Wednesday, 28 September 2016

BEKELE IS BACK BABY & the fall continues to progress

Sup friends! What a weekend hey, holy cow. That Berlin Marathon once again didn't disappoint and treated us to one of the best footraces of all time between two LEGENDS. In this post we will get into that and look at what it means for the marathon, most notably the world record and the insanity that will be the London Marathon 2017. Your boy here got that one SOOO wrong, but we will get to that a little later. First we need to get some shout outs going, but before that a msg to my boy Garrett, I know your reading this dude, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house big guy! ;), point noted about the lower case "d" but easy on the 5k blow up pal....when your back rolling 14's you get to call my blow ups poor performances, deal? haha (I kid of course) ;). Anyway, onto the shout outs. Last weekend saw a ton of races here in Canada, the big one was the CRS Oasis Zoo Run. There were some great times from some beauties, Bolts rolled a nice little 31 high in his 3rd race in 3 weeks, the wolf, JC cranked a low 32 coming off some HUGE weeks of training. By the looks of it he and Clay pack ran in the zoo...hunting down pray all the while reminiscing of the good old days at Queens I suspect. Runner Rob looked to roll a good race too. Well done gents, that's a brutal rhythm sapping course, you can take a minute off that on a flat course with good conditions, your all FIT! The next shoutout goes to two of my favorite peeps working with Saucony Canada. Catherine threw it down at the Montreal R&R 5k and Linda killed it in Berlin completing her 3rd marathon major. (Chicago, NYC and now Berlin). Locally, we had our provincial half and full marathon. Props to Jason Guy on getting the win in a PB of 77 minutes and to Ian Royle for defending his provincial marathon title in 2:41. I really wanted to jump into the half and rip a 67/68 but I was on the road and coach John had a big workout planned for me so I actually ran a half on the same day in Fogo which was near Gander where I was staying. I had 20'/15'/10' off a 5' jog. It went really well, I averaged 5:06/mile or 3:10/k during the working parts of the half and afterwards cruised the rest of the race in at around 6' miles. It worked out perfectly as I finished the race having run my marathon pace for the half 71/72 (depending what time was official).

The GOAT is back.

What can we say about that performance by Kenenisa Bekele, we were treated to some of the magic that made him a legend on the track. And before going a step further let's acknowledge the greatness of Wilson Kipsang. The guy has broken 2:05 for the past 7 years and the average of his 5 fastest times are sub 2:04. I honestly thought he was on the decline a little after seeing his performances since running 2:04 in London back in 2014. But he made this race, and Bekele would have not run nearly that fast without Wilson keeping the pace going after the rabbits dropped. 

What was amazing was that they ran as fast as they did with a very uneven 61:11 first half. I expected the whole pack to slow significantly after seeing 11 men through that fast. you'd think they would want 61:25-30 and then keep it rolling, and certainly not going out in a low 2:40 first K. It's a testament to just how great both athletes are that they could absorb such a hot early pace.

What I found interesting and Andrew Jones, over on the boards mentioned this as well in one of the treads. Bekele is unsure of himself still in the marathon, especially going through that fast. He likely could have broken away at 38k when he first got back on the shoulder of Kipsang but the track runner he is told him to stay on his shoulder until he was sure he could close it out. And that he did, going 2:47, 2:49 and 30 seconds for the last 195m. We saw him drop the arms, get loose and then rip the way we used to see the last 400 of championship 5 and 10k's. It was such a treat and a race that will go down as one of the best ever over the distance.

So the question now becomes, what could Kipchoge have done in that race and will we see the 3 titans of the marathon square off in London next April? I personally feel like Kipchoge would have squeezed the pace down when Bekele was off the back and that he'd have kept that 35-40k split around 14:30, not letting it get to 14:59 like Wilson did, enabling Bekele to claw back. I'm just speculating here but I feel like Kipchoge could have gone as quick as 2:02:30 if not faster. But, that's just speculation. What we as fans need to hope for is that Bekele stays clear of running Dubai, gets a good healthy stretch of training in and comes to London in the spring in that type of shape or a bit better. He has now run a super fast time and knows he can tolerate it. Even though I think Kipchoge could have run faster, I DO NOT however, think he could have closed the last 2.2k as fast as Bekele did so we could have an epic battle on our hands this spring. He and Kipsang will want to make it fast, obviously a WR attempt and not let it slow at all between 30-40 and hope they drop Bekele.

I don't know what's going to happen but I think this could be the very best Marathon of all time. It's also fair to say that Stanley Biwott could get himself into low 2:03 shape for that race as well. He was in the 2:03's this year on that course. So let's all keep our fingers crossed the good folks at London lay down some big appearance fees and get some sensible pace makers.

My week in training.

I'm really clicking right now. Kate and Peter Bazeley moved back in town so having them and John A. around all the time even my easy runs are super solid and I'm rolling some great workouts. Most notably the half marathon from Fogo last weekend. I actually went 5 seconds quicker through 5km in a 20' segment on a rolling course then I did only a couple weeks ago. I'll go out in Toronto at 31:50 through 10k and work from there depending on how I feel. 32:30 last year didn't feel bad and I negative split the back half ever so slightly so I'd like to be about a minute or so quicker this year overall. 67 mid would be great. I'm not in 66 shape so I don't want to force it and blow up. If this goes well I'll talk to my coach and make a plan for a big race in January. I'd like to debut in the marathon next year if I'm fit so if things go well maybe Huston for a debut, or if he feels that's not a good idea I'll do the half there. I'm only looking towards Scotiabank and National Cross right now but after that and some downtime I'll make some plans. Either way, as I sit here and type this I'm confident I'm fitter then I was this time last year and I ran some big PB's at that time so I'm excited to explore things this fall and run some PB's.

Monday - 93' with 4X15" strides

Tuesday - 90' with 4X15" strides

Wednesday - 66' with 5X1K off 2' recovery "hard". 2:58, 2:52, 2:55, 2:53, 2:46

Thursday - 90' with 4X15" strides

Friday - 47' with 4X15" strides

Saturday - 122' (20.3 miles) with 20/15/10 @ 5:06/mile or 3:10/K avg in a half marathon.

Sunday - 61' easy, legs a little heavy.

Alright ladies and gents. That's it for this week. Next week we will break down Chicago. Onward!


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