 4X15" strides


Workout - 10X3' off 1' recovery at goal 10k pace. Coach John specifically told me to not run 10X1k so I just set my watch to this workout and only checked my split going through 800. All my reps I passed the 8 between 2:27/2:28 with one being 2:29. I was coming up a little shy of 1km. The pace was 3:03-4/km which is right where it needed to be. I was shuffling back to the start of my road loop for the recovery. Halfway through the workout the sky opened up and it poured but thankfully it was warm and there was no wind so I got through it without any problems.

80' of total running with warm up and cool down


75' easy with 4X15" strides


75' easy with 4X15" strides


Workout - 1200/800/400X3 off 3/2/1 recovery. John warned me the key to the workout was the short, 1 minute recovery after the 400 before going back to the 1200's again. I was instructed to only do the 3rd set if I felt good. My paces were to be 8km/5km/mile or 72/70/64 second 400's. I got after this at the pearlgate track and was lucky to get a day without much wind. On the first two sets I went 3:33, 2:19, 64, 3:34, 2:20, 63. Then feeling like that 60 seconds after the last 400 was nothing at all I ran myself into the ground to run a 3:34 again and felt like death. I knew with 3 minutes I could recover and finish the workout but I decided to call it. I would have had to muscle the last 8 and 4. It wasn't worth digging myself into a hole and John had said to only finish it if I felt good. All in all I thought it was still a successful workout and I hit the paces I needed to.

77' of total running with warm up and cool down


60' easy


105' easy long run. I just chilled at like 7:20 pace and ran about 14 and a half miles.

So that's all for me right now. Next week I'll talk about the fallout of the Pre Classic, Ottawa and toss up a shoe review.

Until next time, stay fresh.
DF Out

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