Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hello darkness my old friend

Hey friend's, I'm so sorry for the delayed post. I'll be honest. I'm in a funk. I didn't run well at Scotiabank, obviously, and I'm not super fit for cross country nationals. That said, we keep going right? I'm not that guy who gives up when the going gets tough. So I didn't hit my goals for the fall, so what? I'll make new ones for this winter and spring.

How I've missed this blog, where to start........Firstly, the good from scotiabank, the wolf, Jeff Costen, in his marathon debut becomes a national bronze medalist, I know the kid isn't happy with 2:27, as he's got sub 2:20 potential, but regardless this is a big deal. I called it, he's wise beyond his years, he chilled and took scalps the last half. Also, shout out to Eric Bang, who killed it, I honestly feel he had the best race of the day.

Next, how ridiculous was New York? The black cactus coming 3rd, holy cow. Abdi, you are a strait legend. To pull off 3rd in that field is redonkulous. We were treated to a display from the young Eritrean as he just dusted the boys when he made his move. He even waved to the them.....crazy. I was super impressed with molly huddle as well, coming 3rd in her debut.

Then we have CIS. Yves Sikubwabo.....let's be honest, we knew when the kid was throwing down some respectable 800m times this summer at the U of T track that the kid found his stride again....he looked to be jogging and could roll with the top 10-15 of the NCAA by my estimations. On the women's side, it was a tremendous race, I didn't expect it to play out as it did, but I did expect Claire Sumner to take the win, but huge props to Julie-Anne Staehli for going for it. Far more guts then anyone in the mens race!

As far as the NCAA goes.....just wow, what a race. I honestly though Ches couldn't be beat. Hes basically a distance guy who's run 3:36 flat in college....who else has that pedigree and his track record but man was I wrong. I mean I knew Tiernan was solid after last years NCAA champs and his 13:20 5k PR but dude....he was a man on a mission. And I mean for our homie Justyn to be that close.....he's the future, which is something to be excited about.

Anyway, as for the kid here, I'm just running lots, it's nothing glamorous I'll tell you that haha, but I mean I'm paying, in my mind one of the top 3 coaches in the country and I'm hardly updating our log that he has just for me and him.... I guess I'm just in need of a little break from being competitive. I didn't PB this year and I'm kinda upset about it, I ran 69 low for a tactical half but really I didn't run all that well, 15 low, 31 high, and a 69 low....not where I want to be. So I need a little time to just lick my wounds (John L. I love you bud, we will right the ship yet, I just need some time big guy!), regroup and then attack with vengeance. I've got 0 excuses. I'm in a position to have the coach I want, gear, travel, whatever I need, provided so I have no excuses. It's time to get this bus going towards greatness.

I appreciate the patronage and the continued support. I just needed a minute to get my head strait. Don't worry, the kid is still ready to go, I ran a 3 mile tempo for kicks last week and went under 15 so I'm at least fit enough to roll anyone around here right now,'s time to get ready for 17'. Thanks Saucony for all the support and for using me in that 2017 hurricaine Ad! You guy's always have my back! #Blessed and I can't wait to work with that new rep of yours! ;)

Stay Hungry, I forgot that,